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Film 200 pounds Beauty

Updated on August 16, 2017


It is well known all around the world, that beauty is important in the entertainment media; few actors, actresses or singers have stood out without being handsome. This film make us see how a talented girl, whose voice is amazing, fails to fulfill her dreams because she has a extra pounds and she is not pretty, so she decided to have an esthetic surgery thinking that this way she will find love and be a singer, but beauty is not all and a lie costs more than overcome a complex.

About the film

  • Name in English: 200 Pounds Beauty
  • Country: South Korea
  • Genre: comedy, romance, drama
  • Starring: Kim Ah Joong and Joo Jin Mo

"What´s a person to do, when all they can do is watch from afar?"

Kim Ah-joong (Ha Na/ Jenny)
Kim Ah-joong (Ha Na/ Jenny) | Source


Ha Na has a difficult life, her father lives in a mental hospital, for this, she needs to pay every month a great amount of money, however, her jobs are not very common due to her obesity. In one of her jobs, she has to listen to people that have sentimental problems, in particular, a cosmetic surgeon doctor changed her wife's body do dramatically that he cannot touch her anymore. Her other job is to sing, but not on a stage; she sings behind scenes and gives her voice to another girl, Ammy. She is pretty and has an excellent body, but she can't even sing a note, that's why Ha Na lends her voice.

Sang Jun is the manager of Ammy, he is the only one who does not mock about Ha Na´s overweight and he even treats her well, of course, so much detail towards her made her fall in love with him. One night, at Sang Jun´s party, Ammy mocked of Ha Na, so she went to the bathrooms and disappeared for a long time; before she went out of it, she listened to a conversation between Ammy and Sang Jun, in which he said that she must be nice to her because Ha Na´s life was a failure, she was ugly and fat and he was just using her. Ha Na felt so terrible that night that she decided to kill herself, but the phone call of the changed her mind and she decided to get operated by him.

One year after her surgery, Ha Na was now Jenny, a beautiful skinny girl. She wanted to return to her work as a backstage singer, but Ammy wasn´t as famous as she used to be since Ha Na left, Nevertheless, she went to audition for her old job; when she sang, everybody was astonished by her cute face and charming voice, at that moment Sang Jun decided to make her a singer. Jenny´s dream was getting real, the love of her life, regardless of what he did, paid her attention and she could sing on the stage. She just had 2 problems: the first one, she lied when she said she was a natural beauty; the second one was that the surgery, although it made her pretty, it didn´t give her confidence. How will she survive in a world that people constantly judge? Her second issue was that, while she disappeared, Sang Jun made Ammy go to the hospital where her father was, and checked if she appeared there.

When Ammy was with Ha Na/ Jenny´s father, she noticed that every time that Jenny came on T.V, he got excited, so she began to suspect. If Jenny wasn´t a "Real beauty", that will destroy her recent singing career and make her return to fame. Jenny´s lie started to be being discovered; however, she cannot stop, neither with the esthetic surgery, how can she overcome this?

200 Pounds Beauty - OFFICIAL TRAILER - Korean Box Office Comedy Hit!

Main Characters

Ha Na/ Jenny: She is a girl with big self-esteem issues. Her lack of self-love has led her to try to take her life twice, one with her first boyfriend and the other one was after she heard Sang Jun said that he was only using her. She is also a person of sweet character, a little "foolish" in her acts and depressive. She likes to help people around her, that makes her feel good. A great flaw in her character is that she never defends herself when people mock her, she just begs for forgiveness constantly.

Sang Jun:He is a selfish and ambitious man; he wants to be the best manager in the world of the spectacle, no matter what he has to do. He is good at what he does, he is always looking for new opportunities and has vision; nevertheless, if he must lie or deceive to achieve it, he does it. However, not everything in his character is bad, at the bottom of his heart he feels affection for Ha Na.

Ammy: A beautiful young woman with a spectacular body who does not mind deceiving her fans to be loved. She is a spoiled girl who wants attention from all over the world and especially Sang Jun. She is also jealous and thinks that if she can not succeed, no one else should have it.

Why do I recomend it?

Although the film contains large doses of comedy, many people can identify themselves with this film, and it applies in every life's environment, not only for those who want to be actors and singers. A great example of this is in schools; boys and girls are struggling to be popular, wanting to look great, constantly worrying about the physical aspecta and they even develop eating disorders un orther to be "perfect", because that will mean, for many of them, that they will love and admired for that. Nevertheless, the truth is different; society changes constantly stereotyps, meaning that perfection doesn't exixt.

But this is not just a matter of teenagers, in the world of adults it is also considered important to have a good image; stereotypes again can affect the decision to obtain or not a job. Now let's talk about getting a boyfriend or girlfriend; not all the people have money for surgery, however, must of them can buy makeup.

Makeup was used many years ago to highlight facial features; now, it is use by many people for a totally different purpose, like covering who they are.

What did I learn?

This movie helped me reinforce my opinion that no one is perfect, we all have physical flaws, but why call it " a flaw" when it's part of oneself. A freckle, a stain, a striation, not having a limb, having extra pounds or less pounds, do not make us imperfect, make us human.

The world constantly dictates to us what we should use, how we should be, stereotypes that sometimes do not agree with us and in order to reach them we want to be people who we are not. This affects our self-esteem a lot.

The exterior beauty is ephemeral, we dedicate so much time to perfect how we look, that we forget how we think, and that is a problem; we try to be young forever, but skin wrinkled; nevertheless, a beautiful personality will never age, will never be "out of season".

Do you still want to be perfect?

Will you watch it?

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