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How to Become a Vampire

Updated on November 10, 2012
The Vampire
The Vampire | Source

Vampire movies and stories have come from many cultures. And, those stories have been popular for many years, long before True Blood ever eppeared on HBO. There are many myths concerning all aspects of vampires. Here is some information, taken from traditions and customs of folklore, to let you know how vampires come into being.

There are some predispositions that people posses. If you were born at certain times of the year, such as a new moon or a holy day, it is easier for you to become a vampire. Also, if you were born with a red caul, with teeth, with an extra nipple, with excess hair, with a red birthmark, or with two hearts, then, you have a better chance of becoming a vampire than most people.

There are also other conditions that can lead to an easier transformation. If a person was conceived on a holy day, weaned too early, are the seventh son of the seventh son, died without being baptized, or received a curse, then that person might be more apt to become a vampire. Also, if a person's mother did not eat enough salt or stared at a vampire while pregnant, the baby would have a predisposition to becoming a vampire.

Certain actions performed during life can also cause a person to become a vampire. If you were to commit suicide, practice sorcery or witchcraft, eat a sheep killed by a wolf, lead an immoral life, say mass while committing a mortal sin, or if you are a werewolf, you could become a vampire because of these actions. An immoral life could include prostitution, murder, working as a barmaid, working as an actress or actor, or any number of other unsavory occupations.

There are also circumstances involving death or near-death that can cause a human to become a vampire. If a person was to die at the hands of a vampire, had no burial or improper burial rites, was killed by violence or murder, had a brother who was a sleepwalker, died by drowning, or was buried face up in the grave (in parts of Romania), then said person could easily become a vampire. Also, conditions, actions, and circumstances involving a person's corpse need to be considered. If the wind from the Russian Steppe blew over the corpse, if an animal jumped or flew over the corpse, if a shadow falls over the corpse, if a candle is passed over the corpse, or if the ropes used to bury the corpse are stolen, that person will surely fall under the spell of the undead.

The legends of each culture have components that are similar and also those that are different. But, all are in agreement about one thing. Vampires are considered evil by the masses and need to be destroyed. Many newer movies portray vampires as misunderstood creatures. Only you can decide who to believe. And, for an informed decision, you need to have the facts.


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