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Best 80's Power Ballads

Updated on October 30, 2018
CJWood71 profile image

As a fan of music, Chris has developed a passionate interest in rock, country and metal genres of music.


We All Loved Those 80's Power Ballads!

If you were a teenager in the 80's, as I was, you no doubt have fond memories of all the great rock and metal music that was often blaring from the stereo speakers. Perhaps, most loved of all were those power ballads. There was something about the slow, powerful music and the emotionally charged lyrics. Whenever they came on the radio, it was impossible to refrain from singing along.

What follows is my list of personal favorites, the power ballads that always had me turning up the volume and singing along. This list is by no means complete, there are so many songs that were worthy of inclusion here, but these are the best of the best, in my opinion. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

10. No One Like You - Scorpions

A classic power ballad from the Scorpion's 1982 album Blackout, "No One Like You" has stood the test of time. Although the studio version stands quite well on its own, it was the live version released as a single from 1985's World Wide Live album that best captures the energy and emotion of this great song.

9. Faithfully - Journey

Every rock band was trying to cash in on the popularity of ballads, but few pulled it off as well as Journey. "Faithfully", from the 1983 album Frontiers, was a masterful piece of work. The song brought to the forefront the struggles of touring and maintaining a strong relationship.

8. The Price - Twisted Sister

In my opinion, this was perhaps the best song by Twisted Sister. From their 1984 release Stay Hungry, "The Price" was a great song that made you want to stand up and sing along. It was pretty good for getting in a little air guitar as well.

7. Save Your Love - Great White

"Save Your Love", from the album Once Bitten, captured the feel and emotions of being in love. Released in 1987, this song is simple and yet somehow deep at the same time. We can all relate to these lyrics from somewhere in our past.

6. When The Children Cry - White Lion

Although White Lion had only limited success in the eighties, their 1987 album Pride did give us this memorable song. "When the Children Cry" had a sweet melody and the lyrics offer something to reflect upon.

5. Wanted Dead or Alive - Bon Jovi

I debated leaving this song off the list, but what list of 80's rock music would be complete without at least on entry from Bon Jovi? "Wanted Dead or Alive" was a bare bones song about the trials of touring in a rock band. The Western "feel" to the song add to its raw power. The song is found on the 1986 release Slippery When Wet.

4. I Remember You - Skid Row

This song barely made it onto the 80's list, being released as a single in late 1989, yet it is very deserving of its place. "I Remember You" was the final single from Skid Row's 1989 debut album Skid Row. Sebastian Bach's powerful vocals, combined with well written lyrics made this song an overnight sensation.

3. Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns-N-Roses

Who can forget this awesome song from 80's bad boys Guns-N-Roses? Found on their 1987 debut Appetite for Destruction, "Sweet Child O' Mine" had everything a power ballad should have. The opening guitar hook literally reels you in and the hint of innocence in the lyrics holds you for the duration.

2. Home Sweet Home - Motley Crue

In 1985 Motley Crue released their monumental power ballad as a single. From the album Theatre of Pain, "Home Sweet Home" took Motley Crue into the mainstream. With the video also enjoying heavy airplay on Mtv, "Home Sweet Home" was one of the biggest hits of 1985.

1. Still Loving You - The Scorpions

No list of best power ballads would be complete without including the Scorpions song "Still Loving You". Released in 1984, on the album Love at First Sting, "Still Loving You" quickly made its mark on the music world. The strong guitar playing, combined with the powerful lyrics of Klaus Meine make this song a must listen selection.

In Conclusion

After spending all this time working on this list, what I learned was just how many great ballads there were in the 1980s. It was difficult for me to decide what to leave out, or how long I should make the list. Perhaps it will take more than one hub to include all the songs that I feel are worthy of mention. Only time will tell. I hope you enjoyed.

© 2013 Christopher J Wood


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    • MichaelWSparks profile image

      Michael William Sparks 

      3 years ago from Somewhere, New York

      Nice article, CJWood. That's funny you mention that song, Ransen, I included it on my power ballad list article.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I'm sorry, but what happened to Every Rose Has it's Thorn?

    • CJWood71 profile imageAUTHOR

      Christopher J Wood 

      5 years ago from Florida, USA

      Thanks for the comments. I agree that it can be difficult to write a great power ballad, the best ones are the ones that show sincerity and real emotion. It's a tough balance to maintain.

    • Shinkicker profile image


      5 years ago from Scotland

      Nice list of great songs. It's difficult to write a good power ballad I would think. Too easy to go over the top as many have done.

      My favourite is 'Faithfully', it strikes the right balance

      Cheers CJ


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