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Bending the Strings in Blues Guitar

Updated on July 14, 2015

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Bending to Make the Guitar Sing

One of the most recognizable sounds of blues and rock guitar is the bending of a string to produce a higher pitch. This technique allows a guitarist much expression and imparts a vocal quality to ones playing.

Bending allows the guitarist to emulate some of the "vocal-isms" inherent in blues singing, such as slurring between the pitches to produce among others the in-between "blue note" between the flatted 3rd and major 3rd.

Other examples include:

  • bending the 4th to the flatted 5th
  • bending the 4th to the 5th
  • bending the flattened 5th to the natural 5th,
  • bending the major 2nd to the flattened 3rd or major 3rd,
  • bending the major 6th to the flattened 7th
  • bending the flatted 7th to the tonic
  • Bending the 5th to the 6th or flatted 7th

As mentioned previously, bends add a lot of emotion to guitarist's performance and help give solos a vocal-like quality. As electric guitars came more into prominence in the later years, guitarists were able to bend their strings to much higher pitches than the usual ½ step (or less) places found in earlier blues because of lighter gauge strings.

Any note can be bent, the rule of thumb is that you must bend to a note in the scale, usually the next one. The technique of over bending to a higher note past the next note is a great sound and many guitarists utilize this effect to create a soaring sound.

In this current day, it not unusual to hear in addition to the small slurs, whole step, minor 3rd and even major 3rd bends.

Listening Suggestions

  • BB King
  • Albert King
  • Buddy Guy
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Freddie King
  • Larry Carlton
  • Eric Clapton
  • Mike Bloomfield
  • Jeff Beck
  • David Gilmore
  • Robben Ford

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Blues Guitar Bend 1


Blues Guitar Bend 2


Blues Guitar Bend 3


Blues Guitar Bend 4


Blues Guitar Bend 5


Blues Guitar Bend 6


Blues Guitar Bend 7


Blues Guitar Bend 8


Blues Guitar Bend 9


Blues Guitar Bend It!

Mark Fitchett at the Lighthouse in Hermosa Beach
Mark Fitchett at the Lighthouse in Hermosa Beach


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