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5 FREE Things Celebrities Do That We Can Profit From

Updated on January 7, 2020
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Briannah is a freelance writer interested in writing modern, relatable pieces.

Getty Images For Fenty Beauty By Rihanna
Getty Images For Fenty Beauty By Rihanna | Source

Plan Your Goals(s) & Invest In Yourself!

We look at successful celebrities with millions of dollars and think, "What could I have done differently?" The answer is to make a plan and invest your wealth. Successful celebrities like Rihanna, Ellen DeGeneres, Ashton Kutcher, and Diddy all looked at their wealth and made a plan to triple it. Rihanna created fashion and makeup lines; Ellen DeGeneres flips houses; Ashton Kutcher has a side-job as leading management at Grade-A investments; and, Diddy partners with Ciroc while managing a leading clothing company. Find your passion and invest in it whether its big or small. Are you passionate about culinary arts, fashion, photography, or anything potentially lucrative? Why not invest in yourself, create a business plan, and make your hobby a hustle?

Oprah and Dr. Phil

An interesting perspective on how networking can lead to bigger life goals being made and obtained.
An interesting perspective on how networking can lead to bigger life goals being made and obtained. | Source


No celebrity has become successful by sticking to themselves. Kim Kardashian was once Paris Hilton and Cindy Crawford's closet stylist, and even cleaned Serena William's closet before! Usher helped Jusin Beiber launch his career after hearing his vocals. Oprah Winfrey helped Dr. Phil discover his passion as a talk host. If it's not what you know, then it's who you know. Take the time to reach out and connect with fellow peers in your industry, the district manager of your company, or even the small influencers of your community. Always utilize your six degrees of separation. You never know who can help you achieve your goals.

6 Degrees of Separation?

The phenomenon and theory can be explained by the observation that all of us are six, or less, associates away from each other. For example, if your mother knows the executive Vice President of a corporation. Then, they know of another manager of a business directly in your line of interest. Next, they could network and advocate for you, within good reason and interest, thus leading you toward a bigger opportunity to obtain your goals.

Take Care Of Yourself

Celebrities have a lot in common with us. For instance, we all have hectic schedules that leave little time for self care. However, we should all work it into our busy lives. Beyonce balances her busy multimillionaire lifestyle by traveling and spending time with her beautiful family. Demi Lovato winds down with Brazilian Jiujitsu. Summer Walker and Jhene Aiko use mindfulness and therapeutic techniques like candles, calm breathing, and deep relaxation. You can profit from scheduled time into your hectic schedule to relax, whether it's brunch with friends, morning yoga, meditation, or a small road trip! You do not need an expensive lifestyle. Budget yourself into your agenda and treat yourself! So, you can be your best you and be healthy enough to obtain your goals too!


Be Consistent

Whether it's putting out consistent hits like Ariana Grande or new makeup like Fenty or Kylie Cosmetics. These women have been owning their brand. They market themselves, interact with their consumers, and continue to meet customer expectations. As an individual with a life plan, you could profit from similar opportunities. It is important to continuously advocate for yourself and goals. Always put your best effort and work into your craft. Consistently market yourself through resumes, social media, and any other platform you have access to. Listen to constructive criticism and feedback through consumer review and interactions. These are ways to increase engagement, views, discussion, and attention toward yourself and craft.

How Can I Market Myself Better?

Create a resume listing all of your qualifications and work history by utilizing free templates online, through Google Documents, or Microsoft Word.

Post your work frequently whether on social media, published through websites, or distributed through fliers. Create a place customers can come to view your work and contact you.

Reach out to executives and corporations with fresh pitched ideas and a plan to achieve them. Talk to local franchises and sponsors. Get yourself out there!

Rihanna: Goodnight Gothem

An overwhelming display of affection as Rihanna ignores security to show love to her supporters.
An overwhelming display of affection as Rihanna ignores security to show love to her supporters. | Source

Stay Present

Live in the moment and observe current trends. Be relatable. People like people who they can be comfortable with and understand. It is so refreshing when someone is fun and entertaining. We watch celebrities become successful as they continue to produce content or experiences that their consumers love. This could be in the form of meet and greets, concerts, EPs, chic fashion, interviews, social media content, or more. As an individual, you could profit from ensuring to stay present and observant. Concentrate on honing into your specific niche or audience, so that you can better understand the expectations and popular content associated with them. Engage and continuously network within your brand and stay connected to your supporters. Paint yourself into the bigger picture and surround yourself with those who will be loyal and beneficial to it.

© 2020 Briannah Rose


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