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Bebe Rexha : Top 15 Things She Wants You To Know

Updated on May 31, 2016

Bebe Rexha

Bleta Rexha

Born Bleta Rexha on 30 August 1989 in Brooklyn, New York, USA. Her Albanian parents moved to the USA in the 1980s. She was raised on Staten island. She speaks very quickly in a New York accent and based on various interviews, here is the top 15 things she wants you to know.

Growing Up

Bebe grew up learning classical music and eventually songwriting. In 2010 she joined Pete Wentz has lead singer in the band "Black Cards" until 2012. She featured on Cash Cash "Take Me Home", which brought her to the UK's attention. Then co-wrote and featured on David Guetta's "Hey Mama" bringing her to the world's attention.

Her Albanian Name

Bleta Rexha (pronounced Blehta Ray-jah). Growing up everybody said Rita Rexha. I kept the Rexha, yeah. Bleta in Albanian means bumblebee. My parents call me bumble bee, like, BeeBee bumble bee. I used to hate it because everyone would mess up my name.

When She Was A Kid

When I was younger I would watch Britney, Beyonce and Christina and I'd be like, "Oh my gosh, I want to be like them." My background, I studied classical music and played trumpet. Yeah, there is a nerdy side to me. I did opera and the marching bands. I was actually the lead trumpet player in the marching band.

Write Your Own Songs

I met with this lady at BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc), Sam Cox. She was like : "Listen I just signed this girl Gaga. She's nobody yet. Gaga and Kesha. They write their songs and I know you want to be a singer, but the power lies in your song writing. If you have a message and you want to say something that's where your power lies.

The Game Changer

When I wrote "The Monster" for Eminem and Rihanna. We were at Harlem. I couldn't get any cuts. I got signed, I got dropped. Nobody would even pick up my phone calls. I'd be in my dad's house for 16 hours on the computer, writing the vocals up. Making the beats myself. Writing the songs. I don't just want to be that pop star, I don't want to be like that glossy pop chick. So I took the train up one day. I was in Harlem and we wrote the song called "Monster Under My Bed". I remember shopping it to all the record labels and they're like, "Nobody's gonna wanna hear that song." It was so unexpected that day because Eminem A&R was in the studio and overheard the song playing. That opened so many doors for me. That was really the moment I thought, Oh my gosh! I can really do this.

Hard Work

I'm so excited because I feel like I've been working so hard. I have that New Yorker mentality. I've always wanted to do this and it's just a dream come true.

In It For The Music

I just love music. What I found in the music business now, there's a lot of people that come in and if they're in the music business for the wrong reasons, I mean for money or they just want to be famous, they fall so quick. Do this because you love it, like I love writing songs, performing and being an artist. I think that's what can really keep you going. So I think there will be a moment when people will hopefully know who I am.

Writing A Song

When you write a song you're sitting in a room. It's like you're trying to catch lightning in a bottle. You're sitting around the piano and you hope you come up with a cool concept or a cool idea.

Changing From Pop To Hip-Hop

I don't know. When you look at my sound, I wrote "The Monster" for Eminem and Rihanna. I wrote "All Hands On Deck" for Tinashe. I wrote "Hey Mama" for David Guetta with Nicki Minaj. I've always had a Hip-Hop influence and I've always had a thing for a lot of Hip-Hop artists throughout my whole career. I've always been making rhythmic Hip-Hop and R&B music. I just never put that music out, I just kept it to myself, because I'm not sure people would understand. Now I'm finally not scared and I'll just put out what I love.

No Broken Hearts

I'd gone through a breakup and I gone through a friend drama. I feel like you're always growing up no matter how old you are. I wrote this song called "No Broken Hearts", absolutely loved it. It's about not letting anything kinda getting you down, having a good time and enjoying life. I played it for Nicki and she jumped on and she loved it. I'm like this is crazy. So here I am today it happened so fast. I recorded my parts and played it for her then she did her parts. Then we just shot the video together. I knew when I wrote it was going to be special, but I never knew it was going to be this big.

Bits And Pieces

Favourite food: Italian.

First concert: Missy Elliott.

Hero: I want to be Kanye so bad without all the craziness. I really respect the fact that he just does what he wants. Even if it's what people consider a flop or like a super success. He always just does what he wants.

What Iggy Azalea says:
Lauren Christy, Bebe and me all got together after I had five attempts at it. Bebe wrote this dope melody that is the "Team" melody. Then they had to go cos Bebe's promoting her song with G-Eazy so it's two weeks with no Bebe to finish this song and I was like : "I just can't wait!, I gotta finish the song!" Then she came back. It works out very organically. I really like Bebe. She has 500 million ideas and so we mesh really well.

Hey Mama

I was with Guetta and he was like playing me some stuff. He would call me the fixer. He'd have this studio with all these writers in and then he bring me these songs. Like this song there's something wrong with this song. He brought me "Hey Mama", but there was no hook on it. It has a hook but it wasn't right. He'd be like I need a hook to this. It was literally me and the booth. I have to listen to the track once and then I need to sing the melody on the track. Three takes and I'm done. If it's more than a couple of hours I can't do the song. The faster the better. I did the hook to "Hey Mama" in 10 minutes. Six months later it's like, "Hey! We got Nikki on it and we kept you on the hook." Then it did what it did.


Everybody is always self-conscious at one point or another about their body and face. We're all the same, but I think the most important thing is just to know that nobody is perfect and to try and love yourself no matter what. It's hard. You can meet the most beautiful people in the world and they still feel self conscious. You're not the only one, it's normal.

Pop Versus Hip-Hop

I love Hip-Hop Culture, because when I work with a lot of Hip-Hop producers it's just vibe. It's like, you're in the studio at 9 o'clock at night. You know when you do pop sessions. You go to the studios, it's like, "Hi, nice to meet you." Then you start writing in the first 10 minutes. At a Hip-Hop session it's more like urban. Everybody just sits around. When we feel like writing we'll start writing.

At Home

When nobody sees me, if I am home, I just take off all my clothes, bra and underwear. I will go and get my laptop. Sit down like naked on my bed. Eat cereal, candy and I go crazy. I let my stomach out and I just be a mess, you know what I mean. Oh, and I burp. I feel free I just want it all out.

Staten Island, The Place Where Bebe Was Raised

A markerStaten Island, USA -
Staten Island, NY, USA
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No Broken Hearts


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