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Beautiful Blondes 3: Blonder, Sexier and Hotter Than the Summer Sun

Updated on May 31, 2012
Am I the only one with a never-ending fascination with blondes? Vote below and let me know!
Am I the only one with a never-ending fascination with blondes? Vote below and let me know!

Have you ever been having a really bad day and then along comes someone who chases away the clouds and brings out the gloriously golden sun? A person so cheerful, enchanting and fascinating that no amount of gloom and doom can dampen their mood? That is what happens when a beautiful blond with a sunny disposition takes it upon herself to brighten your day! Certainly other girls can be upbeat and fun, but only blonds are so universally described as bubbly.

Maybe it is the sunny shade of their golden locks that make blonds so naturally beguiling. When you take sunshine with you everywhere you go, it is probably to be expected that the radiant light affect your very essence as well as the temperament of the world all around you. When a blond walks in the room, everyone notices the change in the atmosphere that centers on this goddess of light. While certainly it can be her physical beauty that pulls us in, there can be no denying that there is something much deeper as well.

Let us take a moment to look not at the blond's physical attractiveness, but instead let us study what makes a blond so lovely on a deeper level.

Beyond the golden locks there is so much more.
Beyond the golden locks there is so much more.
A natural blond can change the color of her hair, but not the nature of her heart.
A natural blond can change the color of her hair, but not the nature of her heart.
True blonds know there is something more inside them waiting to be discovered.
True blonds know there is something more inside them waiting to be discovered.

Stereotypically speaking, blond women really get the short end of the stick. No other hair color is associated with an entire category of jokes, but so-called "blond jokes" are more popular than ever. Some of the targeting of blonds probably comes from the waves of political correctness that have not ended jokes based on racial or ethnic stereotypes but have pushed them underground. This has left jokesters unable to inspire a laugh without someone to make fun of in need of a new easy mark.

Statistically speaking it has been shown that hair color generally has no significant relationship to intelligence, but it is possible that some of the focus on the supposed lack of blond intelligence is due to the number of girls who go blond simply to be popular. These less grounded individuals likely skew the the curve making it seem more blonds are more flighty than their darker haired rivals when in reality it is the darker haired rivals trying to emulate the blonds who are the flighty ones.

So if female blonds are no more or no less intelligent that females of other hair colors in defiance of social stereotypes, is it really accurate to say blonds in general can brighten a room more easily than others? To be honest, I could find no recorded studies of this phenomenon, but it would be difficult to measure even if there were studies. And without a doubt, there are certainly cheerful, motivating girls of all varieties. After all, a cheerleading team is rarely made up exclusively of blonds. However, the bubbly blond label is only partly earned by those who are saddled with the label.

A big part of why a blond can light up a room is people's reaction of the beauty of the blond. To some extent it does not matter how bubbly the blond is if those she encounters are of the mindset that a blond is by nature a vivacious entity to encounter. Those who hold this view would have to be confronted with a very depressed blond to forsake their firmly held beliefs in this area. A simple smile from a blond will seem to be an enchanting moment to a true fan of blonds.

Sexiness and blondness seems to go hand in hand.
Sexiness and blondness seems to go hand in hand.
Is there something nature that makes blonds more likely to have great legs?
Is there something nature that makes blonds more likely to have great legs?

Attitude has a lot to do with setting a positive mood. So it is almost certain that those who admire blonds will likely be in a better mood when surrounded by blonds. Perhaps this enhanced state of pleasure transfers to the blond who then reflects that back, amplifying the effect until it simply seems the blond has brightened the room. Whatever the behind-the-scenes technical workings of the process, you can bet that almost any admirer of blonds would gladly explain their preference to always be around those with a sunny, blond disposition simply by saying it feels good to be around gorgeous blonds.

With the appreciation many feel for the sunny blond, you have to wonder if maybe the abundance of blond jokes is simply society's way of balancing the equation. Certainly it is understandable that many non-blonds feel slighted by the way their blond counterparts are held in such high esteem for seemingly no other reason than the color of their hair. Is it fair? Certainly not. But life, as the saying goes, is rarely fair.

Many blonds may use the popularity of their looks to their advantage, but there are certainly those on the other side who will use the stereotypes against them. Sadly, while this may balance things out in the overall scheme of things, it does little to relieve the sting that individuals feel when the chips fall in favor of the other side. The best a person can do is use their attributes to the best advantage they can or simply power through whatever blockades are placed in their way to prove that they are in fact an individual worthy of being judged on their merits rather than simply the expectations their appearance inspires.

Truly this is how everyone should be measured. A secretary or executive assistant should not be judged on looks but rather on their overall efficiency and the competence of their organizational skills. An actress should be recognized for theatrical talent and her ability to portray a variety of characters rather than the radiance of her golden glow. This is the way the world should be, but alas, this not the way of the world.

When all is said and done, in many ways it does not matter how things should be as it is unlikely the world will change anytime soon. We must strive to treat individuals fairly while, at the same time, personal feelings and beliefs, regardless of their validity, will continue to influence how they skew our view of reality. Those who hold to the sunny reputation of blonds in general will continue to enjoy their time surrounded by blonds and those who feel blonds are less intelligent simply because of their hair color will continue to hold these unfair beliefs.


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    • dobo700 profile image


      7 years ago from Australia

      A very nice collection of beautiful women

    • profile image


      8 years ago from India

      Nice to Watch.

    • gail641 profile image

      Gail Louise Stevenson 

      8 years ago from Mason City

      The photos are very very beautiful. And blondes shouldn't be subjected to the "dumb blond jokes." All of the girls are truly beautiful!!! The blond girls deserve respect the same as any girl with different colored hair I think for sure!


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