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Ben10 Original10 Aliens: Ben10 First 10 Alien Heroes

Updated on April 30, 2014

Ben10s original ten Alien transformation

Ben10 original Alien transformations are listed bellow

1 Heatblast

2 Wildmutt

3 Diamondhead

4 XLR8

5 Greymatter

6 Four arms

7 Stinkfly

8 Ripjaws

9 Upgrade

10 Ghostfreak

At the beginning

Benjamin Tennyson before becoming the immense force of justice and defender of earth, started out with only ten Alien heroes which he could transform into. The first ten through courage, innovation and luck managed to fight and conquer insurmountable adversary to triumph against very bad, brutal and tough aliens.

Remember Ben Tennyson otherwise known as Ben10 was just a kid of aged ten. Initially he could only transform himself into ten alien life forms which ironically he felt was the summation of the omnitrix immense powers. He did not know that with time the DNA wristwatch upgrades and reveals new exciting heroes, Aliens Ben could use to defend the earth.

Being a ten year old boy and encountering such extraordinary aliens he decided to name each alien he transformed into, having no knowledge of their origin, planet or abilities. Only after battle or during transformation did Ben give his aliens names.

The first ten alien transformations were Heatblast a fire element alien, Wildmut a blind doglike alien, Diamondhead an alien with the ability to manipulate crystals the very element that makes up the aliens anatomy, XLR8 a very fast alien and Greymatter a tiny Galvan alien with immense intelligence.

The other five in the top ten aliens Ben 10 first transformed into include Four Arms a very courageous and strong alien with an ego problem, Stinkfly a smelly sap spitting fly-like alien, Ripjaws an alien with jaws of steel, Upgrade a cool Galvanic technology morphing alien and the scary entity Ghost freak.

Ben10s first alien heroes were really cool kickass aliens they dominated many series and even made some appearance in some of the Ben10 films. The Aliens in the omnitrix were based on alien life forms the omnitrix maker implanted into the device using DNA strands of each species.

So unknown to Ben Tennyson he was transforming into alien life forms that actually existed in other planets and worlds in the universe, some of the alien planets and ability gave the ten their unique powers.

Upgrade Ben10 alien Transformation

Ben10 upgrade alien transformation
Ben10 upgrade alien transformation | Source


Upgrade is a very cool alien life form that Ben Tennyson transforms into; the alien has the ability to bond with any known technology morphing into any technology it can think of. Upgrade also has the ability to bond with living organisms but in the case of Ben's upgrade the transformation is incomplete so he becomes only a fraction of what the alien can become.

Upgrade is a Galvanic Mechamorph from a distant moon called Galvan B, the moon is known to orbit or rotate round the planet Galvan Prime. The aliens bonding and upgrading abilities are the hero’s powers it possesses and interestingly a voice change when transformed into upgrade is not noticeable like in other alien life forms Ben changes into.


Upgrade body is made-up of liquid metal which are nanotechnology based this allows the alien reshape its form easily around any sized object subsequently upgrading it into a better higher technology. The alien can melt and regenerate into any form it attaches itself to, reshape body and construct simple plasma beams into weapon objects. The alien can shot plasma beams concentrated in an eye without using any external technology and fire energy rays occasionally.


The biggest weakness noticeable in this alien is its greatest strength which is the liquefied metal body; the body cannot maintain upgrade shapes for long. It also finds it very difficult to merge with any complex machinery such as sentient robot warriors and the alien can’t merge with biological creatures. Also metal corrosion is the alien’s kryptonite because it interferes with the nontechnology that is the alien’s building block.

Heatblast the fire alien

Heatblast the magma alien in Ben10
Heatblast the magma alien in Ben10 | Source


Heatblast is a fire element alien with the ability to manipulate fire and heat which it uses for propulsion and weaponry, Heatblast is magma based like volcanic element and is a Pyronite. The very first alien life form we saw was Heatblast which occurred by mistake when the omnitrix accidentally got activated.


Heatblast ability comes from fire, the entire alien is made-up of magma and it uses it to its advantage, in order to fly it fires incredible amounts of fire downward creating lift. The alien can use fire projectiles, create whirlwind flames, tornadoes of fire, uses localized explosions and can absorb fire

The negative aspect is the alien’s inability to control the heat it generates, becoming a cryokinetic being when its host Ben 10 catches a flu/cold and when drenched with sufficient amount of water losses its heat making ability.

Wildmutt is a Vulpimancer from the Garbage planet

Wildmutt is a Vulpimancer from the Garbage planet
Wildmutt is a Vulpimancer from the Garbage planet | Source

Original ten

Which alien transformation not part of the original ten

See results


Wildmut is a dog-like alien that looks like a cross between a primate and a dog; the alien is a Vulpimancer and has very impressive agility and resilience. When transformed into Vulpimancer Ben 10 losses speech and can only grunt or growl.

