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Becoming YouTube Famous

Updated on December 5, 2015

Becoming famous on YouTube is the goal of thousands of teens and sometimes even adults everywhere. In the last few years, the idea of YouTubing as a renowned social market has skyrocketed and now it has become a career choice. The idea that taking your own videos and editing yourself and putting it up online has become relatively innovative and millennials are creating new ways to captivate millions. Using a camera and some good background music, you can give yourself your own brand and become an entrepreneur. It's a healthy way to develop ambition at any age or time. Here are a few steps to grow your channel.

Find Your Niche

There are many different types of niches on youtube, whether that be singing covers, gaming, comedy, beauty or even personalities. It's literally a place where you can be whoever and whatever you want. Having your role can define you as a Youtuber and it helps viewers to understand what you're all about. It's kind of like a magazine. When people subscribe to a magazine, they expect to have something related to the same topic from month to month. If you subscribe to a beauty magazine and next month you get one for tools, then you'd be less likely to want another magazine. Find your place and make it your home.


Most people on YouTube let their viewers know when they will be back with some new content. Sometimes this can be hard because it gives you a definitive timeline and constraints the creative juices. Sometimes this can make you want to break your schedule, but always be consistent in whatever you choose do. If you put on your channel that you'll have videos every single Thursday , then your audience will expect those videos. If you aren't consistent then people will realize that you are not serious about what you're putting out. Try not to deviate from your pattern because your audience will join you and be on your schedule looking forward to your video. The longer you're gone the less likely you are to keep the attention of people who are waiting for you.

Quality, Not Quantity

Sometimes people think that it's better to have a lot of videos up and they look at other YouTubers with hundreds of videos and start to believe that they are popular because they have hundreds of videos. Try to be creative and be original in what you upload to the internet. If you put a bit of yourselves into every video and put up something that you're proud of, your channel will grow along with you. Quality can be many different aspects. Sometimes quality means investing in a better microphone or lights. Other times it could mean taking the time to have a script, or even put more time into proper editing. In the end, people will appreciate the energy you put in, and it will show all over your channel. Your channel is your baby, raise it right.

Have Fun and Be Yourself

Being authentic on YouTube is one of the most important steps. Let your personality shine throughout your channel and be as real with your viewers as possible. It can be scary sometimes because thousands of people could possibly be seeing you. If you are your true self, when you look back on your channel you will never regret a thing and putting up videos will never be a job. Being something that you're not online is a dark path, and many YouTubers become famous and then they realize that for a long time that they are not where the want to be in life. You never want that to happen to you, and the best way to accomplish this is to love what you do. Never take pleasing the internet world too seriously because it'll tear from you. You can never please everyone, but you can smile and laugh and be the best version of yourself. Try not to be concerned with how many people are watching and tend to the people who truly want to see you succeed an genuinely love every thing you share with the world.

Now go grab your camera and give the world a bit of yourself!

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