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Become a star and famous easily

Updated on January 16, 2016

Become the next Pop star and get fame-name in the world

If you are a person who has strong ambition to become a superstar and famous, if you want to show the world what you are as well as you want name, fame and money then we will tell you how you can become a famous star in the world

Step 1. Find any talent in you

If you want to be a pop star or superstar then you should have at least 3 quality from this list mentioned below:




4.Playing any instrument

5.Performing (Required)

Suppose you have selected No. 1,2,3 and 5 talents from above list. Do practice daily to furnish these talent.

Step.2 Make over yourself

As you know that looks for a superstar is most important factor. You need to make over yourself. You can make a checklist mentioned below to glamouring yourself

1. Your face

2. Your hairstyle

3. Dressing sense

4.Tattoos on body

5. style of walking and standing

You can get comments of your friends on your looks to check these points.

Step 3.Choose a Cool name for you

Name is much important for a superstar. Sometimes stars change their real name. Your name dipicts your personality, you can modify your own name also. For example, name "sedvic" could be "Sid" or Herminey could be "Hena".

Step 4 Make a Video

Now you are eligible for a pop star. Make a videos of your talent performing like a star. Your videos should be attractive and of high quality. Make at least 5 videos of your talents

Step 5. Viral your videos in Internet

To viral your videos in the Internet, you need to upload your videos on social networking sites or videos sites like Facebook, Twitter, flixya.

Step 6. Make your strong fan following

Now next and important step is to increase your fan following. Create a celebrity page on Facebook or spread your poster to heightening your strong fan following.

After trying these step seriously with hard work , you can become a next SUPERSTAR


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