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Beginners Guitar Lessons

Updated on September 27, 2009

Beginners Guitar Lessons

Tips To Help You Keep Up With Your Beginners Guitar Lessons ...

In the start of learning to play guitar will always be the toughest time. Your fingers do not seem to do what you want them to, they will also hurt, and the whole learning proces seems to be moving along at to slow a pace. It's at this time the most people quit the guitar lessons.

Keep It Simple With Beginners Guitar Lessons!

Keep it as simple as possible with easy guitar lessons, learn a couple of chords at a time, and then when you have learned three to four chords then find an easy song with those chords and learn to play it, don't start by learning a difficult song, you will always have time to learn your favorite songs when you get better.

Don't Rush It!

Don't start practicing hours at once, just a half an hour a day or a little more if you feel like it. If you get frustrated when practicing just put the guitar down and practice on the next day. Another good way to learn is with learn guitar dvd and books, that way it's like having your very own teacher.

Remember that all the great guitar players has also played beginners guitar lessons once.

Keep It Cheap!

It can be a good idea to start playing with a nylon stringed acoustic guitar, they are so much easier on the fingers, and have a wider space between the strings. Even though it's an acoustic guitar, you can still practice rock, blues or whatever style you would like. Don't start of buying an expensive guitar, you will first know what you really need when you have played for a while.


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    • scottaye73 profile image

      scottaye73 8 years ago from Michigan, USA

      Love the guitar picture! Write more!