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Bernie Mac

Updated on August 9, 2008

Maybe you never cry again

I listened to comedian and actor - Bernie Mac's - autobiography a few years ago. His story encouraged and inspired me. I cracked up when he told his jokes. From the Kings of Comedy to The Bernie Mac Show to other movies, tours and shows he was in, Bernie Mac lived his dream. To me that's a definition of SUCCESS! A person who lives their dreams, not just thinks about what they want to do and what brings them joy but who LIVES the life they want.

He watched his mom pass from cancer when he was still in high school. She died before he graduated then he dealt with his grandmother's passing. But Bernie Mac held to his dream of being a comedian. He worked odd jobs after he became a father then one day he couldn't put the life he wanted to live on hold anymore. He was delivering bread. He jammed that bread on a grocery store shelf, quit that job and started doing stand-up full-time.

I'm glad he did! Thanks, Bernie Mac (who passed over this morning) for the laughs! Thanks for not stopping at just thinking about, studying for, reading up on, talking about, etc. living your dreams. Thanks for living your dreams! You inspire me!


Denise Webbing It Up!


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    • torino70 profile image

      torino70 9 years ago from Pueblo, Colorado

      Too bad about bernie mac, he was really funny.