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Benefits I Have Received From Belly Dance

Updated on November 11, 2012

Despite taking a long time to get started at it, belly dancing has been an enormous amount of fun. Along with the physical exercise, there have been some surprising psychological benefits, as well. These seem to have been the most surprising of all.

Of course there are the physical benefits. Belly dancing is an exercise in isolation. Only one part of the body is moved, while trying to keep the rest still and in place. This develops all of your muscles. Because, not only are you working those muscles that are moving, you are also holding still the ones that are not moving. Both take an amount of muscle control.

Belly dancing is also aerobic. Just ask anyone who has done this type of physical activity. It is like any other type of dancing. Do it for the twenty minutes that are required for aerobic exercise and see if your heart is not beating faster. You will probably even be out of breath.

But, there are also psychological benefits, as well. I am an overweight person. But, when I am dancing, I am just a dancer. I do not think about being overweight. I think about how much fun I am having and how free I feel. I revel in the way my body is moving and have a sense of pride that I am learning to do something not many others have done. It is exhilarating.

There is also the sense of sisterhood that is developed between the members of the class and troupe. They are all taking this journey together. They celebrate each other's successes and help with moves that are not as easy. What is easy for one is not for the other, and vice versa. The sharing creates bonds that are solid and long lasting.

I started belly dancing because I thought it would be fun. And, I hoped to lose a bit of weight in the process. I have gotten benefits I never dreamed were there. And, my life is so much better for it.


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  • MyMastiffPuppies profile image

    MyMastiffPuppies 6 years ago

    Great info on belly dancing, I would love to do something like that for all the health benefits. Pretty sure there is not anywhere to take classes in my rural area. Thanks for sharing such a great story, voted up, useful, awesome and beautiful...

  • Marisa Wright profile image

    Marisa Wright 6 years ago from Sydney

    I'm with you on the sisterhood, sister! Before I started belly dancing, I did ballet and flamenco and I found a distressing culture of bitchiness in both - especially as I'm also not built like a sylph these days. It was just wonderful to join a belly dance class and not feel that sense of competitiveness.