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Best G Rated Movies - Top G Rated Movies

Updated on October 12, 2014

Watch a Clip From The Lion King

# 1 The Lion King

Directed By: Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff

Starring: Matthew Broderick, James Earl Jones, and Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Released in 1994

This Disney cartoon melts the heart and will bring a tear to even the toughest guy. Audiences follow a young cub's journey from childhood to adulthood. Simba is destined to be king someday but he has a lot to learn along the way. However, nothing will ever be easy for Simba because of his scheming and evil Uncle Scar who wants to be the next king.

Watch a Clip from Toy Story

# 2 Toy Story

Directed By: John Lasseter

Starring: Tom Hanks and Tim Allen

Released in 1995

Woody has always been Andy's favorite toy... that is until Andy gets a brand new Buzz Light Year Action Figure toy for his birthday. Woody finds himself feeling replaced and left out. Allowing his jealousy to get the best of him, Woody makes some bad choices that cause Buzz and Woody to end up in a dangerous situation.

Watch a clip from The Wizard of Oz

# 3 The Wizard of Oz

Directed By: Victor Fleming

Starring: Judy Garland

Released in 1939

Dorothy Gale has always dreamed there was something beyond her little world in Kansas. One fateful day a tornado hits Dorothy's house and leaves her in a new and mysterious new world called Oz. Dorothy makes some new friends and follows the yellow brick road to find the wizard so she can get back to the family she misses dearly in Kansas.

Watch a clip from The Polar Express

# 4 The Polar Express

Directed By: Robert Zemeckis

Starring: Tom Hanks

Released in 2004

On Christmas Eve in the 1950s, a young boy finds himself wondering if there really is a real Santa Claus. That night a special train arrives at his doorstep to take him and some other children to the North Pole.

Watch a clip from Monsters Inc.

# 5 Monsters Inc.

Directed By: Pete Docter

Starring: John Goodman and Billy Crystal

Released in 2001

Sulley and Mike Wazowski are two monsters living in Monstropolis. They each work on the scream floor at the Monster Inc. factory. The two monster's jobs are to scare little children by entering threw a magical closet door and collecting their screams for power for the city of Monstropolis. However, accidentally one of the young children comes back with Sully and Mike and they soon realize fear is not the best way to power Monstropolis.

Watch a clip from The Sound of Music

# 6 The Sound of Music

Directed By: Robert Wise

Starring: Julie Andrews and Christopher Plumer

Released in 1965

Maria is a nun in training who keeps getting into trouble. Due to her mischief at the abbey she is asked to take a job as a governess for seven children in the Von Trapp family. However, she soon discovers that fun and laughter are missing from the household. So Maria goes on a mission to bring it back to the family in the form of music.

Watch a clip from The Princess Diaries

# 7 The Princess Diaries

Directed By: Garry Marshall

Starring: Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews

Released in 2001

15 year old Mia is an awkward teen that doesn't seem to fit in at her high school, but little does she know she is in fact royalty. Just before her 16th birthday her grandmother, the queen, comes to visit Mia and to tell her the truth about her royal ties.

Watch a clip from The Rookie

# 8 The Rookie

Directed By: John Lee Hancock

Starring: Dennis Quaid

Released in 2002

Based on the true life story of Jim Morris, who had a brief but very famous and popular MLB season in 1999-2000.

Watch a clip from Homeward Bound

# 9 Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

Directed By: Duwayne Dunham

Starring: Sally Field and Michael J Fox

Released in 1993

Three talking pets go on a journey to find their family after they believe they have been abandoned.

Watch a clip from Beauty and Beast

# 10 Beauty and The Beast

Directed By: Kirk Wise and Gary Trousdale

Starring: Paige O'Hara, Robby Benson, and Angela Lansbury

Released in 1991

Disney's famous retelling of the tale Beauty and the Beast. The film has been made into a Broadway musical and won two Academy Awards

Watch a clip from Cars

# 11 Cars

Directed By: John Lasseter

Starring: Owen Wilson, Paul Newman, and Bonnie Hunt

Released in 2006

Hot shot rookie race car Lightning McQueen is one of three contenders for the Piston Cup. On his way to the race, Lightning get lost in the town of Radiator Springs where he inadvertently does damage to the town and must complete community service to repair the damage he has done. He must finish repairing the damage prior to leaving for his race.

Watch a clip from Cinderella

# 12 Cinderella

Directed By: Clyde Geronimi, Hamilton Luske, and Wilfred Jackson

Starring: Ilene Woods and Eleanor Audley

Released in 1950

The cartoon retelling of a girl who is treated like a slave in her own home by her stepmother and stepsisters.

Watch a clip from March of the Penguins

# 13 March of the Penguins

Directed By: Luc Jaquet


Released in 2005

This nature documentary follows Emperor Penguins on their yearly journey to the Arctic Ocean.

Watch a clip from Babe

# 14 Babe

Directed By: Chris Noonan

Starring: James Cromwell

Released in 1995

A young pig who has been orphaned is won by a farmer at a fair. The farmer leaves the dog with his sheep herding dog and her puppies. Babe soon starts acting like a dog and becomes too famous to eat for dinner.

Watch a clip from The Santa Clause 2

# 15 The Santa Clause 2

Directed By: Michael Lembeck

Starring: Tim Allen

Released in 2002

The sequel to the PG rated Santa Clause movie follows Scott Calvin eight years after he has become Santa Claus. However, Scott must find a Mrs. Claus or lose his magical powers.

Watch a clip from Chimpanzee

# 16 Chimpanzee

Directed By: Alastair Fothergill and Mark Linfield

Starring: THE CHIMPS

Released in 2012

This nature documentary narrated by Tim Allen tells the story of a young orphaned chimp whose life is documented as he tries to survive in the cruel rainforest. This is a heartfelt and moving documentary for children and adults alike.

Watch a clip from Finding Nemo

# 17 Finding Nemo

Directed By: Andrew Stanton

Starring: Albert Brooks and Ellen DeGeneres

Released in 2003

Single father Marlin is raising a young clown fish named Nemo. Due to Marlin's past he is highly protective of Nemo but his overprotective nature is pushing Nemo away. When Nemo tries to gain a little independence he swims out into open water. While in open water Nemo is caught by a scuba diver and placed in a fish tank. Marlin is left searching the entire ocean for his lost son.

Watch a clip from Wall-E

# 18 Wall-E

Directed By: Andrew Stanton

Starring: Ben Burtt

Released in 2008

Humans have left Earth trashed literally. When humans leave Earth behind, they also leave a little robot on Earth to clean up all of the humans' waste and mess. Wall-E is a robot with a heart and who yearns for companionship.

Watch a clip from Prancer

# 19 Prancer

Directed By: John D. Hancock

Starring: Sam Elliott and Rebecca Harrell

Released in 1989

Jessica is an eight year old girl who has recently lost her mother to an unknown illness and is living with her dad who is still trying to figure things out without his wife. Finding an injured reindeer on her family's failing farm, Jessica believes that the reindeer she is nursing back to health is one of Santa Claus's reindeer and she will do anything to protect it.

Watch a clip from The Princess Diaries 2

# 20 The Princess Diaries 2

Directed By: Garry Marshall

Starring: Anne Hathaway, Chris Pine, and Julie Andrews

Released in 2004

This sequel to the first movie follows Mia as she begins her ascent to the thrown. However, there is one little glitch... in order to be queen, Mia must be married.


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    • peachpurple profile image


      4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      you have listed a grand job. I had seen at least half of them and even downloaded the movies in my pc


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