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Best Buy Wooden Acoustic Guitar Stand Online

Updated on July 1, 2011

Why buy an acoustic guitar stand NOW ?

An acoustic guitar stand will let you keep your precious guitar at a stable position without letting it roll away because of its curved bottom. Acoustic guitars should be handled very delicately and carefully. Once any sort of crack occurs on its surface then it produces all sort of false tones. Therefore I would suggest you buy an acoustic guitar stand to keep it in when not in use.

Best Acoustic Guitar Stand

Best Buy Acoustic Guitar Stand
Best Buy Acoustic Guitar Stand

Buy Fender Mini Acoustic Guitar Stand

This extremely lightweight, compact and portable, the Fender Mini Acoustic Guitar Stand is a "must have" for all those who own a guitar. The best feature of this acoustic guitar stand is that it folds up really small so that you can carry it safely in your guitar case, gig bag or tuck it in the back of your amp, but when you open it up it will securely and stably hold your guitar or bass with rock solid performance! You can buy this acoustic guitar stand online for a really good discount from Amazon.

The top quality soft rubber won't rot or stick to your guitar and even the struts that the molded rubber is on have rubber end caps. It also has a knob to lock it in place and it folds down small and fits in a black bag with a 'Fender' logo on it. With two models to cater to thin line hollow body and solid body electric guitars and basses, or larger hollow body and acoustic instruments the Fender Mini Stand has your back covered. Great things really do come in small packages!

Best Buy Wooden Acoustic Guitar Stand - A marvellous addition to your beautiful room.
Best Buy Wooden Acoustic Guitar Stand - A marvellous addition to your beautiful room.

Buy Stageline Wooden Acoustic Guitar Stand

This unique folding wooden acoustic guitar stand with metal supports from Stageline that includes foam rubber padding contact points, which provide protection for the guitar's finish. With a unique design and attractive look and feel, these stands are great for displaying your favorite instrument in the living room, bedroom, studio or store. Compact and easy to store. For all those who love anything different and serene I suggest this beautiful piece deserves a place in your home.

Another big plus is that doesn't require the guitar to lie back at a 60 degree angle like a lot of other A-frame stands. This stand sets the guitar more upright, which allows you to position it closer to the wall if you’re tight on space. The wooden pod feet look great; the stand is solid and it fits in with the furniture rather than the usual cold looking aluminum stands that have been around forever. The guitar tilts back just enough to firmly secure it, and the stand can get close enough to a wall without sticking out three feet. I recommend to buy this acoustic guitar stand - Stageline GS550A if you need a simple but effective guitar stand, again, it gets the job done, it looks great....... and for such a good price you can plan on buying several more!!!

Luxorious Acoustic Gutar Stand

An Attractive Soft Acoustic Guitar Stand to buy
An Attractive Soft Acoustic Guitar Stand to buy

Buy Grizzly Acoustic Guitar Stand

Other than the Fender Acoustic Guitar stand I could recommend to buy the Grizzly Acoustic Guitar stand. It has a different design style rather than the Fender Guitar Stand. For those of you who like this model, I could support you by mentioning some more great features of this Grizzly Acoustic Guitar Stand

  • Folds up for easy transporting: So that you could carry this stand wherever you go and keep your delicate guitar with rock solid stability!
  • Padded protection at all contact points: You don’t need to worry about getting scratches on your Guitar because when you buy the Grizzly Acoustic Guitar Stand it comes with extra padded protection at all the contact points made by your guitar. It gives the guitar a totally luxurious support.
  • Stable stand keeps acoustic guitars safe yet accessible on stage or on display: The V – shape stand of the guitar gives it a good support and makes it easy to take it on hand and to keep it back at the stand. Keeping your guitar on the acoustic guitar stand at home would be good choice for those of you who love home improvement. Now, who doesn’t?
  • Three adjustable locking positions: The stand has a unique feature of three locking positions. You can keep the guitar in the position that suits your comfort and style. So why wait and deny the luxury for your guitar? Buy used or new acoustic guitar stand now for cheap and best price from Amazon.


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