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Best Horror Movies!!! Deadly Virus Series!!

Updated on September 29, 2013

Which Movie do you think is the ultimate Deadly Virus Movie?

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Cabin Fever is about 5 kids who just graduated college and decide to embark on what is supposed to be a fun and relaxing trip deep into mountains to a remote cabin in a small town. But what fun would that be for us to watch!! So then (of course) somebody gets sick. This sickness causes the skin to bubble and burn as something inside starts to eat away at their flesh. Soon they begin to realize the disease is spreading to each of them. They soon start to turn on each other and lose all sanity.

Now I have to say the acting is not bad being that there are not a lot of people I recoginzed besides Rider Strong (Boy Meets World) , and the blood and gore is just at the right amount. Not to much and not to little. Nothing better then parts that just makes your shoulders scrunch up and make you cringe and this movie has few great moments like that, like the "Shaving the legs scene" if you have scene this movie you know what im talking about if not I suggest renting this movie.

I Am Legend is a movie starring Will Smith which, I am sure most of you out there have already seen, about a man who is immune to an unstoppable, incurable virus. He is the last human alive in New York City, but he is not alone... mutant diseased victims hide in the dark waiting for him and watching. Smiths character is driven by the mission to find an antidote using his on immune blood, but time is quickly running out.

This movie had great special effects and you truly connect with the characters story. Especially touching is the bond between him and his dog who is his only friend in the whole world. This movie is suspenseful, touching, scary, and dramatic if you havnt already seen it , its a must.

 Outbreak  is about a mysterious and deadly new virus that's been carried into the U.S. by a rather cute-looking African monkey. The bug, Motaba, spreads more easily than the common cold and kills its victims with frightening efficiency (they die within 24 hours). The virus causes people to bleed out the eyes, intestine to become liquefied, and  develop soars all over the body before the soars begin to burst and you bleed out. Outbreak includes stars like Dustin Hoffman, Rene Russo, and Morgan Freemen just to name a few. Hoffmans character soon learns his wife has caught the disease and goes to all lengths to finding the host of the virus so he can create the antibody to save her in the rest of the town.

The early sections of the movie are creepy and exciting. There's a terrific, chain-like episode in which we see the various ways the virus gets passed along. Even though the film may be more suspense and drama then it is horror but I still thinks it deserves to be on this s one of the best virus movies because there are parts in the movie that are truly horrifying.

28 Days Later begins with animal rights activists that break into a lab and frees a screaming monkey that, to quote the scientist on hand, is ''infected with rage.'' He isn't kidding.The movie flashes forward 28 days, picking up Cillian Murphy as he wakes up in a hospital bed and wanders through the trashed and abandoned avenues of London. Most of humanity is gone -- wiped out, apparently, by a disease that has consumed the world's population. He soon meets a handful of his fellow uninfected survivors who have learned and teach him the only way to survive the infected; the infection has transformed most of the populace into rabid, gnashing zombies that leap forward with shuddery speed, rasping like demons and vomiting blood, a mere drop of which can transform the healthy in a matter of seconds into one of them.

This movie is  probably one of the best and most unique forms of a deadly virus and it also gives anyone who loves zombie movies something new and different to enjoy. A great plot and the shots of a deserted London are chilling as well as the infected themselves.

 28 Weeks Later As the timekeeping title suggests, some six months have passed since a ''rage virus'' swept through London. In that time, U.S. troops have stormed in to contain the damage. And now America, represented in uniform by The Wire's Idris Elba as a can-do Army general, has unilaterally declared that the war on  zombiehood has been won . A green zone of quarantine and safety has been created in one corner of London. Let the reconstruction begin. Or so they though...The populace has not been liberated completely from the viral scourge after all, and in a grand gory-as-all-get-out amplification of the juicy, jittery, video-textured frenzy established by the original this movie lets loose almost immediately with a circus of gore and gruesomeness.

Being that's this movie is a sequal it can usually never produce the same bite as the original and it doesn't, but this movie is still worth your time. They found a creative way to bring the virus back and it has more than enough infected zobie like people to get your fix of horror from. So if you loved 28 Days Later you will enjoy 28 Weeks Later

Quarantine is the remake of the 2007 Spanish horror movie REC, a TV reporter played by Jennifer Carpenter (DEXTER) accompanies firefighters on a routine nighttime call. They are soon surrounded by, or turn into, hungry-for-human-flesh plague victims. The director stuck close to the told-from-the-cameraman's point-of-view template of the terrific original.

