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B2ST Beast Merchandise 2013

Updated on September 3, 2013

B2ST Beast Merchandise Gift Guide

This selection of Beast merchandise includes Beast jewelry, bags, posters, wallets, buttons, calendars, and much more. If you are looking for specific member merchandise, check back in a few days because I will compile a gift guide page for each member.

BEAST, also written as B2ST, is a South Korean boy group who debuted on October 16, 2009. Signed by Cube Entertainment, Beast consists of six members: Jun Hyung, Doo Joon, Hyun Seung, Dong Woon, Yo Seob, and Gi Kwang. The fan club name for B2ST is B2uty, and fans of Beast are known as B2uties. The official fan club color is dark grey.

Beast has been featured in numerous songs and soundtracks, such as A Pink's Skinny Baby, 4minute's Who's Next, Crazy for Attack the Gas Station 2, Ready Go for God of Study, Loving You for All My Love, Because of You for My Princess, and Hateful Person for Big. Some of the shows that B2ST has appeared on include Idol Maid, SHIN PD Variety Show, Exciting Cube TV, Win Win, Beast on QTV in Macau, Invincible Youth 2 (episode 37), Dream Team Season 2 (episode 146), Hello, Weekly Idol, and All the K-Pop. On July 11, 2012, they held an event Hang Out On Live Air on their Google page to celebrate 1,000 days together as a group since debuting.

[Image Credit: B2ST Fabric Scroll Poster for Sale on Amazon]

Kpop Titanium Ring BEAST
Kpop Titanium Ring BEAST

Size nine in the U.S., this simple ring features B2ST's name logo and their fan club name (B2uty) along the ring.


One of my favorite products is the official Beast 3rd Anniversary Ring and Necklace set because it combines the logos of B2ST and Beauty (fan club name) into one. If you read horizontally, the top line says B2uty and the bottom line is Beast. However, if you read diagonally, it also reads as B2ST and Beauty. I think that was very clever and really want one of my own.

The official Beast Charm Bracelet is adjustable, so you don't have to worry about the size. This pretty bracelet features a cube charm with the black letters "B2ST" on each side of the shape, a gold "B", a silver music note, a small gold sphere, and a large gold coin shape. This is another one of my favorite B2ST products.

The official Beast Logo Necklace consists of the B2ST logo on a silver chain. You can choose to have the necklace in either gloss or matt (the gloss is shinier).

B2ST Cute and Funny Moments

I like this messenger bag because it consists of a crisp simple, yet stylish design. The bag itself is white with a black strap and black B2ST logo with wings on either side and a crown on top. If you love the design, but not the color scheme, then you can easily customize the colors to your liking on the product page. I like the solid white color the best.

Beast Wallets

I love the silver grey Beast wallet, which provides storage room for credit cards, coins, and cash. Toward the lower right end corner of the wallet, the gold font reads "Genesis of B2ST". The zipper is a matching shade of gold, which complements the shiny silver color of the wallet nicely. The snap closure button on the inside of the wallet is also a pretty metallic gold. On the inside, you will find all of the members' names engraved, along with the So Beast logo (engraved as well).

The dark silver grey wallet has the B2ST logo printed in black toward the bottom and features a strap with a star that keeps the wallet closed. On the inside of the wallet there is storage for credit cards, cash, and a picture. I would insert a picture of Gikwang (my bias) in the picture compartment. (Sorry ahead of time to my future boyfriend).

Other Beast Merchandise on eBay

Each Beast cushion features a different member from their Midnight Sun era on one side of the pillow. The other side is black with the B2ST logo and members' names listed in white font.

Beast iPhone Case

K-pop ALL Stars Iphone Case (beast)
K-pop ALL Stars Iphone Case (beast)

This iPhone 4S case is black with the white So Beast design that was on their So Beast album and "B2uty" printed beneath it in smaller white font.


My Favorite B2ST Songs

This hat comes in 11 different color options; my favorites are the white and royal blue. The B2ST loho is printed across the cap with Beast in Korean above the English.

This simple, but pretty tie features the black So Beast album logo towards the bottom of the tie.

Beast Pencil Cases

Kpop Beast Pencil Case Bag
Kpop Beast Pencil Case Bag

This cute pencil case illustrates cartoony versions of the members on one side and the B2ST logo with their names in English on the other side, surrounded by hearts and small polka dots.

B2ST Beast Boy Band Kpop Pencil Case Bag#002
B2ST Beast Boy Band Kpop Pencil Case Bag#002

This pencil case presents six pictures of each member from their 2012 Zepp Tour. The same photos are printed on both sides of the case. All of the pictures used are cute, but my favorites are of Gikwang, Dongwoon, and Junhyung.


I really like this Fiction in Fiction in Fiction Shirt because I love that part in their song Fiction. I also like the color scheme of the shirt and the font used.

Favorite Member of Beast

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