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Best 10 Outstanding Guinness World Records

Updated on October 8, 2016

Today it is published in more than 100 countries and more than 23 languages. The records are surprising, amazing, humorous, and most of all, fun.

1. Guinness World Record For Most Eggs Cracked With Forehead

Scott Damerow, an American student at Georgia Tech, cracked 142 eggs with his forehead in just one minute. His speed and precision were the result of an adrenaline rush. He said that his head felt numb after the event and mentioned that the students at Georgia Tech really use their heads to break world records! Scott became the new official record holder and got the trophy. What do you think, does Scott eat eggs anymore?

2. Heaviest Weight Held With The Eyelid

Dr. Satyajit Hota, a teacher from Raipur, India, scored a world record by lifting a 3kg weight with his eyelid. He used a metal “contact lens” to lift the weight and during the attempt he had his eyes closed. According to his words, when he was a kid, he used to lift pens and spoons with his eyelid and later he increased the weights by lifting books. Man, you misunderstood! Don’t forget to use your hands!

3. Being Married The Longest Time

Anyone who has ever been married will agree how much heart and patience you need to hold a marriage together, especially in difficult times, when it seems that a love is not enough. In September 2008, Zelmyra and Herbert Fisher earned the Guinness World Record for being married the longest time: 84 years. By the time Herbert died in 2011, they had been married for 86 years. Zelmyra passed away two years later. Both were 105 years old when they died. Their daughter, Norma Fisher Godette, said that they were excellent role models. They were poor, Godette said, but if they had two cents, her father would save one. About her mother, she said that she never complained.

4. Highest Fall Survived Without A Parachute

44 years ago, while flying over Srbska-Kamenice in Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic), a Yugoslav Airlines DC-9 fell after a bomb exploded. Only stewardess Vesna Vulovic from Yugoslavia survived the fall from 10,000 meters. She was 23 years old at the time and survived because she was tied to her seat in the tail section of the plane, which crashed onto a snow-covered mountain. Vesna Vulovic earned the Guinness World Record for the highest fall without a parachute.

Vulovic had not even planned to be on that flight, but there was a mix-up with another stewardess named Vesna, and Vulovic was assigned that flight. Vesna Vulovic had several operations after which she walked and continued to work at Yugoslav Airlines, but not as a stewardess anymore.


5. World's Smallest Woman

Although she is 23 years old, Jyoti Amge is as tall as a six-month-old baby. She is 62.8 cm tall and weighs only 5 kg. She suffers from achondroplasia, a bone disease that stops growth. After her 18th birthday, she was officially declared the world’s smallest woman by Guinness World Records. She turned to her advantage that which makes her different from others. She is a real example that the shortcomings may not be an obstacle to the achievement of any goal. Instead of conforming to the world, she adapted the world to herself. She appeared in the Indian version of "Big Brother" as well as in the British documentary "Body Shock" from 2009. Jyoti wants to become a star, whether in Hollywood or in Bollywood.

6. Most Prolific Mother Ever

Motherhood is an impressive experience; however, for some mothers it is almost miraculous. If it was not recorded, it would be hard to believe that something like this had happened in the world and in the history of parenting. Raising child is difficult enough, but do you believe that there's a woman who gave birth to 69 children? This is the greatest recorded number of children, qualifying it as a Guinness World Record. We are talking about the wife of Mr. Fyodor Vasilyev from the Russian village Shuya. In the 18th century, Ms. Vasilyev gave birth to 16 pairs of twins, seven sets of triplets, and four sets of quadruplets. That means Ms. Vasilyev was pregnant for about 20 years. As much as we love children, there is a question: is there any woman who would be happy to go through something like this?

7. Most Tattooed Man

Lucky Diamond Rich, who was born in New Zealand and now lives in Australia, is the most tattooed man in the world, according to Guinness World Records. He tattooed every part of his body, wherever possible. Lucky was an ordinary child whose life turned when he visited London as a teenager. He got his first tattoo on his shoulder. It was a journey of no return; the tattoos piled up, one by one. Each journey brought a new tattoo, and soon Lucky changed his policy. He started to care where he would put the next tattoo because he wanted to create a complete picture that would be a masterpiece.

When he broke the Guinness World Record, he was tattooed on 100% of his body. Then he began to think about how to tattoo inside his body. He chose the inside of his mouth and ears as the next step. Then he realized that there is no more space for new tattoos and the only thing he can do is to modify the old tattoos. Like a comic book, isn’t he?


8. Greatest Vocal Range, Male And Female

The grand piano has a range of seven octaves, but American Tim Storms has the widest vocal range: 10 octaves. He also holds the Guinness World Record for the lowest vocal note. Storms says that only big animals like elephants can hear his lowest notes. He just keeps getting lower the older he gets. Tim Storms’ talent was discovered when he was a child, while he sang in the choir in Christian summer camp. When he went through puberty, his voice became lower.

Georgia Brown from Brazil is the woman with the widest range of voice among women, with eight octaves. The highest note she can sing (G10) is not a music note, but the frequency. It would be interesting to hear them singing together, but not singing their highest and lowest notes, as we are not elephants.

9. Largest Chocolate Bar By Area

The largest chocolate bar by area was made by "Cokoladnica cukrchek" from Ljubljana, setting a new Guinness World Record. Workers created the giant chocolate of 28,000 smaller chocolates; authorities measured it, and visitors ate it at the Festival of chocolate and sweets in Radovljica in Slovenia. A team of confectioners from Ljubljana (Slovenia) worked for two weeks and used 1,450 kilograms of chocolate. It is now officially the largest chocolate ever made in the world, and it was 14 meters long and 10 meters wide. Why didn’t we know about this festival?


10. Fastest Typing With The Nose

Vinod Kumar Chaudhary from New Delhi, India, achieved a new Guinness World Record as the fastest typist with the nose. In 46 seconds, he typed 103 characters and broke the previous record of 47 seconds. He said that the typing is his profession and passion, and it inspired him to try something different. He always wanted to do something innovative and to give his best in competition. He practiced typing with his nose for four hours a day. What an idea!


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