This movie has a surprise ending that most movies don't give you and if you don't ant to know what it STOP READING for the next sentence. All the characters die!! Most horror flicks end with at least one survivor so I appreciated the fact that there were no survivors in this movie because I wasn't expecting it. The virus the people get is like a mutated form of rabies and can be corny at times but is most part chilling and gruesome.

In The Happening Something in the air is turning normal people into self-destructive crazies prone to killing themselves in brutal horrifying ways. Mark Wahlberg with his friends and wife face down an epidemic of death rampaging through the Northeast. Supposedly, the cause of the catastrophe is unknown — it might be the work of terrorists, a virus, or a toxin in the air. The most they can do is keep running from the death that is hot on their trails.

This movie had a interesing story line and the death scenes are crazy and unexpected but the ending of this movie unfortunalty did not live up to the build up you get while watching it. Good movie til you get to the end.

The RUINS is about 2 couples who pay a visit to a Mayan pyramid. At the foot of the ruins, they're surrounded by locals who threaten them with machetes and guns — but once they scurry to the top, they realize that they're being forced into quarantine. The real threat is the pyramid's evil twisty killer vines, which sprout what look like oversize, mildewed marijuana leaves and invade the body like IV drips from hell. Once the vines get inside the body they take over and start to consume them. The only way to stop them is to cut through the skin and dig them out.

The overall movie wasn't a great accomplishment in fact the film barely comes to life outside of several gory mutilation scenes, including one shockingly gratuitous double-leg amputation performed as a desperate act of survival. So even though those gory suspenseful scenes are really the only ones that make this movie worth while, they do make this movie worth watching. If your a horror movie fan you will still enjoy this movie even if you don't get to invested in the characters or story line.

The Thaw is about a renowned environmental advocate played by Val Kilmer, he discovers the carcass of a Woolly Mammoth in a polar ice cap. He then brings in a team on a research mission, the group then uncovers information beyond their wildest dreams or should I say nightmares, when a prehistoric parasites revives and searches for a new warm-blooded host!! As one by one the team becomes infected they are forced to choose between a quarantine or a global epidemic.

This straight to DVD movie is full of creepy crawlies that infest your body and lay eggs inside of you. As a horror movie I cant say I was scared watching it and it does tend to get a bit politically preachy about Global Warming at times, but there are plenty of moments that make your skin crawl thanks to the millions of tiny parasitic bugs crawling all over the place. If you can get it at your local library (as I did) and watch it for free I say ,Go for It!

The Andromeda Strain is based on the best selling Novel by Michael Crichton, and was originally an A&E mini-series which you can now watch on a 2 disk DVD. The is about a mysterious virus that gets brought back to earth by a returning satellite, a dedicated squad of scientist assembles to search for the truth and stop the mutating killer before it ends life on earth.

A very good film with great acting and story line, though I have to say its much more of a sci-fi thriller then it is a horror movie. My love for sci-fi however made this film very enjoyable, it plays out almost like an up to date X-files episode, with an unknown disease literally fallen from outer space and dead corpses scattered over the ground its still a Virus movie worth making time for.

In The Thing Kurt Russell heads up an all-male cast, stuck and bored at a research centre in the wastes of Antarctica. But, when a wolf hound flees to their base, the men unwittingly play host to something monstrous, a malevolent alien that can take the form of anything it comes into contact with. An alien organism then infiltrates the Antarctic research station and takes over the crew at a cellular level - the cue for an orgy of some of the most gory and disturbing special effects ever put on the big screen.

The Thing isnt just a Virus movie its part monster as well but i figured since the alien inhabits human bodies and takes them over in a sick and horrifying way I had to add it onto the list. This film is one of the most well known horror films out there and it deserves every bit of its popularity. A film with effects before its time can still leave an audience of the 21st century with jaw dropping horror and suspense. If you haven't seen this movie before may I suggest getting into your car and driving to the nearest movie store and renting immediately!

The Crazies

It is clear that the current style of horror remakes is far from over but when a movie like The Crazies comes out it makes you have a more positive outlook on it.

The plot is simple, a contaminant gets into the water cycle in a small town in Iowa which leads to the town going homicidal crazy! Its not the plot that makes it unique though its that the movie was made with enough style and had such a strong talent involved that your forget its a remake and you just get compelled by the movie itself!


