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10 Great Movies for Adam Sandler Fans

Updated on June 4, 2019
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Poppy is the author of "A Bard's Lament" and the Black Diamond series. She lives in Enoshima with her husband and young son.

Adam Sandler was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1966, and appeared on Saturday Night Live as a cast member before starring in major Hollywood movies that have a combined gross of over $2 billion at the box office.


He is an extremely popular and well-loved actor, and most of his films are extremely enjoyable. There are, of course, exceptions; however, a large majority of Sandler films are funny, memorable and popular. Here's a list of the top ten Adam Sandler movies for you to check out.

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10. Zookeeper (2011)

Sandler only appeared as a voice actor in this film, and didn't play a major role. As we were watching it, I recognised the chatterbox monkey's voice - indeed, it was Sandler.

Griffin (Kevin James) is looking for love, and when he decides to leave the zoo for a more glamorous job to help himself get a girlfriend, the animals at the zoo break their vow of silence to help him, as they don't want him to leave.

This movie wasn't bad, and is nice for a family to sit and watch together. Sandler's appearance made it more memorable than it otherwise might have been.

9. You Don't Mess With the Zohan (2008)

Like a lot of goofy humour movies, people tend to love or hate You Don't Mess With the Zohan. I loved it. It was so bad that it was good. Zohan is a virtually indestructible soldier in the Israeli army, who is always battling his Palestinian nemesis, the Phantom. Sick of the fighting and the wars, Zohan moves to New York to pursue his dream of cutting and styling hair.

This movie was so silly that it had me giggling in my chair. The silliness just tickled me. The slapstick humour, the accents, how badass Zohan was in his odd way. It's not a movie I'd sit and watch with my grandma, but it's a film I'm happy I checked out.

8. Eight Crazy Nights (2002)

This animated musical was better than I'd expected. Sandler is brought to animated life as Davey Stone, a Jewish thirty-something year old who hates Christmas, drinks heavily and suffers from depression. With a long crime record and constantly causing trouble, he's branded as a loser by the people who know him. This movie was strange but funny in a Sandler whacky way, and good to watch if you're in the mood for something goofy and a little offensive.

Watch if you enjoy things like Family Guy and [Adult Swim].

7. Little Nicky (2000)

Nicky is Satan's third and favourite son. He is struggling to decide who will succeed him as the ruler of Hell - there's Cessius, the cruelest, Adrian is the most devious, but he favours Nicky.

Satan eventually decides to keep the throne for himself, and angry Adrian and Cessius go to New York City on Earth to create a new Hell. Nicky is sent to New York in human form to stop them, and ends up falling in love with a human girl.

Little Nicky is rated as a PG-13, so it might not be considered suitable for children.

6. Hotel Transylvania (2012)

Adam Sandler appeared again as a voice actor in this 2012 Sony pictures animation, Hotel Transylvania. This time, he plays the main character, Dracula, who invites monsters from all over the world to his mansion to celebrate his daughter Mavis' birthday. A regular human stumbles into the mansion by mistake and takes a liking to Mavis, not realising that he's wandered into a monster mansion. Dracula is horrified.

I consider this movie a hidden gem, coming across it by chance. It was funny and entertaining, and suitable for families.

5. Billy Madison (1995)

Billy is an adult slacker who must attend school again in order to inherit his father's multi-million dollar company, and win the inheritance instead of Eric, a worker for the company who hates him. As Eric's rival, Billy is determined to pass grades 1-12 (which he only passed as a youngster because of his father's bribes) and enters school, first befriending the younger children, then being branded a loser in high school. This movie is great if you enjoy goofy humour and you don't take film too seriously.

4. 50 First Dates (2004)

This movie is a little change of pace; it's more of a romance than a usual goofy Sandler comedy. I personally love this film, as it's a twist on the typical boy-meets-girl tale. Henry Roth is afraid of commitment until he meets Lucy, a beautiful girl who he really hits it off with. But there's a problem - she has short-term memory loss. Every day she wakes up thinking it's the same day - a year previously when a car accident damaged her brain. Every day Henry meets her, and every day, she doesn't know him.

It's a great story about love, with some quirky funny parts and characters, and a fascinating outlook into human psychology. It's the movie for you if you like romantic comedies.

3. Airheads (1994)

Airheads is another amazing movie that nobody I know has heard of. If you love rock and roll, the '90s, young rebellion and good clean humour, Airheads is a great movie to sit and watch with the family or with friends. A young band (Brendan Fraser, Adam Sandler and Steve Buscemi) want their music track played live on the radio for all to hear - and they're willing to do anything to get it out there.

This film was crazy good, and as I love rock music, felt the coolness of the '90s resonate in this movie, coupled with great music and an awesome style.

2. Click (2006)

Click is a great film about a family man who gets a universal remote for free in a warehouse store. Not only does it control his garage and TV, but also his life. He can pause, fast forward and mute those around him, or explore memories and the past with the 'rewind' button. He can even skip things he hates, like being sick or having to work. But soon the remote takes over his family, his life and makes him realise that some things are just not worth missing.

Click is a thoroughly enjoyable film that I'd recommend to anyone - families (although there is some adult humour) and friends as well as couples. Definitely check it out if you enjoy comedies that are easy to watch and have a great and original storyline. Also starring David Hasselhoff and Christopher Walken.

1. Happy Gilmore (1996)

Most would agree that Happy Gilmore is an all-time Sandler classic. Happy is a hot-tempered wannabe ice hockey player, who shoots well but can't keep on his feet on the ice. When his grandmother, who is also his guardian, is about to lose her house because she couldn't keep up with the payments, he agrees to compete in a golf tournament, as the winnings would cover the house costs. Shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald), a golf coach, encourages Happy to improve his golf game. Happy hates golf, and only wants to win to save his grandma's house.

This movie is a feel-good film about caring for your family, and a hot-tempered guy with a soft heart. There are plenty of hilarious scenes that you won't forget easily. If you haven't yet seen Happy Gilmore, I recommend that you watch it.

Adam Sandler is a loveable comedian who people tend to love or hate. With these movies, you'll hopefully love him too!

© 2014 Poppy


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