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Bellying dancing

Updated on October 25, 2013

Belly dancing is a feminine dance driven primarily by the torso whiling joining together the hips. This low-impact, weight bearing exercise of a dance works with the body instead of against it; it doesn’t matter your age, shape, weight, anyone can learn belly dance. Belly dancing have proven to be a perfect way to get in shape and improve overall health.

Art of the belly dance

Before we talk about the benefits that belly dancing have on your body, let look at the movements of belly dancing. The moves in belly dancing fall under three categories: fluid, percussive, and shimmies, shivers, and vibrations.


Fluid movement has curves and turns in a continuous motion. Fluid movement requires abdominal strength. Moves with fluid movements are hip figure eight, tilting hip circles, and undulation, or “waves” of the hips and abdomen. The moves can be combined to create an infinite of complex moves. The fluids movements help keep body fluid in the joints (that’s why it’s called fluid movement) to ease the pain which can prevent arthritis in the knees, wrist and hips.


These moves are used to punctuate the music or beat. In other words each movement is to be a reflection of the music that’s playing. Movements that fall under this category include hip drops, vertical hip rocks, outward hip hits, hit lifts, and hip twists. Percussive moves can also work the shoulders and rib cage.

Shimmies, shivers, and vibrations

These are the fast continuous moves of the hip or ribcage. There are varieties of shimmies ranging in size and methods of generating. Common shimmies are the relaxed up and down hip shimmies, straight-legged knee driven shimmies, twisting shimmies and relaxed shoulder of ribcage shimmies. As you advance you’ll be able to add turns, spins, and steps to your routine.

Fitness benefits

Build strong bones

Belly dancing is considered to be a weight bearing exercise, which aids in preventing osteoporosis while strengthening the bones.

Improve posture

The main muscle groups that belly dancing targets (neck, spine, abs, truck and pelvis) aid in improving posture.

Evenly build back muscle

Because belly dancer uses a lot of torso movement more than any other form of dancing, you’ll surely be able to evenly build a strong back to prevent back pain.

Reduce stress

These repetitive steps allow you to focus on them and not your troubles. What a great way to let go and relax.

In a nutshell

The fast movements offers a great cardio workout, the proper stance can strengthen your lower back. The shimmies and shivers work your upper body. The name alone should tell you that it’s great for the abs. As you can see belly dancing is a full body workout. Belly dancing is also a great way to feel feminine, beautiful and confident, while getting a great workout.


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