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Best Horror Movies 2017. My Top 10

Updated on September 6, 2019
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2017 was a brilliant year for horror & I tried to see as many as I could before the year ran out. Will you find something here worth seeing?

How Many Horror Movies?

This ranking is based on 48 movies released in 2017 that I watched prior to the end of the year.

In any case, 2017 was an awesome year for horror in both film and television and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

10. Mother

I rated Berlin Syndrome (2017) half a star more than this movie. As it stands though, this movie is in the top ten for its sheer genius. I compared it to the feeling I got after I watched Moulin Rouge (2001) yes, that's right. Why? Because Moulin Rouge was the first movie I ever watched that astounded me by using song to evolve character. This movie blew my mind by using scripture and creating a story about evolution using people. How brilliant. How unique. The first review I read told of how boring and tedious this was, that nothing happened and there was no rhyme or reason behind it. No prizes for that reviewer. This movie stayed with me and I thought it flowed perfectly into a crest of chaos which perfectly suits the world as it is now. No wonder Him kept starting over.

9. Happy Death Day

There is even a reference to Ground Hog Day (1993) in this film. No new ground broken with this but it was well executed, nice twists and cute main characters.

So what if it's a sorority mean girl-turned-nice person learning a lesson by living the same day over and over. I'm surprised no one thought to make a horror film like this before now. I liked it

8. Life

I don't think this is a complete rip-off of Alien. For starters his name is Calvin and he is completely different to Alien. I wrote a full review of this outlining all the main differences between this and the Alien in the Alien franchise.

This movie got my pulse pumping. I thought the camerawork was fantastic and even had to research whether the creators had access to zero-gravity. They didn't. The cast was dead-set fantastic and I forgave their stupidity for a great many reasons. I don't care if you hated it. It's in number 8 spot and it's staying there.

7. Split

The other time I went to the movies this year was to see this. I was chomping at the bit awaiting the release. I wasn't disappointed in any thing this movie did. I loved the story, the scares, the off-screen transformations and the quasi multiple personality disorder. I can't wait for the sequel. Gosh I hope Bruce Willis is in it. Been a while since I saw him in something good.

6. The Babysitter

Rated MA15, this film gives me hope that the upcoming Meg will be OK because this was surprisingly good for something you could watch with a teenager.

Restrained comedy and enough blood to keep me sated, this was one film I nearly didn't see. It sounded terrible. But now I've discovered Samara Weaving and I will probably watch anything her name's listed on because that chick is fabulous.

5. Leatherface

Yes it is a non consistent origin story. But when I watched it I got excited when I watched it. I liked the puzzle of trying to decide who was Leatherface and in my full review of this, I explain how some of the inconsistencies could even be explained away.

I didn't like the necrophilia scene in it. I felt it was unnecessary and could have done with out it. It could've been replaced with something more fitting to the story but overall I enjoyed this derivative, modern spin on a well-known, much-loved zany chainsaw wielding fella. A character who's only explanation before was that he was mentally challenged. Why can't it be about nature or nurture? Tobe Hooper will always be the grandmaster and his legacy will never be forgotten but this film is in no way terrible. See the full review of Leatherface.

4. Happy Hunting

A début film for the writers and directors Joe Dietsch and Louie Gibson, this under-rated low gore romp was an unexpected pleasure to watch. Having the main character have Macgyver skills and be an alcoholic was excellent. It's ability to tap into society's issues and combine it with a Purge-like/Hunger Games essence made me want to applaud when the film finished.

3. Girl with all the Gifts

I love zombie flicks. My all-time favorite move is 28 Days Later so I am always looking out for good films in this niche. As this released in February, I watched it ages ago. The 'hungries' as they get called in this movie can learn and think and have become their own part of society.

Including a 'masking gel' to keep the hungries nice and calm was an excellent detail that is better than it's contemporary on The Walking Dead of requiring someone to rub blood and guts all over themselves. Introducing muzzle wearing zombie kids for school safety is just the sort of finite detail lacking in some films of this type. It's the little things that matter and this films had all the small details down to a fine art. Gold star for emotive and romanticized zombies.

