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Beauty difference between day and night in London

Updated on April 10, 2016

Franck Matellini, photographer from Paris had the idea of making a video about the beauty of the city of London with interlace of half daylight and half the night light in the same frame. This idea was immediately he made in some famous places such as Big Ben, the London Eye or the chapel of St Paul ...

In the video of Franck, the light of day and night blend together to create a very different beauty in what was dubbed "the city never sleeps" of country mist.

Despite insufficient funding, this photographer still give birth video by tools of his operation, around London and focus on the ti ng to create murals in the different times of the day.

Franck Matellini said his ideas when making this video is to bring to the audience a glimpse of the image of the city between the day and night, as well as compare the different breeds and of the scene when sunlight fills and night falls.

French photographers who choose London as a place to make his unique idea because this is the city in which he lived. The main beauty of modern life but still very traditional and casual with the hospitable people have occupied the whole love of Franck Matellini. London also became one of the most favorite places in the world.

Also in the video also contains elements of humor as the photo has people who awake in the daytime, but at night, you don't say. Matellini also revealed that not one of these people also know I'm in the photographer's lens range, so observe their reaction when watching the footage is also a very interesting that not everyone had the chance to experience.

Most people think that life will coincide down after night covered but the images in the work of photographer Matellini proved otherwise. London nightlife is still bustling and vibrant, true to the name "the city never sleeps".

This is the scene of a cabin on the London Eye. To make this work, the photographer has taken two shots on two times in the same corner of the machine and the same ratio and then cleverly integrating the frames into the correct position.


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