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Ben10: The Forever Knights villains or heroes

Updated on April 16, 2014

The Forever knight in full amour

Image of the a Forever Knight in full amour
Image of the a Forever Knight in full amour | Source

Summary of types of weapons

Some of the weapons used by the animated villains are stated bellow

1 Giant mechanical devices and transportation

2 Robots

3 Draconic guards

4 Impregnable amour

5 Enhanced shields

6 Teleportation devices

7 Flame rowers

8 Space ships

9 Energy beams

The Forever Knights

The Ben 10 series, films and DVDs has many amazing villains, heroes, friends and foe, but one of the more interesting and consistent antagonists are the Forever Knights. The Forever Knights according to the series is a medieval group or organization that devices elaborate plans to capture, and destroy all aliens on earth using captured alien technology and adapting the technology to their advantage.

They are a secret organization created by their leader sir George, well over one thousand years ago (1000), according to an ancient captive dragon that incidentally was a peaceful alien assigned the duty of intergalactic map making. The Forever Knights had kept the harmless dragon looking alien in captivity for that period of time enforcing their belief in extraterrestrials.

Name of secret organization: Forever Knights

Function of the group: seek and destroy all non human entities including human collaborators, capture, create and convert alien technology to their advantage, defend and dominate earth at all cost. The Forever Knights first started out by acquiring alien technology some of which they bought from Kelvin 11, collected or captured illegally.

They are also guided by medieval shivery and rules of combat even though most times they deploy shady and underhanded methods to achieve their aim.

Membership number: unknown

Top members names: over the course of several series and films we have encountered several top members of Forever Knights some of which are Enoch, Sir Cyrus, Patrick, Priscoll, Argit, Joseph Cadwi and their founding leader Sir George. Other members that we encountered during the series are Sir Dragonet, foreverduke838 and Diagon

Because the group has existed for over one thousand years there has been a division in the ranks and divergent views, mode of conduct and belief thus creating several splinter groups. The groups still obey most of the rules but have different overlords.

Top most level leader is the king and he seats on a throne

Mode of dressing: the Forever Knights are expected to wear medieval armor, sometimes made out old steel or very modern body amour that can withstand laser weapons, fire, bullets and sonic weaponry.

Forever Knights abode: the Forever Knights prefer to live in huge castles which usually doubles as their headquarters, their castle look ancient but are actually very high tech buildings. The castles usually have prison dungeons, tracking room to monitor alien activity, modern scientific laboratories, armory full of modified alien technology, meeting room with an elaborate throne for the leader.

The Knights medieval Castle

The forever knights can be found in huge medieval castles
The forever knights can be found in huge medieval castles | Source

Types of weapons

The Forever Knights have different kinds of weapons they use when doing battle with ben10 or anyone opposing their beliefs. The have many powerful alien technology like the laser crossbow, enhanced sword, energy sword, flame throwers, powerful space ships, highly resistant amour, the have teleportation devices, giant mechanical machinery and robots and enhanced draconic guards.

The Esoterica nightmare

The forever knight’s most dreaded adversary is the Esoterica a humanoid on earth that has powers that transcend dimensions, can manipulate energy and has enhanced ability. The Esoterica worship Diagon and are ready to die for it, they are known as the Flame keepers Circle.

They use alien technology, are cult warriors and travel inter-dimensionally, the can also teleport and walk on air cool. According to Derrick j Wyatt the Esoterica are responsible of wiping out almost the entire army of Forever Knights.

But for Ben’s intervention Diagon would have enslaved the entire world and turned the earth to its servant.

Ben10:Alien-The creature from beyond and the forever knights

Forever Knight trivia

Which of these options is not true of the Forever Knights

See results

History of forever Knights

The paramilitary group was founded by Sir George to intercept aliens on earth, to seek and destroy nonhuman entities. The very first focus of the sect during Georges rule was to battle Dagon but in time new militia groups within the Forever Knights followed a different part which includes earth domination.

Sir George and the forever knights reunited and stronger fought a dreaded battle that cost them dearly wiping a sizable number of them leaving just a handful remember the night are only human beings with enhanced weaponry.

The survivors of the conflict between the Esoterica had a tough new leader referred to as the red knight real name Sir Morton who continued the grey area the Forever Knights operate. The secret organization first made their appearance in the animated series episode titled Small problem and were dreaded antagonists in subsequent episodes like the very interesting Ben10 versus the negative ten.

