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Becoming a Makeup Artist

Updated on January 7, 2017

Living in Los Angeles

A markerLos Angeles, California -
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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Laura was living in Los Angeles and working at a cosmetic counter when she got involved doing makeup for school plays. While making up the performers she learned the different types of stage makeup, and she learned how to apply the different types. In the process, Laura discovered how much she liked doing makeup.


Deciding that she wanted to make this her career in films, Laura got in touch with some of the major studios. However, they wouldn't hire her because she wasn't a union member, and she needed to have a job to be in the union – the standard problem for most novices to film careers.

Started with Independent Movies

Instead, she contacted several independent movie companies, because those who work on films for independents don't have to be union members. With some persistence, she managed to talk her way into a job as a makeup assistant on a biker movie, helping the makeup artist, do whatever needed to be done.



As these things happened, one thing led to another, and eventually she got a job working on a horror film, helping to create and do the makeup for the monster. Although the work wasn’t easy, she really enjoyed herself.

Great Tips

Today she’s still working for independent movie companies on horror, science fiction, and biking films. She still doesn't have a union card, but she is making a good living at doing what she does best -- creating monsters.

What Do You Think

Which industry would you like to be a makeup artist?

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Laura's Advice

Laura’s advice for those who want to do special effects makeup is to a get a job selling cosmetics. “Once you learn the basics,” she says, “you can offer to do makeup for school and community theaters, or talk to your friends into letting you practice on them. The important thing,” she asserts, “is to practice your craft.”

Life Your Dream

You too can live your dream and become a makeup artist in any field. Laura entered a legendary field that is rewarding artistically as well as financially.


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