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Beethoven’s 5th Symphony

Updated on March 22, 2016

I actually did not know that Beethoven was deaf before this module, so I am really happy that we had this assignment. After reading the letter he wrote to his brother and listening to his 5th symphony, the way the symphony is makes so much more sense. The symphony as a whole seems to be very dramatic and it sounds like it was composed by someone who was full of emotions. After reading the letter, I realized that Beethoven was definitely that man. At some points in the letter, it seems as if he is doing okay and then it will get really sad and dramatic. I feel like this symphony is the exact same way. It will be playing very slow, calm music for about a minute or two and then suddenly change. It will suddenly grow louder and almost sound violent. Towards the end of the piece, it sounds like he is starting to take his frustration out on the piano because of how it emotional the music sounds. This piece is very famous and full of emotion. Overall, it is very good and well composed.


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