The negative ten had a plumber grandson Copper, villains like Circus Freaks, ben10 as Diamondhead, doctor Animo and other.

Dream machine

Lord Enoch the dreamer

The dream machine is an alien technology converted by the Forever Knight in the perfect day Ben goes to battle with Lord Enoch who attempts to trap Ben10 in a dream state using the advanced machine. His purpose was to use other alien technology to remove the omnitrix from Ben Tennyson’s arm, he almost succeeds.

But Grandpa Max managed to pull a fast one on them while XLR8 trapped Lord Enoch in the fantasy world leaving him in a dreamlike state. He remained attached to the machine thinking he had removed the wristwatch and that he had the powerful omnitrix in his possession.

The knights favor medieval amour

The knight fight wearing medieval amour
The knight fight wearing medieval amour | Source

Forever knights, top members and alien technology

Sir George
laser lance
energy shield
the negative force
laser crossbow
be knighted
energy sword
perfect day

Episodes that featured the Forever Knights

Listed bellow is some of the episodes that highlighted the secret organization the Forever Knight

1 Ben10: the ultimate weapon

2 Ben 10: the negative force

3 Perfect day

4 Ben10:alien force

5 The beginning of the end. Where the knights did battle with Esoterica, ben10 and Vilgax

6 Be knighted

7 Ben 10 : Ultimate alien- when Dwayne McDuffie revealed the existence of splinter groups in the forever Knight organization

8 The Ultimate enemy. Ben and the forever knights joined forces to fight Diagon

9 Reflected glory

10 Eye of the beholder- when the Forever knights attacked with a giant mechanized horse vehicle.

11 The creature from beyond

12 The purge, in the purge the first knight turned out to be Sir George who eventually unite the different fractions into a single more powerful group

Ben10 the negative force

Driscoll the ambitious one

Driscoll had his own agenda to become a Forever king so he built a reputation for himself working his way to the top job, he also had technology in his favor. Driscoll was drenched in revenge, anger and world domination he form dangerous alliances with Bens enemies to steal an energy source called sub-energy which is believed to have the power of twenty suns.

What he wants to do with such power beats me, to achieve the dastardly plot Driscoll has a special body armor that gives him extraordinary strength and agility. He finds Enoch in the dreamlike state and leaves him trapped in the dream world but in subsequent episodes Enoch appears probably someone woke him up.

Ben10 of cause saves the gay by transforming into one of his aliens called Upchuck who swallows the energy source!

Other series revealed many aspects of the Forever Knights like the episode titled Andreas Fault

Andreas Fault

The episode Andreas Fault introduced Argit one of the Forever Knight, using Andreas he attempts to stage a coupe to overthrow the present factional leadership and establish his own kingship. He burnt down a major headquarters which of cause was a castle and would have succeeded in his plans if not defeated by another Forever knight king Sir Dagonet.

Diagon image

Diagon in ben10 an octopus like slave master
Diagon in ben10 an octopus like slave master | Source

Be knighted

The Be knighted episode the king knight leader known as Patrick had in his possession a dragon like Alien captured over one thousand years ago. The capture of the Alien was instrumental in the way the Forever Knight operated under Sir George, their initial brief was to find a weapon that could destroy the dragon and protect the earth from non human life forms.

Unknown to them the dragon like creature was a peaceful alien intergalactic mapmaker who’s communication tool a universal translator was destroyed making it impossible to communicate with its captors. Ben 10 eventual communicated with the angry dragon, fought off the Forever Knight and freed the Alien who flew back to its planet.

The Forever Knight encounters the dreaded Vilgax

In the episode a knight to remember Driscoll reveals where the heart of Diagon defeated earlier by Sir George was generally located but Gwen figures out the clues and they all go to the shrine. They find Sir George at the shrine and a battle ensues between Vilgax, the forever knights, Vilgax absorbs Diagon heart and defeats them.

Later Vilgax deceived find himself in another dimension.

The forever knights have been a prominent part of Ben 10s journey and we can be sure new and exciting tales would be revealed in subsequent episodes.

Ben10: Alien force. In Ben10 alien force we encounter Sir George’s group who still follow the old code, way of dressing and mission. Another interesting episode is when Ben 10 transformed into grey matter and he was captured by a budding scientist and later fell into the hands of the Forever Knight. They attempted dissecting Ben mistaking him for an alien.

Are the forever knights heroes or villains it's up to you to decide, checkout Ben10 secret of the omnitrix bellow.


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