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"Bear" Cartoons

Updated on February 17, 2012

    Bears are cuddly and cute. Maybe that's why they appear on many popular cartoon shows for kids. Here I have listed several cartoon bear shows, all with "bear" in the title. There are also others, however, like Winnie the Pooh, Corduroy, etc.

"The Yogi Bear Show"


Yogi gets into trouble a lot by stealing picnic baskets and trying to escape from the park. Ranger Smith is always trying to stop him, and Boo Boo tries to help Yogi by teaching him to do right.

"The Berenstain Bears"


The show is about 4 Bears, Papa, Mama, Brother, And Sister. Papa Bear is a carpenter who loves his family and believes he's an expert on almost everything. Mama Bear is president of the Bear Country Garden Club and is very friendly, kind, and smart. Sister Bear has a lot of energy, loves pink and loves her Bearbie. Brother Bear loves soccer and is a fan of dinosaurs and model airplanes.

"Care Bears"


The Care Bears look after the children on earth. They live in the sky in a colorful place called Care-A-Lot. Each bear has a special power, related to the symbol on its tummy. When they unite, they can use the Care Bear Stare to beam good energy at their enemies.

"Adventures of the Gummi Bears"


The Gummi Bears meet a boy with a Gummi Bear medallion which unlocks the Great Book of Gummi. The book reveals lost knowledge of their past. Now the bears are trying to rediscover their heritage with the help of a few trusted humans while fighting off enemies like Duke Igthorn.

"Little Bear"


Little Bear and his other animal friends laugh, play, and explore the way any child would. Sometimes the story shows what they're actually doing, and other times they're in a world of imagination.

"Bear in the Big Blue House"


Bear loves to learn and explore. With help from his friends Luna, Tutter, Shadow, Pip & Pop, Treelo and Ojo, Bear takes us into a world of imagination as we learn about things like music, dancing, and colors.

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