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Latin Beauties 8

Updated on May 11, 2017

Beautiful Latin Women 8 - More Latin beauties featuring Carmen Villalobos, Cynthia Urias, Amparo Grisales and more.

Beautiful Hispanic women, gorgeous Latin women, beautiful Latina women.
No matter how you want to say it, here is my eighth article about beautiful Latin women.
This one has covers an even wider spectrum than some of the others before this with Hispanic actresses, models, singers, songwriters, television hosts, journalists, newscasters and at least one beauty queen.

There's no way you can say that this article isn't diverse!

And this time up we have lovely ladies from all over including Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain and Venezuela.

Unless you live South of the Border, you may not have heard of a lot of these beautiful ladies.
So this is a good way to get acquainted.

Amparo Grisales

Amparo Grisales
Amparo Grisales

Colombian actress and model Amparo Grisales was born on September 19th, 1956 in Manizales, Colombia.
She made her debut in the 1976 Spanish film, Manuela.
She has since appeared in over twenty films and TV shows, including Madre Luna (Grains of love), a Spanish-language telenovela made specifically for her.

Yes...she's almost

Ana Lucía Domínguez

Ana Lucia Dominguez
Ana Lucia Dominguez

Colombian actress Ana Lucía Domínguez was born on December 8, 1983 in Bogotá, Colombia.
She has appeared on over sixteen telenovelas, and she was in Madre Luna, along with Amparo Grisales.

Andrea Serna

Andrea Serna
Andrea Serna

The beautiful Andrea Serna wears a lot of hats.
She is a Colombian model, TV presenter, reporter, TV show hostess, radio DJ and a TV producer.
Andrea was the hostess and co-producer of Colombian version of The X Factor, the co-hostess of the TV game show El Jugador, and she had a cameo role in the telenovela "Betty La Fea" (which was the original Ugly Betty).

Angélica Vale

Angelica Vale
Angelica Vale

Mexican actress, singer and comedienne Angélica Vale was born on November 11th, 1975 in Mexico City, Mexico.
She is the daughter of actress and Grammy Award winner singer-songwriter Angélica María, "La Novia de Mexico" (Mexico's Sweetheart), and the daughter of comedian Raul Vale.
Angelica speaks English and Spanish fluently, and has an IQ of 178.
She has appeared in over twenty TV shows and telenovelas and five movies.
Angelica has been acting for over thirty years, but she got her fame when she appeared in La Fea Más Bella (The Prettiest Ugly Girl) in 2006.
La Fea Más Bella is the second Mexican version of the popular Colombian telenovela Betty la fea, which in turn inspired ABC's Ugly Betty.

Bárbara Bermudo

Bárbara Bermudo
Bárbara Bermudo

Puerto Rican journalist Bárbara Bermudo was born on June 5, 1975 in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.
Although mainly known as a television host, she did appear in the 2003 Latino comedy film Chasing Papi, starring Roselyn Sanchez, Jaci Velasquez, and Sofía Vergara.
You may know her best as one of the anchors on Univision's Primer Impacto.
To my knowledge she has never appeared on Betty la fea, La Fea Más Bella or Ugly Betty.

Carmen Villalobos

Carmen Villalobos
Carmen Villalobos

Carmen Villalobos was born on July 13, 1983 in Barranquilla, Colombia.
She has so far appeared in ten telenovelas, including Decisiones, La Tormenta and Club 10.
Carmen was on the 2009 50 Most Beautiful list from People en Español.

Carolina Guerra

Carolina Guerra
Carolina Guerra

Colombian model, actress and television presenter Carolina Guerra was born in Colombia in 1986 or 1987.
No one seems to know much more than that.
In 2005, she was named Miss Bogota.
She is the host of the MTV program Rock Dinner and appears in the telenovela Montecristo.

Carolina Ramos

Carolina Ramos
Carolina Ramos

I couldn’t find out a lot on Carolina Ramos, other that she was born in Galicia, Spain and she appeared in the 2001 Spanish film Bellas durmientes, and on the TV series Efectos secundarios and the telenovela El Clon.

Cynthia Urias

Cynthia Urias
Cynthia Urias

Cynthia Urias is one of the hosts of Mexico's version of Entertainment Tonight, NXclusiva Todo el glamour.
She also appeared in Mujer, casos de la vida real (1985) and Velo de novia (2003).
Besides NXclusiva Todo el glamour, Cynthia also hosted MPS Grupero on Televisa.

Gabriela Vergara

Gabriela Vergara
Gabriela Vergara

Actress and model Gabriela Vergara was born on May 29th, 1974 in Caracas, Venezuela.
She rose to fame as the third runner up in the 1996 Miss Venezuela pageant, which lead to her appearing in telenovelas.
Like Carmen Villalobos, she appeared in Decisiones and La Tormenta, but arguably, her biggest role was on Amas de Casa Desesperadas as Roxana Guzmán.
As you might have guessed, Amas de Casa Desesperadas was Univision's version of the ABC television series, Desperate Housewives.
Although unlike Desperate Housewives, Amas de Casa Desesperadas only ran one season.
Gabriela played Roxana Guzman, which was their version of Edie Britt on the ABC series.

Gabriela Vergara at Amazon

Ines Gomez Mont

Ines Gomez Mont
Ines Gomez Mont

Mexican television host, reporter and actress Ines Gomez Mont was born on July 29,1983 in Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico.
She appeared in the 1997 telenovela Tric Trac, and then moved into the news production department of TV Azteca.
Ines got the opportunity to host TV Azteca's Los 25+, joined the team of Ventaneando in 2005 and became one of TV Azteca's sports reporters.
If you’re a sports fan, you may recall at Super Bowl Media Day for Super Bowl XLII, Ines showed up at a news conference with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, and asked him to marry her.

Ines Gomez Mont and Tom Brady

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      LOL...thank you Cags!

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      Hey Sabre, another excellent hub filled with ladies. Thank you. I enjoyed the pictures and found them to be excellent. :) I appreciate you sharing. :P :)

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      Thanks for showing these great pics and we're lucky that you've devoted so many hubs to latin girls!

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      I Vote Andrea Serna

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      I Love Latin, hot hub

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      Que bella! Brava!

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      ...well it's really a good day to be a man!!!

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      Stunning and Gorgeous girls. Nice job!

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      Very nice!:-)

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      very sexy girls specially Adriana Sanchez nice work,keep it up!

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      Carmen Villalobos looks to cute wearing the pink and white outfit. Splendid photo gallery and thumbnail bio's. Very talented and lovely group of ladies.

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      gorgeous ladies

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      gramon1: Well variety is the spice of life right?

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      sabrebIade, you really know how to choose them, no matter what corner of the world they are from!

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      Thanks for stopping by pjk!

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