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Ben10: Some Amazing Alien technology and Weapons used in Ben10 Series

Updated on May 27, 2014

Under- listed are some amazing technology featured in Ben 10 series

1 The Transmutator

2 Spread spectrum dislocator

3 Ultimatrix

4 Null void projector

5 Map of infinity

6 Jinglelator

7 Highbreed pulse generator

8 Element X

9 Kinetic blaster

10 Charmcasters magic bag

11 Incursean conquest ray

12 Devolution bomb

Alien technology

Ben 10 animation series is known for incredible aliens interesting plots and amazing alien technology and weaponry, the devices range from lance swords to energy beam weapons and the aliens special abilities. Some of the weapons and alien technology include Ascalon, chill gun, incursean conquest ray, and even charmcasters magical bag.

Other interesting weapons are laser lance, kinetic blaster, kinetic lance, DNA device, elementrix, Excalibur the jinglelator and Highbreed pulse generator to mention a few. Some have intergalactic implications, universal destruction or used during direct combat.

Kinetic blaster in Ben10

Kinetic blaster in Ben 10
Kinetic blaster in Ben 10 | Source

Kinetic Blaster

The kinetic blaster is used by a weapons master and specialist called Techadon weapon master number 13, the weapon forge first made his appearance in The Ultimate Heist. The kinetic blaster is a high powered laser generating weapon.

The laser generating kinetic weapon releases a powerful kinetic field when the laser blaster is fired; the energy is so powerful that it was capable of solidifying and fusing viscoplasti (inelastic solids theory) c fluid and a powerful torque rotor in its tracks. The kinetic blaster has the semblance of a handgun with along cylindrical projection that ends in two key like openings.

Charmcasters magic bag

Charmcaster is not an alien but a young girl with the power of spells and magic, her powerful bag aids her in creating magical spells and deploying unusual objects when in battle. The bag looks like a rucksack, is brown in color, has a big dark brown x and a yellow circle protrusion, and the lower region looks like a zipper with teeth.

Gwen Tennyson and Charmcaster are the two people that have used charmcasters bag; the bag is magic and contains magical objects that help Charmcaster in her missions. The content of her bag include magic flowers that grow rapidly on command, heavy rings, stone creatures like stone bat and bird.

Other things found in the bag are exploding mana bombs, exploding eggs, smaller bombs, magic staff, small statues and other strange looking bombs. The bag also has a mind of its own and can move unaided and also contains a mysterious stone that talks only to Charmcaster.

Although charmcasters bag is a far cry from all this dooms day alien technology that can obliterate an entire universe, the bag can also create through her spells some Armageddon like scenario.

Charmcasters magic bag

Charmcasters magic bag
Charmcasters magic bag | Source

Incursean conquest ray

Incursean conquest ray is capable of destroying any planet
Incursean conquest ray is capable of destroying any planet | Source

The evil genius Dr. Animo

Incursean conquest ray

The incursean conquest ray is a very deadly weapon that fires a highly charged blast form an extreme distance to completely destroy and planet the controller wishes. The controller of the deadly ray is the emperor Mileous and all he needs to deploy the weapon s one push of the button.

Any planet unfortunate to be the recipient of the blast becomes totally annihilated, the weapon is more powerful that one hundred atomic bombs and is in possession of the incursean race. When the remote control which is a big red button on a golden object is depressed the incursean conquest death ray fires and instantaneously destroys the planet leaving it in rumble.

Devolution bomb

Doctor Animo is a human genius genetic scientist that has carried out extensive research on veterinary science, the brilliant scientist in a quest for power managed to tap into the animals ability giving him enhanced strength, durability and can use telepathic manipulation.

He builds weapons like the devolution bomb with the capacity to turn any person within the blast into a yeti creature. The bomb was intended to change as many humans into yeti but Bens friends and companions managed to disable the DNA manipulator.

The bombs dimensions seem to be about the size of a five hindered gallon water tank but made out of advanced machinery and technology.

