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Becoming Twitter Famous

Updated on December 6, 2015

In the last few years, social media has become a platform in which people can spread information and network on a unprecedented level. The world's connectedness has grown, and the incline has formed a pedestal that amplifies the distribution of a brand, business or person. Twitter has become a innovative network in which advertisers can directly connect to the market, and influencers can maintain a healthy relationship with their audience. Less than a decade and a half ago, the only way to connect was through television, but now that everything has changed, here is how you can boost your followers and heighten the reach of your social media.

Stay Connected

When extending your market, you need to stay connected with your audience. Twitter is a very scrambling form of social media with a short attention span. One second you can be the talk of the town and the next moment, you can become yesterday's news. A lot of times people do not understand how fleeting attention is, especially when you have it and do not keep with it. Your audience needs to be tend to, whether that be favoriting tweets about your product, or replying to people who give suggestions on how you can make your brand even better. After all, the customer is always right.

Be Creative

In the most successful companies, there are teams of people who brainstorm on how to gain positive reactions from a large audience in their market. These teams create commercials, internet advertisements, pictures, and even corky tweets and puns. When expanding your brand you cannot be bland. Find people who are looking to gain experience in the marketing field, if you need someone to create commercials and take photos of a person or product. You would be surprised how many people would give you a hand FREE OF CHARGE! Always be on the lookout for ways to network and grow the community of people who you can collaborate with to strengthen your craft.

The Hashtag

Using hashtag can also be a useful tool if used properly. Companies have their go to hashtags which makes them stand out. Hashtags become a subcommunity in which you can understand how the twitterverse feels about your product. Not only does it scale the outlook of your product, but it also acts as a source of promotion. The more people who use your hashtag, the higher the chances of it trending. Trending topics are shared with the general population, and then the general populations is introduced to your product in turn creating more buzz. Businesses that maintain a healthy online association last longer and grow quicker.

Using Giveaways

Giveaways are a very good way to not only expand your audience, but it also is a good way to increase demand for a specified product. When there are free products being given away, people are more likely to want to understand your product and look forward to winning it. This strategy is really smart tactic because then people will expect another giveaway, in turn, there are more people who follow your page. Furthermore, nothing attracts a crowd better than a crowd. Even having a small amount of people yearning for your brand will entice others to want it. Giveaways make your brand seem slightly more credible. Especially, while growing it.


When pulling followers in on a personal account, you must display some extent of individuality. In the world of the internet different and unique are engaging qualities. People want to see the real you at all times, and feel like they are just like you. This cuts into the aspect of relatability. There can never be a great divide between you and your followers. They want to know that you are interested in their 120 character and they will be interested in yours. Moreover, you want to display qualities that make you seem human and friendly. Making sure that you explain to your followers that you are not perfect, and that there are days when you are not as happy as you can be really help to display personality and they do well in increasing likeability. It's kind of like watching TV shows. You get attached to the characters who have emotions, and you tune in every week to keep with their endeavors.

Take these tips into consideration and you will definitely have an easier time cultivating your Twitter community.

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