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Best Indie Music

Updated on August 10, 2013

Music Hits of 2013

It seems that we all love music, since we just cannot get through the day without listening to it. And since we all enjoy listening to music, I have decided to put together a selection of my favourite songs. And I just hope you will like them and enjoy them. I do not want to be just one of those guys who listens to popular music, therefore I will try to focus more on the unknown and indie music. I think that there is just too much "trash" music currently on the market, that is why I set it as my goal to at least bring, to whomever might be reading this, closer the kind of music I listen to and like.

I hope you will like my selection of music and I would really appreciate your input on my take on music and I'd love to hear your suggestion which music hits you like. I am always open to listen to new music and discover new bands and amazing artists.

My Favourite Music is....

As I already mentioned, there are numerous music styles out there and each of us has his or her own preferences about music, but we all listen to music. My favourite music genres are without doubt rock, pop, dance and indie music. Actually lately, I found my newly rediscovered love for Indie pop/rock, which is in my opinion far better and of greater quality than the classic pop/rock known by the wider population.

Sometimes it just soothes me to listen to one song over and over again. Lately this kind of song is Spanish Sahara by Foals. I just find indie music the best, since I can sing along and it is not classical dance or pop music which can sometimes (not in all cases) just hurt my ears, and in some cases even my eyes, I guess.

When I was younger, I was more submissive to the general opinion of my friends and listened to almost the same music as them, but later on my music taste developed. I listen to almost all genres, except maybe for metal or some really bad folk music. Sometimes I love listening to classical music, such as Vivaldi, while at others I even listen to country, even though it is not exactly my cup of tea.


Bastille is currently my favourite band. I just cannot get enough of their music, they are just smashing! I am sure some of you have already heard of them, but on the other hand, this band is probably totally new to the majority of you.

Bastille is a British (yes, not French!) alternative rock band, based in London. They are currently promoting their first album, Bad Blood, which was released in Spring of 2013. Four singles have already been released from the album, Overjoyed, Bad Blood, Flaws and the smashing super hit Pompeii. Although the single has been released almost half a year ago, I still constantly listen to it as it is a happy-happy rock-pop song. You should really give it a listen, if you haven't done it already.

The band is made up by four great guys, Chris Wood, Kyle Simmons, Dan Smith and Will Farquarson. They seem to have finally made their breakthrough on the European scene with the chart-topper Pompeii.

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Bastille - Pompeii

Music Suggestions by Kereeves 3

Yesterday Kereeves3, a fellow hubber, suggested I listen to 4 songs, namely Daylight Colours by Gold&Youth, Free at Dawn by Small Black, Needle by Born Ruffians and The Beauty Surrounds by Houses. Thanks for the suggestions, by the way!

Well, I listened to all four of them and after listening to them a couple of times, I can tell you that I love two of them, Needle by Born Ruffians and of course Daylight Colours by Gold&Youth, which you can have a listen to just below.

Your Favourite Music Genre?

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Foals are a British folk band, from the most prestigious British university city, Oxford. They released their first album, Antidotes in March of 2008, while their sophomore album, Total Life Forever, came to the stores two years later. Their newest album, Holy Fire, and which is already a big hit, was released in February 2013.

The band consists 5 guys, with one lead vocalist (Yannis Phiippakis), 2 back-up vocalists - bass and keyboard; Edwin Congreave and Walter Gervers, drummer Jack Bevan and guitarist Jack Bevan.

The last album, Holy Fire, already brought us many hits, including the first released single, and the international smash hit, My Number.

My absolute favourite song by Foals is featured below, Spanish Sahara.

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Foals - Spanish Sahara

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    • kereeves3 profile image

      Karen 4 years ago from Salem, OR

      Thanks for mentioning me, MattDr! I'm glad you took the time to check out my suggestions, and even happier that you liked most of them! I really dig Bastille and Foals right now also. And I've really gotten into The Neighbourhood recently. Their album I Love You is something a little different than I usually get into, but I really enjoy it. Keep coming back to my Song of the Day Hubs, and the suggestions will keep coming. Great Hub!