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Best Songs of Yesudas

Updated on April 27, 2020
V Kumar profile image

V Kumar has been writing on Bollywood movies and music for several years, highlighting perspectives that are often missed out or ignored.

Best Hindi Songs of Yesudas

Ten great numbers by Yesudas
Ten great numbers by Yesudas

Yesudas: A Living Legend

For his fans, Yesudas remains the greatest ever singer heard by mankind... and his fans are there in plenty .... even in Bollywood. For a singer, who has lent his voice in only a handful of numbers in Bollywood, he has a following that can only be described as phenomenal. Known more for his musical exploits in the South, Yesudas remains close to the heart of all connoisseurs of Bollywood music.

The popularity of Yesudas in Bollywood is a testimony to the fact that quality matters far more than quantity. Though it is actually a tradegy that he did not sing more, the great numbers that he did sing are a treasure that we will preserve, cherish and enjoy for a long time.

Here are the ten best Hindi songs of Yesudas .. all eternal musical gems !!

movie: ANAND MAHAL (1977)

Yesudas: A Great Singer
Yesudas: A Great Singer

Nisa ga ma pa ni sa re ga ......

A great gem, this number showcases the talent of the genius that is Yesudas. His was one of the most impressive voices ever heard in the history of Bollywood, with an infinite talent for dealing with the nuances of classical music. in fact, his is a voice that comes out best when dealing with classical music, as in this number. It doesn't matter whether the song is based on Hindustani Classical, Karnatika tradition or both. This is one of those songs that develop on classical tunes, and not get restricted by them The music of this number was composed by Salil Chaudhary, while the lyrics were written by Yogesh.

movie: CHITCHOR (1976)

A great song by Yesudas and Hemlata
A great song by Yesudas and Hemlata

Tu jo mere sur mein .....

This number is from the movie CHITCHOR, which came as a pleasant wave of fresh air at a time when the Bollywood music was blossoming with all kind of innovations. It happened in an era which was still blessed with the great musical stalwarts of yesteryears,and yet it became a sensation ! The music of Ravindra Jain, who wrote the lyrics himself, is a treat to listen and this number almost led the way in bringing about a change of musical generations ... with pride and without any apologies! Yesudas is joined by Hemlata in this memorable duet based on Raag Pilu.

movie: CHASHM-E-BADDOOR (1980)

One of the greatest classical numbers of Bollywood
One of the greatest classical numbers of Bollywood

Kali ghodi dwar ghadi ......

The best classical song of Yesudas in Bollywood, and one of the greatest ever sung by any singer in the seven decades of Bollywood's history. This simple and yet, fabulous classical musical composition is based on Raag Kaafi (Tal Punjabitheka / Sitarkhani) by one of the lesser known musical composers, Rajkamal. The lyrics are written by Indu Jain. The number derives its greatness largely from the perfection of delivery by the master, who is joined by Hemanti Shukla as a learning pupil in the song. Its on screen depiction is also a treat to watch ... a tale of how music can absorb one and paint the life with a musical brush. An eternal favourite !

movie: CHHOTI SI BAAT (1975)

A bubbly gem by Yesudas
A bubbly gem by Yesudas

Janeman, janeman, tere do nayan...

A number too would have done Kishore Kumar proud! It puts the stamp of versatile greatness on Yesudas, not that he needed it!. The boon of an extraordinary great voice, when combined with musical genius and versatility can only be the hallmark of greatness, and that is what characterises the songs of Yesudas. This number can wake you up from slumber and pull you out of depression. If you want an express to our joys and belssings, this is what you need. Yesudas matches the great Asha Bhonsle with a mastery not commonly seen, in this number whose music was composed by Salil Chaudhary and lyrics were written by Yogesh.


A scinitllating number by Yesudas and Hemlata
A scinitllating number by Yesudas and Hemlata

Khushiyan hi khushiyan ho

A bubbly number that rode the charts on its happy-go-lucky flavour, it would have done a Kishore Kumar proud ! This peppy entertainer just goes to show what Bollywood missed by not being able to engage Yesudas more often in its ventures. The music of this song, composed by Ravindra Jain, is fresh and free from the shackles of both classical and westernised influence, and yet its melody reserves a place of eminence for itself. Hemlata and Banasree Das Gupta join Yesudas in this number as singers, while the lyrics are written by Ravindra Jain himself.

movie: CHITCHOR (1976)

A classical number from the movie Chitchor
A classical number from the movie Chitchor

Jab deep jale aana.....