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    • profile image

      Brad 3 years ago

      The Andromeda was based on a TV mini series ??? Nothing to do with the classic movie from 1971 then.

    • profile image

      Becky Jean 3 years ago

      Come on....12 Monkeys!!!

    • profile image

      nigel 3 years ago

      REC is way better than Quarantine.

    • LuckyBreaks profile image

      LuckyBreaks 4 years ago from Philadelphia, PA

      I haven't seen it yet, but what about Contagion? I really like Cabin Fever, I just watch it for comedy now though. But The Crazies (new one) is one of my top fav movies in general. What a great ending!

    • profile image

      Samone 4 years ago

      The Crazies is another good one!!

    • profile image

      harsh dude 5 years ago

      whiteout should also be included in this list..although nice list

    • self absorbed profile image

      self absorbed 5 years ago from Canada

      28 Days Later is definitely my favorite on the list. My least was The Ruins probably because I read the book first, which I loved. They changed the characters quite a bit and didn't bother to make them at all likeable, with the exception of Joe Anderson's (the double amputee) character, I didn't really find any of the performances memorable.

    • profile image

      meginiowa 6 years ago

      Jen, you are correct the Andromeda Strain IS a classic. The original film was released in 1971 long before A&E even existed. The article states the first Andromeda Strain release was a two part mini-series on A&E. Come on freelancers, you give us all a bad name when you fail to do proper research.

    • profile image

      Jen 6 years ago

      Some of the top virus movies (in opinion) are Outbreak, w/ Rennee Russo and Dustin Hoffman; Andromeda Strain, a classic; Cabin Fever (somewhat a dark comedy, yet no less frightening), and Carriers. I just watched this movie yesterday, and as a complete lover of horror, macabre and especially microbiology; Carriers disturbed me to the core, its deeply depressing and gruesome. If your looking to see something really messed up, it would be numero uno! ;)

      Also look into 'Deep Evil'. Its a sci-fi, virus related and looks very good!

    • profile image

      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 6 years ago

    • Glimmer515 profile image

      Glimmer515 7 years ago from Never Never Land

      Ive been wanting to see Carriers!! I think the last time i went to get it at the movie store they didn't have it! I should check again though! Thanks for the reminder! :)

    • DarkDisOrder profile image

      DarkDisOrder 7 years ago from B.A.D. (Beyond All Dimensions)

      Ahh yes Glimmer515, what a beautiful hub of new and classic films, if you haven't seen it i suggest you check out the movie carriers another virus movie maybe a last year creation.....

    • profile image

      VenomsEdge 7 years ago

      I see you don't have Doomsday on that list, cool hub though, yeah i don't know about the happening being a virus movie, but just a stupid movie.

    • Glimmer515 profile image

      Glimmer515 7 years ago from Never Never Land

      I just watched the trailer for it on Youtube and it looks good, foaming at the mouth and bright red eyes gotta love that sexy look, haha

    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      I'm sure you could find Rabid on dvd somewhere going cheap, like I said it's very dated now, it's about a girl who has an accident and she gets this infection under her armpit which kills people...sounds kind of funny when I say it like that....probably had bad b.o!

    • Glimmer515 profile image

      Glimmer515 7 years ago from Never Never Land

      Haha cant wait for a Zombie Apocalypse! and Rabid huh, def sounds like a movie I would be into, do they make it on DVD???

    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Some good movies there and I liked both the 28 days and 28 weeks later as they both were good films although they had slightly different stories, but they fit quite nicely together.

      And I liked quarantine too...One of the classic virus infected ones I liked from the 70's was Rabid by David Cronenberg, probably a little dated now, but it was a cult classic.

      I'm sure there'll be more virus infected horror films along the way as film makers seem to be going mad for these, because of real life swine flu and all that bird flu stuff....soon there'll be a zombie apocalypse!

    • Glimmer515 profile image

      Glimmer515 7 years ago from Never Never Land

      I have been wanting to see the Carries but my local video store didn't have it. Someone else told me about andromeda strain so I will have take a look at it, Thanks!!

    • Edweirdo profile image

      Edweirdo 7 years ago from United States

      Hi, Glimmer! Nice hub!

      You might also want to check out "The Crazies" (both the 70s original and the recent remake), "Andromeda Strain" (the 70s version) and "Carriers" with Chris Pine(Capt. Kirk in the new Star Trek movie)