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Best Indie Albums

Updated on February 3, 2016

Image of indie music

Indie Music

Indie music, how to categorized such an expansive ever changing landscape of music? The best analogy I think I of for Indie music is, Indie music is to the 21st century as punk was to the 80’s and 90’s. It’s sort of a catchall so writers and categorizers can round up a large group of music into one genre. Indie music also seems to have been formed with a similar attitude behind its forming.

Bands waved to punk mantra as their banner if they wanted to be different, if they wanted to play any sort of music as loud, as dissonant, or as bizarre as they wanted to, the punk scene and genre excepted these bands with unwavering open arms. The 80’s and 90’s punk scenes at least in the United States where the counter culture of their time and generation. Indie music as some similar roots with a few differentiations to add their own spin on a musical rebellion so to speak.

The best indie albums stay true to their roots of the independent music movement, they don’t let the larger industry corporations have influence on the albums they produce. In 2015, “indie” music has a large umbrella of which music falls under the genres category. Some of the best indie albums thus far have been Tame Impala’s Currents. Kevin Parker aka the mastermind behind Tame Impala just released Currents recently this month and the psychedelic follow up to Lonerism does not disappoint. Sufjan Steven’s album Carrie & Lowell hits the heartstrings with heavy lyricism and beautifully dark guitar plucking. My Morning Jacket’s The Watefall, Modest Mouse’s Strangers to Ourselves, Florence and the Machines’ How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, Mumford & Sons Wilder Mind, and Death Cat for Cutie’s Kintsugi all have made the list of best indie albums from 2015. Mainly composed of rock to psychedelic rock guitar tones, with bass and drums backing, indie music can at times seem as almost all the same, but the best indie albums find a unique inflection under an ambiguous blanket that is the indie genre.

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