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Becoming Traviata Film Review

Updated on June 30, 2013
Jean-Francois Sivadker & Natalie Dessay
Jean-Francois Sivadker & Natalie Dessay
Natalie Dessay, "Becoming Traviata"
Natalie Dessay, "Becoming Traviata"

Becoming Traviata

Becoming Traviata is a Philippe Beziat documentary composed of rehearsals for a new production of La Traviata starring Natalie Dessay and directed by Jean-Francois Sivadier. Natalie Dessay combines a superb coloratura soprano voice with her incomparable beauty and expressive face. The movie covers successive rehearsals of principal scenes as they are refined and perfected by Sivadier and Dessay as Violetta. The movie is a wonderful vehicle for Dessay's incomparable voice, beauty and expressive acting. Dessay is not Hollywood-beautful, but she has a striking and expressive face and the body of a much younger woman. No fat lady she.

Verdi's La Traviata was first performed in Venice in 1853 and has since become the most often performed opera. According to Wikipedia La Traviata translates as "The Strayed Woman."


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