The Vulpimancer comes from the planet Vulpin which is described as a garbage planet, wildmut has no eyes but it has incredible sense of smell and radar like sensors that are highly specialized and effective.


The Vulpimancer has great agility can jump very high, run, use its sharp teeth, bite and use its claws, imagine a ver big lion. The radar sense gives it accuracy like a bat while adult Vulpimancer use porcupine like gills on the back as projectiles, protection and cutting. It sensory organ is a hundred times stronger than that of a dog and can sniff out enemies great distances.

Ben10: Grey Matter

Grey matter from Ben10
Grey matter from Ben10 | Source

Ben10 original ten Aliens

Sticky sap
Piscciss Volann
Strong jaws
DNA memmory
Four arms

XLR8 image

XLR8 ALIEN image
XLR8 ALIEN image | Source

Grey Matter

Grey matter is a very tiny alien Benjamin Tennyson unwitting transforms into, the alien because of its small size has no physical or special powers. Grey matter has only one thing going for him his great analytical skill, incredible technical intelligence and creative ability.

The alien is a Galvan from a planet that they call Galvan Prime, his diminutive size and slimy skin makes Grey Matter capable of squeezing into very small and tight spaces. Another Galvan was responsible for the creation of the omnitrix. Other abilities are sharp biting teeth, ability to use simple object to create sophisticated gadget and weaponry and great wit.


XLR8 comes from a planet called Kinet and is a Kineceleran which has to do with immense speed, Ben transforms into this alien when he needs to use acceleration as a weapon. The alien is capable of accelerating three hundred and ten (310mph) in a second, using its wheeled shaped feet for propulsion.


The alien XLR8 main attribute is its great speed, ability to create whirlwinds, tornadoes use accelerated strikes defense and attack methods. It also moves on vertical surfaces, water and rugged inclines with ease by manipulating gravitational resistance, and the alien is partial to magnets which makes it disoriented has no physical strength and can't run on slippery surfaces.

Diamondhead Alien in Ben10

Diamondhead alien in Ben10
Diamondhead alien in Ben10 | Source


Diamondhead is a rock or crystal shaped being from the planet Petropia making the alien a Petrosapien. Diamondhead’s original planet was destroyed by the brutal alien Vilgax using Sugilite whose DNA was the building blocks that created Chromastone the composition of Petropia.


Diamondhead aliens are very intelligent beings; combat hardened, can manipulate crystal into crude weaponry and projectiles and also has the ability of regeneration. The can form crystals on solid objects, have refractive bodies are immune to laser attack and their bodies are made out of durable organic crystal.

Ghostfreak Alien

Ben10: Ghostfreak alien
Ben10: Ghostfreak alien | Source


Ghostfreak is the scariest entity in the omnitrix, the entity got into the omnitrix because of Zsskayr DNA who is referred to as the Ecto lord. Ectio lords live in the homeworld of Anur Phaetos and because they can exist in any DNA strand Ghostfreak becomes trapped in the omnitrix becoming one of Ben’s transformation.

The entity has a mind of its own and constantly tries to possess Ben in order to control him, Ghost freaks ability include being able to phase through solid objects and human possession. Other powers are having telekinesis and are able to shoot dangerous energy beams from chest and a more scary transformation and reveal in absolute darkness.

Stinkfly alien

Stinkfly alien
Stinkfly alien | Source


Stinkfly comes from the planet Lepidoptera referred to as the swamp planet making the alien a Lepidoterran, the creature is a mixed combination between a dragonfly, fly, moth and mantis. It has four eyes and a mouth that squirt immobilizing jelly or flammable toxins, and it can fly.

The alien has unusual strength that is in variance with its physiology, use razor sharp teeth in combat and can see great distances. Stinkfly draw back is its very potent body odor curtsey body fluids and oils generated by the alien, four fragile wings.

Ripjaws Alien

Ripjaws Alien
Ripjaws Alien | Source


Ripjaws is an impressive looking beast of Piscciss Volann origins it comes from a water planet called a Piscciss. The alien has features that resemble crocodile, shark and also an eel, its combat hardened, has great speed in water, and uses sharp teeth in combat, sharp claws and a hinged jaw that can bite through steel.

The alien also has resistance to immense depth pressure, strong tail, luminescent danglers that make it see clearly in dark depths, the major setback for this tough alien is hydration, it needs water or it would die.

Image of four arms in the omnitrix

Image of four arms in the omnitrix
Image of four arms in the omnitrix | Source

Four arms

Four arms is a very powerful Tetramond from the planet Khoros which is described as a desert-like planet, the alien is known for its great strength, fighting prowers and fearlessness. Four arms was one of Ben Tennyson’s favorite transformations because of its brute force and amazing power.

Description of the alien four arms

The alien from its name given to it by Ben has four muscular arms, stands over eleven feet tall, has four eyes, armored skin and a very dense muscle body. Its ability includes strength, brute force, and courage, creating shockwaves and landslides by punching the ground.

The downside to all this power is clumsiness, mistake prone and sluggishness.


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