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Becoming A YouTuber

Updated on August 1, 2014

My Experience

I have made money online using multiple forums, I've built more than a dozen websites some of which have become a nice little residual income however I lost motivation fairly quickly because I wasn't truly committed to the topics therefore my content wasn't regularly updated. I quit finding more resources and people involved with the same industry. It became cumbersome to work my businesses.

I've read multiple places that if you are going to try to compete for position on Google, make sure you love what you are fighting for. Well I finally came to that point in my website building and YouTubing. I have always enjoyed writing and playing music. I'm not the best musician in the world by any means but the truth about any business or hobby is those that try win.

Emotional Attachment

Subconsciously your audience wants to make an emotional attachment to someone who entertains them or shares a cause. Your audience's emotional attachment will hang on your type of branding. If your brand is inconsistent your audience will not get involved. They want to be able to anticipate and trust that you will be showing up again with something they can rely on to entertain or move the cause forward.

Many companies spend millions of dollars focusing on the emotional attachment of their customers. One example is Mac. Every product they make has a very specific look and feel, the curves around the edges, the sound the product makes when you click the button, the thickness or thinness, the size, the feel of the materials, the colors, and a history of quality. You can predict that there next product will be a little better than the last, you can trust the quality will be there and the product will look clean and cool. You can imagine the TV commercial or magazine advertising that makes it look even more amazing. In some sense you know what they do and yet get excited about the next big product.

Make A Brand And Stick To It

Almost without exception, whatever you do there are others out there that will watch it, enjoy it, share it and follow you, however, you've got to be consistent with your brand. Your audience needs to know that your next video will be, in some ways, similar to your last 5 videos. Do you pull pranks, are you advertising a business, are you a singer song writer? Figure out your brand and never leave it. If you've got another idea start a different channel. DO NOT put a garble of junk on your YouTube channel and expect people to follow whatever random junk you've put on there.

As mentioned before, there are people that will like whatever you do and at the same time most of those people don't like everything you do, for some reason you connect with thousands or millions of people through your sense of humor, taste in music or business mindedness but not every other aspect of your life at the same time.

He Sees You Now

My Product

I'm a singer song writer. The first song I ever posted on YouTube was about cancer, because my sister in law got cancer at a very young age. The feedback and support I got from that one song inspired me to keep writing and posting more songs. I've never gotten sick of making my own music and I love the way I connect with my listeners through music. I'm sure thousands of people who listen to my songs for the first time will never come back however some people seem to really enjoy my style of writing and playing. Everyone who comes to my channel can count on something similar to the last few videos, hopefully better quality, and a new twist each time.

The song posted above is called He Sees You Now. It's a song that talks about being in a tough spot and then finally feeling the wonderful feeling of peace. We all have ups and downs, that is one thing we can all connect with. One person's pain doesn't devalue another persons pain or peace, we all go through our own periods of struggle and peace.

Find a product that offers a platform for your audience to connect to you and your community of viewers.



You want certain peaces of your product line to be completely consistent, like your logo, album cover, name ect... There are certain things you can change and spin but you need to have something that doesn't change so your audience can represent it, so they can recognize it.

Now more than any other time it is a fad to represent something. People pay good money to have stickers made to put on their car or to buy cloths with a certain symbol on it. It is free advertisement. They don't think about it but it's because they have an emotional connection to that brand and they want to tell people that they belong to that community.

Like A Summer's Day In Late November

What Love Was Meant For

Post Consistently

Those who post videos 3-7 times a week typically do the best on YouTube. If your product allows you to post videos frequently, do it. Keep your audience engaged, don't let them forget about you. How many times have you subscribed to a channel after you watched a couple of their videos and then a few days or weeks later unsubscribed because they didn't offer another good video before you lost the connection you originally had. It's all about connections and engagement. Give them a place to belong and keep them feeling that way. That means you have to truly belong to that community as well.


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