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Believer by Imagine Dragons

Updated on May 10, 2017

Imagine Dragons will be releasing a new album entitled "Evolve," with its lead single called "Believer."

Info About "Believer"

Ever since I heard Radioactive as an OST to the movie, Warm Bodies I have been a fan of Imagine Dragons. My theme song for myself before was a song from their album Night Visions called Demons and now I have come across the lead single to their new and 3rd studio album, Evolve. The name of the song is Believer which was released on February 1, 2017 via KIDinaKORNER and Interscope. It topped the Billboard Hot Rock Songs and Alternative Songs. Believer also topped the Alternative Rock Chart in Canada and has broken the spins record on the Mediabase Alternative Chart. The first time that Imagine Dragons was witnessed in performing this song on television was in Jimmy Kimmel Live, a late night talk show on ABC. Believer was such a hit that it was even featured in a Nintendo Switch commercial and released during the Super Bowl.

Why This Is My Favorite Song

I have no idea why I missed this song because I have honestly only heard it yesterday. I might've been too caught up with my addiction to television series and movies so I seldom listen to music. For some reason my internet connection was a bit slow and it was interrupting my movie viewing in Netflix so I decided to listen to music. I typed in Imagine Dragons playlist in the youtube search engine and this is when I came across Believer. I had goosebumps from the first few seconds of hearing it. As I listened to the lyrics, it felt like me whining about my painful life, snapping out of it and using that pain as a challenge that I have to surpass. It felt like me holding onto that pain and accepting it to make me stronger with my head held up high, vainglorious that once I overcome all of my struggles, I will be invincible and I can conquer anything. These were the thoughts running in my mind as I listened to every word. How strange and wonderful it is for one song to represent my life. The song was meant to be heard by me, and I bet that hundreds or even thousands of people could relate.

Dan's impressive vocals in the midst of the band's percussive backbeat relays a very important and inspiring message to the listeners ---- pain should be embraced and utilized for one's personal development. Imagine Dragons never fail to exhibit powerful music behind life's struggle, making the negative facts about life positive. Their music rocks and the band is absolutely 100% cool in all aspects, but there is always a big heart and good standpoint in life behind every song that they play.

Imagine Dragons - Believer |LYRICS|

Evolve Imagine Dragons Audio CD


Be inspired by new songs from Imagine Dragon's 3rd studio album called Evolve. The song Believer is its lead single which has topped the charts and captured the hearts of many.



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