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Introduction to the Greatest Films of Danish Cinema

Updated on May 5, 2012

Best Danish Movies

Denmark is one of the most interesting film countries in the world. The amount of Great films that is produced there is mind blowing. For such a small country ( 5 Million People) it has managed to become one of the most relevant film industries of Europe. I would say not only Europe, but also in the rest of the world.

Danish Movie Makers like Lars von Trier en Susanne Bier are proving what they can on an international level.

Not only do they make a lot of excellent films, Denmark is also on top op of their game when it comes to TV Series. And Crime Series in particular. I can recommend watching The Killing and the new Swedish / Danish Production The Bridge. You can find them in the below link.

Let us have a look at the best Danish FIlms from recent years. I have based my list on the great Danish Film Section of where you can read all about the best Movies & TV Series per country. There are a lot more great films to be find there, I have taken my choice of the five best of their top 10.

5 Great Danish Films with English Trailers.

1. The Celebration - Festen (1998)
- by Thomas Vinterberg - IMDB : 8.1.

Every Family has their secrets. Especially the rich ones.

2. Adam's apples - Adams æbler (2005)
- by Anders Thomas Jensen - IMDB 7.8

A Great Danish Comedy about a neo-nazi and a priest.

3. After the Wedding - Efter bryluppet (2006)

- by Susanne Bier | IMDB: 7.8.

A Danish supervisor of an orphanage in Africa has to return home to visit a wedding.

4. Melancholia (2011)
- by Lars von Trier | IMDB Rarting: 7.8.

English Spoken films with Kirsten Dunst. Winner at Cannes Film Festival and European FIlm Awards for best Film. A giant planet 'Melancholia' might hit earth.

In a Better World - Hævnen (2011)
-by Susanne Bier | IMDB RATING: 7.7.

The Winner of Last years (2011) Oscar for best Foreign Language film. And it is ranking as one of the best of European Cinema at


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