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Bel Ami Review

Updated on August 21, 2012

Three women, greed, and lust put into a movie can make it very interesting and the plot of Bel Ami really showed all three ideas in a good manner. Robert Pattinson showed that he could be a deceptive, greedy and lustful character in this movie something different from one of his main roles he is known for.

A penniless ex-soldier, Georges Duroy (Robert Pattinson) goes up to power by seducing and using the most influential women. He meets Madeleine Forestier (Uma Thurman) who is married to one of his former comrades and she decides to help him out by writing for the newspaper but she gives him her ideas so he can write but through her. He decides to start using the influential women around him. He sets out to seduce Madame De Marelle (Christine Ricci) who is married but yet she starts to become his lover.

Then Madeleine Forestier's husband dies and Georges Duroy decides to marry her because of his greed. He still holds on to having a mistress but he decides to seduce another married lady who has an influential husband. After finding out that his wife was not being faithful to him he finds a way to get out of their marriage. In one party, he meets this one young lady and he comes up with a plan to stay with her even though he does not love her.

Close to the end he meets the gaze of one former mistress and gives her one of those "I'll see you again smiles" and that made me think would he still continue being her lover. But Georges Duroy life shows that he uses greed and even sex to get what he wants and to get higher in power. This movie is good to watch and has a good plot. You are able to see how a man can easily deceive women to get what he wants.


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