This is one of most popular classical songs of Bollywood. Based on RAAG KALYAN, this number was part of the movie that established Yesudas as a favourite of the masses, with millions following him as ardent fans. This duet with Hemlata compliments the simple storyline of the movie, the great music of which was composed by Ravindra Jain, who also wrote its lyrics. This number is one of the all time favourites when it comes to expressing the depth of love and longing with music and melody. This very popular number has always enjoyed wise following across the masses. It is one of the numbers with which Yesudas will always be identified in Bollywood.

movie: CHASHM-E-BADDOOR (1980)

A classical duet by Yesudas with Hemanti Shukla
A classical duet by Yesudas with Hemanti Shukla

Kahan se aaye badra ....

Another classical masterpiece, based on Raag Megh (Tal Kaherva), from the Yesudas stable. This comedy movie was surprisingly blessed with such classical gems that remain all time favourite of all connoisseurs of Bollywood music till date, courtsey the great singing skills of the master singer. Yesudas is joined by Hemanti Shukla in a song that shows training of a girl by the master. The music of this masterpiece was composed by Rajkamal and lyrics written by Indu Jain. The song has a serenity that touches the heart and expresses the sentiments brought out extremely effectively.

movie: SAJAN BINA SUHAGAN (1978)

The song catapulted Yesudas into a mass celebrity in the seventies
The song catapulted Yesudas into a mass celebrity in the seventies

Madhuvan khushboo deta hai...

If there is any one particular song that can be credited with introducing Yesudas to the North Indian audience, it is this number. It was common to hear this song during the late seventies in schools during recess time, in all mass events, musical nights and many other occasions.. Its echoing melody etched in the voice of Yesudas and the very hummable music composed by Usha Khanna made it a rage among all sections. The lyrics were written by Indeevar.

movie: NAIYYA (1979)

A piece of great musical melody by Yesudas
A piece of great musical melody by Yesudas

O Goriya re ....

Another musical gem from the Yesudas - Ravindra Jain (music composer) partnership. This number has a touch of folk music, but in the voice of Yesudas, it sounds more like a classical masterpiece, such is the command of the master over his musical voice. This number, flowing with the river stream actually makes you feel the waters around you. It is also one of the best river-boat songs that have regaled the masses and entertained the audiences. An all time great song.

movie: DADA (1978)

A typical classic from Yesudas
A typical classic from Yesudas

Dil ke tukde tukde karke .......

An extremely popular number based on Raag Bhimpalasi of Hindustani music. This peppy song sung by the master is yet another example of great singing that we identify Yesudas with. Its music was composed by Usha Khanna and lyrics written by Kulwant Jani. Even though the words of this number are suggestive of impending sadness, its music and the bubbly voice of Yesudas converts it into a romantic piece reflecting SHRINGAR RAS.


Which is the best SONG of YESUDAS ?

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© 2012 V Kumar


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      i am abig fan of yesudas. Wwhat u wrote is absolutely rifht. he has sung about 200 hindi songs. Of them 100 r superhits in my view

    • profile image

      Wilson Thrissur 

      7 years ago

      thanks for giving me the legend's works in an order

    • profile image

      Venkat V. 

      8 years ago

      Good collection of Thiru Yesudas.

      Appreciate your effort in this collection.

    • V Kumar profile imageAUTHOR

      V Kumar 

      8 years ago

      Thank you for the encouaraging words. I do plan to write like about them.

    • sunilkunnoth2012 profile image

      Sunil Kumar Kunnoth 

      8 years ago from Calicut (Kozhikode, South India)

      Hello friend,

      Wonderful work you are doing. I am great fan of Yesudas. Keep on writing good hubs on Other singers too.

    • chander mehra profile image

      Chander Mehra 

      8 years ago from Delhi

      Thanks a million

    • V Kumar profile imageAUTHOR

      V Kumar 

      8 years ago

      Bade acche lagte hain (movie Balike Badhu, 1976) is sung by Amit Kumar. Its music was composed by R D Burman and lyrics by Anand Bakhshi.

    • chander mehra profile image

      Chander Mehra 

      8 years ago from Delhi

      Excellent. Who sang BADE ACHCHE LAGTE HAIN ...

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      8 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Thank you for introducing us to the Bolly wood songs. It was a treat to read..Thank you..


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