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Believe It Or Not, I Don’t Care Who Tiger Woods Shtoops!

Updated on December 9, 2009


Although I’m sure that Jon and Kate are delighted that the media has turned all of their attention to Tiger Woods and whoever his foreign model wife is, believe it or not, I don’t care who Tiger Woods Shtoops! – Don’t Get Me Started!

For that matter I don’t care who’s “zooming” who (as the old Aretha song goes) when it comes to anyone. That includes my parents, people I know and don’t know. Did Tiger Woods become famous for his monogamy? Is that what he’s so great at that people call him a phenomenon? I think not. (And while we’re talking about it, I just think I could easily win that prize – a gay man who has been in a monogamous relationship for 21 years, the rest of you are just amateurs as far as I’m concerned) My point is that on the whole we here in America are waaay to hung up on sex. We’re worried that the kids are having it and that when we get old we’re worried we won’t be able to get it up to get enough of it. We don’t want to see Janet Jackson’s boob flash or have the sequined dancers on Dancing With The Stars dance too sexy for fear that “the kids” will be influenced. Meanwhile, they’ve all ready been influenced by Britney Spears showing her “business district” and Miley humping a pole on the Teen Choice Awards and her recent tattoo. If parents would do a little parenting instead of talking on their cell phones while driving their kids from one play date to a soccer game, taking the time to talk to their kids and teach them what’s right and wrong, maybe we wouldn’t worry so much about what the celebrities are doing and their influence?

Tiger Woods plays golf and although he does it very well, just because he’s a public figure it doesn’t make him a role model for anything but playing golf, in my opinion. And explain to me why we want our kids to look at celebrities for their role models anyway? Take them to a homeless shelter to meet the people who work there, those people are worthy of being role models, not some rapper who made billions by rhyming “bitch” with “itch” while a 70’s song that we really liked plays in the background. We’re all out of whack in our idolatry of celebrities and expecting them to be role models. They’re people, people. People just like you, who either possess a great skill or management/marketing team, period. They aren’t Gods (maybe that’s why they all take steroids, so that they can feel more like Gods), they aren’t Mother Teresa, they’re just people who are very good at one thing or another. And didn’t we learn our lesson from the whole Paris Hilton thing? (Someone who becomes famous for the sake of fame possessing no real skills or redeeming qualities whatsoever) I was hoping that with Paris and Heidi and Spencer that we would have finally reached the proverbial bottom of the barrel and start looking for people who are worthy of our attention again, you know like the next Einstein or something. I’m still holding out hope but for the moment, apparently Tiger Woods’ wood and who’s holding it is all that anyone seems to want to talk about.  Believe it or not, I don’t care who Tiger Woods Shtoops! – Don’t Get Me Started!

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    • ncmonroe1981 profile image

      ncmonroe1981 8 years ago from West Virginia

      Scott: You are SO right. The people we really obsess about in this country really are not role model material, and most parents spend entirely too much time on their own planet, letting the television raise their children. You'd think people would get over being so surprised and interested when someone "Shtoops" (to use your word) someone else.

    • profile image

      pgrundy 8 years ago

      So do you think it's too late for me to call the media and say I had an affair with Tiger Woods too? (I probably already waited too long, but I don't know, there might be some guacamole left or something...)


    • THE LIP profile image


      What's all the fuss about....If Tiger Woods is paid billions to putt his balls into 18 holes, why complain if his own Balls land into some other Holes?

      After all old habits die hard and if he doesn't keep practising how wud he keep in form? All said & done there is lil difference between a (golf) course and intercourse!!!