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Ben10: Secret of the Omnitrix

Updated on May 20, 2014

Image of Ben 10 secret of the omnitrix

The omnitrix is the most powerful weapon in the universe, in the possession of a kid. What is the secret of the omnitrix. An image of Ben10
The omnitrix is the most powerful weapon in the universe, in the possession of a kid. What is the secret of the omnitrix. An image of Ben10 | Source

Ben10 secret of the omnitrix the plot

Tick tick tick

Tick tick tick says the omnitrix its time to destroy the universe and Ben inclusive, a countdown has begun and nothing but total annihilation would suffice, the powerful omnitrix would become more powerful than a one million N.bombs when it stops the countdown.

But why did it begin in the first place providence, happen chance or a malfunction brought about in the heat of battle between the dreaded beast manipulator doctor Animo and Ben Kirby Tennyson’s. While they fought they inadvertently destroyed a DNA bomb which activated the powerful omnitrix to initiate a self-destruction protocol—and the clock starts ticking…

Benjamin Tennyson

The Ben 10 film secret of the omnitrix was directed in Warner Brothers Studio by the duo of Sebastian Montes and Scooter Tidwell and produced by cartoon network studios in 2007. The film is basically an animated fiction film adapted from a television series which was said to be the concluding part or grand finale.

The popular animated series which was first aired around two thousand and five (2005) has grown into iconic stature spinning incredible stories and some unusual alien creatures. For Ben 10 newbie’s lets do a quick recap, a young lad finds an unusual watch meant for someone else wears it and it merges with his DNA refusing to disengage.

He finds out that by manipulating the wristwatch he can assume any of the previously ten alien life forms by shape shifting, he still maintains his identity even in the alien form but has all the amazing powers and attribute of each alien he transforms into.

The change is temporary and he transforms back into a kid when the wristwatch times out. Using the wristwatch called the omnitrix he fights other aliens who wish to posses the amazing device or have grand plans to destroy the earth.

Tetrax Shad the hunter

Tetrax Shad space hunter destroyer of his home planet. great warrior.
Tetrax Shad space hunter destroyer of his home planet. great warrior. | Source

Myaxx is Azmuths assistant

Myaxx is the scientific assistant of Azmuth and is a citizen of Vilgaxia. Image courtessy
Myaxx is the scientific assistant of Azmuth and is a citizen of Vilgaxia. Image courtessy | Source

The good guys

In come Tetrax Shad and his intergalactic pilot the blob like alien known as Gluto who zeroed in on the DNA signature and fly down to earth so they can transport Ben to the omnitrix creator so the deadly countdown is averted.


Tetrax Shad

Occupation and mission

Hardened bounty hunter and member of the DNA force dedicated to guard the omnitrix against falling into the wrong hands, on this special alert triggered by the countdown of the omnitrix. The Petrosapien mission was to contact Ben, explain what the countdown is about and transport him to the creator of the device so universal doom is averted.

Tetrax secretly wants the omnitrix creator to remove the device from Ben’s wrist permanently because he believed that such a powerful weapon wasn’t safe in the hands of a kid.

Tetrax Body type and ability

Tetrax has a Reflective hardened diamond- crystal body totally immune to energy beams because it glass like exterior, his incredible ability involve regeneration of body parts and the use of crystallized weaponry as projectiles. It can alter the state of his diamond body to form complex hand weaponry, Tetrax though battle hardened has useful knowledge and intelligence with a sense of proper morality and duty.

Other weaponry is an impenetrable armor, huge rifle, sonic devices and his personal space cruiser, Ben follows him in the space ship, unknown to the Gwen sneaks on board.

Mission; Seek Azmuth the creator of the omnitrix so he can stop the countdown

Location; A heavily fortified prison called Incarcecon where Tetrax traced the DNA signature imbedded in the device. Ben10 and his companion’s stage a gusty breakout but Azmuth was not found incarcerated, instead they found his assistant Myaxx a female chimera sui generis from the dreaded Vilgax species.


