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Best Break Up Songs.

Updated on October 17, 2010

Warning: These songs may cause you to eat massive amounts of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream while crying in front of Lifetime movies.

1. Eamon - F*** it, I Don't Want You Back.
Pretty much a guy's perspective on a really awful break up. Also sounds a little like a chipmunk trying to sound smooth.

2. Frankee - F*** You Right Back
A very classy lady's response to the above song. And by classy, I mean really classy. Possibly the best "go f*** yourself song" ever written.

3. Lily Allen - Not Fair
If you've ever broken up with a man over bad sex, this is for you. Don't even act like you haven't done it.

4. Soko - I'll Kill Her
If you've been cheated on, here is the perfect little indie song you for, girl. This one takes the crazy cakes.

5. F*** Was I Thinking - Jenny Owen Youngs
Another classic indie break up song, because nothing is right without a sad song, sang in a sad girl's voice.

6. Anything Emo.
Especially Hawthorne Heights. They're too indie for their own good. I mean come on, "So cut my wrist and black my eyes," it doesn't get more emo than that. A good emo song makes everything a little better. Just tell yourself you're not as pathetic.


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