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Beautiful Actresses With Sensationally Sexy Hair

Updated on April 19, 2012

Nothing highlights a woman's looks like her hair, framing her face like aura set aglow by her natural beauty. Blondes, brunettes, redheads... no matter what color or shade, the hair is usually the first thing to attract a man's attention. Some men's heads may turn more quickly for one color than another, but often it is the hair style that pulls a man's attention in. let's take a look at some celebrities who are known for their sensationally sexy hairdos.

Tara Reid

Tara Reid is one of the most popular women on the Internet in addition to being a successful actress. Her blond hair and blue eyes may lead some to believe she is the stereotypical California blonde, but Tara is actually a bona fide Jersey girl. Recent years have seen her movie career slumping, but an upcoming part in the next American Pie franchise film, American Reunion, may be just what is needed to get her career back on track!

Drew Barrymore

Many of the actresses in this list are known for one particular hairstyle that people identify with them. Certainly they have from time to time strayed from their normal style, but by and large most of these lady have either stuck with one style or been stuck with a reputation for wearing one style whether they deserved it or not. But Drew Barrymore is a different kind of lady.

While there is no doubt that Drew always has awesome hair, she changes styles frequently going from short to long, simple to complex, and stopping by all points in between. The one thing that all her styles have in common is that they make her look absolutely adorable. Of course, when you are as naturally as lovely as Drew, it is easy to understand how she can look so amazing with so many different styles.

Most likely every fan has their personal favorite style as well as favorite color for Drew, but there is no denying she is stunning regardless of which hairstyle she uses. Longer tresses can highlight her face while shorter styles may draw more attention to her eyes. In either case, the result is captivating and can easily leave a man breathless. Ladies, of course, adore this beautiful woman as well as long to capture some of her magic to use as their own.

Like many actresses, Drew will often use a hairstyle to enhance a character that she plays. For instance, in 50 First Dates she had a carefree, girl next door hairdo that fit the character she played, a young woman with no short term memory reliving the same day over and over again. In Whip It her hair had a less cared for, slightly grungy type of look that fit her rollergirl image. In Guncrazy where she plays a rebellious outlaw sort she had a short, non-traditional hairdo as you would expect from a rebel. Whatever the character calls for, Drew is able to adapt their look to her style and add a little something extra to her performance.

Farrah Fawcett

Most stars who were known for their hair tend to only be famous for one style. Probably the most famous of these was Farrah Fawcett. In the late 70s, Farrah's poster was on practically every young man's wall and the Farrah Flip, her feathered hairstyle, was on many a young girl's head. Even today, all these years later, Farrah is still famous for her hair as well as her acting and humanitarianism. those who play the game Sorority Life have probably even noticed they have a hairstyle available in the game based on Farrah's famous doo.

Jennifer Aniston

Almost two decades after Farrah's famous locks swept the nation, another actress came along whose hair was so popular that the hairstyle became known as "The Rachel", named after her character on the popular sitcom Friends. That actress, of course, was Jennifer Aniston. Her simple yet buoyant hairstyle quickly became the most in-demand cut in salons across the nation. Throughout the mid- to late-90s, no one came close to matching Jennifer's influence when it came to hair and when the time came to branch out into films, she had an image ready made to be a big screen star.

Veronica Lake

But even before Farrah and Jennifer came along, beautiful actresses were known for particular hairstyles. One of the most popular was Veronica Lake's peekaboo hairstyle that the lovely blonde made popular in the 1940s. The hairdo grew so popular that Veronica changed her hairstyle during World War II, encouraging women working in the factories to instead adopt a more sensible style for the work they were doing. But Veronica will always be remebered for her seductive cut that was developed when a stray lock of hair fell over her right eye during a publicity shoot.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

I thought we might finish off this list with one of the sexiest heads of darker hair in the film industry... Catherine Zeta-Jones. Her raven locks are so lovely with her darker skin tone and she always wears it so beautifully. Whether up or down, her dark locks always look as ravishing as she does. It takes us right back to what I said at the beginning. Nothing highlights a woman's look more than her hair.

Who has the most sensationally sexy hair?

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