She confessed to her rescuers that she had replaced Azmuth DNA with hers because she felt the inventor did not acknowledge her loyalty and help in creating the device. She also explained that she didn’t know how to turn off the device but knew where Azmuth was located and promised to take them to him.

Vilgax in action

Vilgax using his mighty sword
Vilgax using his mighty sword | Source

Ben 10; Secret of the omnitrix

The bad guys

Vilgax the chimera sui generis

Vilgax the chimera sui generis home world is vilgaxia and he is the most dreaded intergalactic warlord who conquered ten worlds and desire to add earth as one of his trophies. He also has a great need to possess the greatest weapon of all the omnitrix.


The huge chimera sui generis has enhanced strength, brutal ruggedness, incredible agility, can jump really high, great adaptability, has an energy blaster and a shield of ziegel. Other attributes include mighty sword, diagons heart, pyro resistance, enhanced hearing, and strong breadth.

Vilgax reputation as the most dangerous galactic warlord is well deserved but Ben 10 was able to trap him in the Null Void which he eventual escapes and now follows the DNA signature of the omnitrix after hijacking a space ship.

Vilgax in the hijacked space ship eventually catches up to Tetrax shad, Ben, Myaxx, Gluto and Gwen, a brutal battle commences and in the carnage Gluto bravely scarifies his life to save Gwen. Ben managed to repel Vilgax, before they continued on their mission to find Azmuth.

Ben, Tetrax, Gwen and Myaxx later made it to the planet Azmuth was believed to hide, along the way they were attacked by Woldvines spices which is one of the alien species DNA in the omnitrix. They captured Gwen while Ben and Tetrax had to continue with their quest because the time was fast running out and the end of the universe was almost at hand.

Who created the omnitrix

Which of Alien created the Omnitrix

See results

Azmuth the Curmudgeonly Galvan

They encountered further resistance in the form of a big entity in a large mechanical suit, totally fed up with the resistance Ben transformed into Cannonbolt an alien wrecking ball. After a brief battle he destroyed the machine only to discover that it was controlled by Azmuth an old Curmudgeonly Galvan, similar to an alien species on his omnitrix Ben named grey matter.

Curmudgeonly Galvan’s are very small aliens not taller than nine inches, they have huge heads and are extremely intelligent species, Azmuth refuses to stop the countdown and believes the end of the universe wasn’t a bad idea; he isn’t impressed with Ben because he feels the most powerful device in the world shouldn’t be in the possession of a kid.

Azmuth the Curmudgeonly Galvan

Azmuth the mad scientist that created the powerful omnitrix
Azmuth the mad scientist that created the powerful omnitrix | Source

Villains and Super heroes

Gwen Tennyson
Ben Tennyson
Doctor Animal
Tetrax Shad

Vilgax mass attack

The bad guy resurfaces and he is out for blood

This time he comes with hordes of drones hungry for revenge, another brutal battle starts with Tetrax unable to stand the powerful villain. Although outnumbered and cornered bens resilience, intelligence and ingenuity greatly impresses Azmuth who tampers with the omnitrix and gives Ben10 a new alien spices to do battle with the evil Vilgax.

Ben transform into an alien he calls way big a huge alien as big as a skyscraper that has un-canning resemblance to Ultra man, the giant alien has little resistance from the notorious villain and Ben throws Vilgax into space.

Gluto regenerates and rescues Gwen from the Woldvines and rejoins Ben and Tetrax to the joy of the young boy.

Stopping the clock

Azmuth stops the clock and informed them that even if the omnitrix reached zero, the possibility of universal destruction might not have been eminent. He felt honored because of Ben’s bravery which showed that the device was indeed in the right hands.

He stops the countdown and Tetrax and Gluto are told to transport Ben and Gwen back to earth, haven defeated Vilgax the journey back was uneventful, and Tetrax also impressed gave Ben a replacement hover board.


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