Deadliest technology in Ben10

Which do you consider the more deadly weapon

See results

Element X

The element x constituents are unknown but when in combination with iron ore becomes a deadly weapon capable of obliterating a solar system, making it more powerful than the dreaded incursean conquest ray. The substance was feature in Galactic enforcers when two aliens acquired the deadly weapon for evil purposes.

The compound was placed in a cylindrical containment jar under certain conditions that stabilizes it and renders the element none deadly unless Bicenthium alloy is exposed to it, which causes a cataclysmic chemical reaction.

Highbreed pulse generator

The Highbreed pulse generator stands four stories high that fires high resolution pulse that affects the DNA of species, it can turn a humanoid into an alien and can eliminate an entire species in a single pulse blast. What is it with these aliens and massive dooms day machines that can either alter a beings DNA sequence or totally eradicate it.

Highbreed pulse generator

Highbreed pulse generator
Highbreed pulse generator | Source

Weapons and there users

used by
kinetic blaster
techadon weapon masters
charmcasters bag
incursean ray
emperior mileous
devolution bomb
Dr. Animo
Thomas Jingles
map of infinity
Paradox time travler

The jinglelator

The jinglelator is supposed to run on unstable fusion and isotopes that turn humans into elves, who become a workforce to create more jinglelator machines. The diabolic machine was in vented by the demented Mr. Thomas jingles, who was able to change an entire village into worker elves for his mad factory.

In the episode merry Christmas Mr. Thomas Jingles managed to change many villagers and children into elves but was eventually defeated and the mad device destroyed by Benjamin Tennyson.

Map of infinity

The map of infinity is a map that shows seventeen dimensions, space and time and was said to be the most powerful object in the universe. Having possession of the maps awesome powers allows the person in possession have universal access and can go anywhere in the universe.

The map of infinity was hidden by paradox a human time traveler disguised the pieces as other objects in four distant worlds for safe keeping; it was divided into four units but was later assembled by Aggregor through deception conning and brute force. Before Aggregor could get the pieces he had to go to Piscciss a water planet, found another at ledgerdomain and an artificial planetoid.

The Null Void Incarcecon

Null void incacecon
Null void incacecon | Source

Null void projector

The Null void projector is an alien device used in transferring criminal aliens to a place they call the null void an intergalactic jail of enormous dimensions. The Null void is used primarily by the plummers as a dimensional opener to a void jail for criminal aliens.

The projector can be deployed as a bomb, and gun or static machine and was seen in various Ben10 animated series episodes in Alien force, Ultimate Alien, and Ben10 omniverse.

The spread spectrum phase dislocator

The spread spectrum phase dislocator has an impressive and frightening name that conjures images of death and destruction, not much is known about the deadly device but that its was made by a Techadon weapons master. The device is supposed to be a phase matter altering weapon whatever that means but you can be assured of mayhem and destruction.


Transmutator | Source


Ultimatrix | Source


Enter the psychotic evil genius scientist doctor Animo again with one of his diabolical weapons he named the Transmutator. The weapon initial had the capacity of mutating insect and animal life forms but was upgraded to mutate dead creature thereby reviving them.

Some of the mutant creatures credited to the mad man are his favorite mutant frog, mutant mammoth, mutant hamster and a large mutant insect.


The device is a DNA device that allows the wearer transform into any of the gifted aliens embedded into the devise. The earlier version of the device the omnitrix after serving Ben well in countless battles was finally destroyed and later replaced by the ultimatrix.

The ultimatrix allows Ben change from one alien form to another without first changing back into a human; it has a gauntlet like appearance. The ultimatrix is a more powerful device than the omnitrix and allows Ben turn into the ultimate forms of over a million alien DNA embedded in the device making it one of the most powerful weapons in the universe.

The Ben 10 series has captivated us over the years with many interesting diabolic alien technology of which a few have been mentioned. As the animated series continues we expect more unusual and utterly fascinating technology and of Benjamin Tennyson to defend the universe against mad cap aliens.


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