2. Creep 2

If you know me at all, you will know I adore found footage. It's my favorite technique. Something about the intimacy of it all. The gritty flow of the momentum just makes me want to watch every example of it I can get my hands on. This film was highly anticipated for me after adoring the guts out of the first film. Mark Duplass may just well be my first horror-film antagonist crush and Patrick Brice deserves a bit fat pat on the back for helping make it happen.

This film, I rated the same as the original which is a first for me. It's been rumoured this film duo will be a trilogy and I want it so bad I can smell it. I adored the story, its continuance from the first film, the scares, the acting of all characters and the overall feeling I got of total satisfaction after watching it. If I smoked I would have inhaled deeply and exhaled loudly. It could almost tie at first place only I feel I could give the film in the number one spot an extra star because I just liked it a bit more.


1. Mayhem

The cast.

The camerawork.

The momentum and the new age spin on not-zombies.

The video-game reference and use of power tools as weapons.

I sat glued to the screen from the moment I heard Steven Yuen's beautiful voice to the crescendo at the end. Add a big helping of Samara Weaving, Dallas Roberts and Caroline Chikezie to the mix and you've got yourself a party. I want more of whatever this is and if there is no more, I will watch it over and over until I know it off by heart. No other movie has had me this excited in years.

Read the full review with a quiz to determine which character is most like you: Mayhem Review.


Honorable Mentions

  • It

This didn't make my top ten list simply due to the resounding success and phenomenal budget stapled to it. It was fantastic though and I went along to the cinema (a rare treat) and saw it with the masses. I have started reading the book which I hope to finish before the second installment comes out.

  • The Belko Experiment

Although I found some of the kill scenes a little on the unsettling side, I didn't hate it and the cast was pretty exciting. The story was good and the ending was solid.

  • Okja

I saw this described as an eco-horror so I'm slipping it in here despite the fact I do not think it's horror. However, I am fairly certain extremist vegans would rank this quite highly on their lists of what they think is horrific.

This movie was amazing and a massive surprise. Part Korean and part English, this film has so many layers and such a great cast, if you haven't seen it I urge you to drop what you are doing and watch it immediately. Even if just for the superb CGI.

  • The Houses October Built 2

Was it as scary as the first, hell no. Did it have some faults and lack momentum at times? Sure. But you know what? I loved it. I love horror houses and horror events and I go to them. In Australia, we get nothing like America in terms of these types of things and I immensely enjoyed having a back stage pass to the best of the best examples.

  • Open Water 3: Cage Dive

Hooray for more shark movies. I really like this trilogy of movies and didn't hear anything about its release except when a bunch of people in a movie forum mentioned shark movies they had seen, this came up. One massive annoyance in the middle stopped this from becoming better than it is, which comes down to stupid behavior of a character to help the story along and it actually made me angry when I watched this. Still up until that point, it was going very well and deserves a shout out none-the-less.

  • A Cure for Wellness

Mother just pipped this at the post of inclusion in the top 10. This movie was great but the biggest let down was the run-time. At 2.5 hours it was unnecessary and took away what the movie intended. I really liked this movie, I like what it was about and the concept of the underlying story, but you almost miss it watching Lockhart run around the hallways tripping off his head and only sometimes finding anything of actual use to the movie. It's almost as if the cinematographer won an arm wrestle with the director and got to keep all his pretty, pretty shots. Every single one of them. See the full review: A Cure for Wellness Review and Explanation


Dishonorable Mentions

I'm not explaining any of these choices here. The dishonorable mentions are all 2.5/5 and below in rating from me at the time I watched. They are in order from 1 at the worst of the worst to 10 being the best of the worst.

  1. Jeepers Creepers 3
  2. Eloise (See the full review with Explanation)
  3. Dave Made a Maze
  4. Ryde
  5. Little Evil
  6. Pitchfork
  7. Thumper
  8. Bokeh (See the full review on Netflix's most boring movies)
  9. You Get Me (See the full review)
  10. 12 Feet Deep

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