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Top 5 EDM artists of 2013 (Best EDM)

Updated on October 21, 2013

What I'll be covering here.

EDM is becoming absolutely huge in recent years and I can't sit back and ignore that fact new comers to the genre are going to find it hard to discover new artists. And with a lot of Electronic Dance Music being saturated on the internet with new artists appearing around every corner. I've decided to cut the crap and give you some of the best EDM tracks, by the some of the best EDM artists I believe to be true.

What do I mean by EDM artist I hear you say? We'll technically it should cover anything electronic that makes you dance, but we all know it's a way of describing artists and tracks that have more than one electronic genre under there belt, like House, Electro, Techno, Tracks.

Everything use to be so divided, but a lot of artists now days mix it all up. So instead of calling something an "Ambient Electro House track with a Trance twist near the end". It's a lot easier to just label it under EDM (Electronic Dance Music).

So without further ado, hold on to your seat belts boys and girl. This is going to be a crazy ride down the EDM river!

Zedd - Clarity

The Artist: Zedd has insane skills. His tracks are very melodic but have a very diverse sound throughout all of his tracks. Nothing feels the same. Which is good!

The Song: Clarity is just one of those songs that get stuck in your head. My friend came to saw Zedd with me once, he'd never listened to his music but all he was singing on the way home was Clarity! Fox's (The female vocalist) really compliments the track in ways I can't describe.

This is a must!

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Avicii - You Make Me

The Artist: Avicii has grown absolutely massive over the last few years and no wonder why, he makes extremely catchy music! Some of you may dislike this choice as he's so mainstream, but hey. He's a good producer, you can't knock him on that....Unlike other mainstream producers out there who piggyback on others success...cough, David Guetta.

The Song: This track has an extremely good vibe, set apart from some of his other stuff. It feels like more a song, not just synths hammered together, this track gets my thumbs up in that respect.

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Subliminal Substance - Hope In The Dark

The Artist: Subliminal Substance's music is extremely diverse, from my experience I never hear two tracks that sound the same from him. However they're a lot of his tracks that just blow me aways, the sounds and the relaxed vibes he brings to the table is just intense.

The Song: Hope In The Dark is one of his lighter tracks but I really enjoy the way this track moves, for a simple track. It makes me want to move!

I highly recommend you check his music out.

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Deadmau5 - October

The Artists: Deadmau5... So much to say, this guy makes waves throughout the internet with what he has to say and the music he writes. He's a very old school guy, I mean you should see videos of his new studio. It's just walls of old school synthesisers and routing modules. I feel this guys a bit of a legend to be honest.

The Song: You could literally just sit back and let the sounds of this track possess you. They're that nice, such a gorgeous melody complimented with simply drum sounds. It's very House/Trance orientated. If you like this track. You may also like an older track by Deadmau5 called Strobe

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Hardwell - Apollo

The Artist: Hardwell always has so much energy in is tracks. I saw him lately and the set would just keep picking me back up even when I was getting tired. He's a very good DJ live and produces excellent music that'll keep you going.

The Song: Apollo, well this is one of his newer tracks. It always seems to wake me up when I listen to it and get me in the party mood. Listen to it. The majority of you will love it!

This track is very trance/electro house orientated.

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So this is goodbye....

So there's my short but sweet list of my favourite EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Producers.

What do you guys and girls think of these tracks? I'm interested to know any artists you feel people should know about.

Leave you opinions in the comments, I look forward to reading them.


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      Gaurav 4 years ago

      Hey.. Your suggestions are nice.. Thanks for the songs..!

      I also wanna know if you could help me with a song.. This song has stuck in my mind like forever.. I seriously need a help out here..

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