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Bengie's Drive-In And The Review I Didn't Want To Write

Updated on July 19, 2019
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Alex has taught at seven public schools, been accepted into three honorary societies, and traveled the Americas and Europe. He has his BS.

'The Lion King'

First thing's first; I had been planning for some time to see the new 'Lion King' film. I've been very excited to watch this movie, even if it doesn't live up to the original. I certainly cannot say whether it does or does not, because I have dad some issues whilst I tried to catch a viewing of the production. I still do plan to see this movei, and I should give a review of that as well after I do.

What Is 'Bengie's Drive-In' Movie Theater?

'Bengie's Drive-In' is one of those drive and park theaters which have become increasingly rare. The closest one to me during my childhood sold out. Thus, the 'Bengie's' theater is the closest of the drive-in entertainment in my area. For a very long time, I have been aware of the negative reviews of the nearest drive-in theaters. Anyway, I had decided to risk it nevertheless, because the new 'Lion King' movie made me feel a certain way inside. Watching it in a drive-in would have brought together so many aspects of my childhood together into one place. However, perhaps it was not to be.

This is what a drive-in movie theater can look like.


The Crime Of Losing A Girlfirend

I've been single for a little while now. And, having gone through my last year of college and first year of university - this seems only normal. Apparently, this can be a problem for some people though. The drive to the movie theater was approximately 35 minutes (almost exactly, in fact). I was in line in my car about five minutes prior to the start of the film (this becomes an important detail). I saw a woman slowly walking past the vehicles in the line. I thought that this must be procedure to ensure that no one was bringing in their own food. I presumed that I may have to explain that my bag was a trash bag, and that she could take it if she wanted to. That's not what she was there for. The employee of the establishment asked me if I was aware of their 'single's policy'. Wait, what? Huh? But, I said nothing. She continued to inform me that on Fridays and Saturdays there was a minimum of two people per vehicle. I promptly asked, 'Oh, well; how do I get out?' The woman winced and then gave me directions. I left, driving slowly and carefully.

My Review On The Establishment

Before I got in my car earlier, I was hoping that my review tonight would be filled to the brim with praise for 'The Lion King' and for 'Bengie's Drive-In'. If the reader refers to some of my other reviews, said reader will discover that I have given exhilarating reviews of even those items which are commonly hated. I want the reader to be aware of my heavy optimism. I was hoping that my review tonight would be filled to the brim with praise for 'The Lion King' and for 'Bengie's Drive-In'. This will unfortunately not be the case. I will be as respectful, good, and honest as I can be. I hold no hatred for the owners. I simply wish to make this clear now. That is, I only disagree. Nothing more, nor less.Regardless, that isn't to state that I am happy - because, right now I am not entirely thrilled with the experience of this particular theater. And, perhaps that too will one day change.

This screenshot of the 'single's policy' comes from the 'Bengie's Drive-In' website.


What The Policy Actually Says

After I arrived back home, I referred to the 'Bengie's' website. I looked through their policies (and, have provided a screenshot for the more detailed reader). They do indeed have a 'single's policy' for whatever reason. But, I was not actually in breach of this policy. The website states that there exists an exception; I one does 'arrive on the roadway within 15 minutes of the published box office opening time' - I, however, arrived within five minutes (far less than the maximum of 15). I came in at 10:25 PM, and the film was scheduled for 10:30 PM.

Discriminatory Laws And Policies In the United States Today

The problem with a 'single's policy' is that it is discriminatory. I have not been single for long, but such an event should not exclude me from the services of a business. What if I had been refused for being Asian? I had originally planned to take one of two friends. One of these friends is a woman and one a man; but, both have claimed to be homosexual. What if the woman who approached me earlier had done the same when I brought one of these friends? What if she had went on to tell me about a hypothetical 'no homosexuals policy'? Discrimination is discrimination. A vehicle limitation policy would be one thing, but that is not how it is written out. Moreover, what makes my money any less valuable because I am a good priest who doesn't chase every woman in sight?

An Overall Sadness

I was overwhelmed with sadness on the way home. I had expected that something, like what had occurred, was more than possible. Still, I had desired that all would go well. The idea seemed all too perfect. And, all this visited business had to do was to take my money. I'd have been willing to have paid double the amount, if money was indeed their concern. I would also have easily paid more for better overall service. I can't give this place any credit, for I wan't even allowed in for a single moment. I want to write something good, but the business has unfortunately given me practically nothing (if not nothing at all). At best, I can say that the employee who approached me didn't yell at me. At the same time, that should always be the case in customer service. The absence of bad service doesn't make good service the default alternative. If they ever reach out to me with kind words, then perhaps I will have something positive to include herein. As it stands; I have nothing to give them.

Customer Service

I feel as though I have the right to criticize bad customer service, because I work in customer service. Many of my jobs have been in this department. My volunteer work is often also in this field. Therefore, my personal expectations for myself are not less than for those for the 'Bengie's' theater. I hope that I haven't been too harsh, and that I have given fair warning.

Questions For Drive-In Theaters

Considering all of this, we must expect that calling in advance may be necessary. Especially since most of these theaters are generally some distance from ourselves. What should we ask the business after we ring them? Here are some suggestions;

  • Are single-person vehicles accepted?
  • Are there any rules I should be aware of?
  • Are all people accepted, or are there exceptions for admissions?
  • Are there any untimely closings?
  • Do you accept cards or just cash?
  • Are all vehicles allowed to enter?

Final Thoughts On Businesses

Businesses are made by demand. Demand for a product, for a service, ect. Businesses with a high-demand rare product can sometimes get away with bad service. I have no intention of permitting my own influence of this. I can't and will not tell anyone what they should do. But, I will not give my time and money to any people who do not welcome my business with them. I hope that my readers have better fortunes than me in the area of movie theaters.

© 2019 Alexander James Guckenberger


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