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Best Internet Radio Player Reviews

Updated on January 13, 2012

People like to talk about the death of medias like print, radio and TV. The truth is that none of these are actually dying, they are merely changing with the introduction of new technologies. In the case of radio, satellite and internet radio have been added into the mix. For the consumer this means a great deal of extra choice. If you take the time to listen to some of the thousands of free online radio stations, you are sure to find several you absolutely love.

I have selected some of the best internet players, spread out across different price categories, and shortly reviewed them in best internet radio player.

Speakers not included
Speakers not included

Philips NP2500/37 WiFi Internet Radio

The Phillips-NP2500 is a compact well designed radio which is easy to use and reasonably responsive to the controls.

This radio does not have speakers built into it, as it is designed to be used with existing speakers. The sound is good and clear whether you are listening through speakers or headphones. The display is adequate, showing the band or singer when playing and the time duration remaining. It is controlled by remote only with no onboard controls at all.

The functions for the internet radio work well, but the connection is slow and music information does not get displayed from every station. The only way to overcome this is to search for the required station manually which could be time consuming.

Although there are some reservations generally, this music player represents value for money and would be an asset if used in conjunction with any home stereo system. It gives versatility and has the ability to access thousands of free internet radio stations.

Top rated internet radio player
Top rated internet radio player

Logitech Squeezebox Radio Music Player

The Logitech-Squeezebox-Radio-Player enables you to experience high quality sound in any room in your home. Careful consideration has gone into it's design and it has the ability to fit into very small spaces with a rugged, durable, high-gloss finish. The rubber feet ensure that any vibration is absorbed which helps to deliver audio more consistently.

The buttons have a sturdy feel about them, unlike many other players in this price range. The screen is adequate, but for use in badly lit surroundings, then the lack of back lit buttons could present a problem.

The ability to set the six programmable preset buttons may cause some problems and could take longer than expected. It should be noted that some items must be programmed as a favorite to enable it to add correctly.

Unfortunately, a purchaser of a new Squeezebox radio must create an account before being able to set it up, which could be off putting for potential customers. The ability to set up an account from the device itself can be a slow process. Consequently the best option is to do it through the Logitech website.

Ultimately the Squeezebox's sound quality is good and the controls responsive. An easy to use radio, although fine tuning can take some time.

All-in-one internet radio
All-in-one internet radio

Logitech Squeezebox Boom All-in-One Network Music Player

Logitech-Squeezebox-Network-Player-Internet is an all-in-one music player complete with an integrated amplifier and speakers.

It is thought to be ideal if you want a music player that isn't too large and suitable for any room, which is always a major consideration.

This device is able to work with most iPods and other MP3 players, it is easy to set up as it comes with a simple start-up guide. Complete with a seven day alarm that enables you to wake up to your favorite music.

Maneuverability and accessibility have all been taken into account by the design and it represents good value for money for the market it is aiming at.

Best selling internet radio player
Best selling internet radio player

Grace Digital Wireless Internet Radio

Grace-Digital-Wireless is certainly the way to listen to any audio media of your choice whether it's music, sport or just chat. This puts you in touch with thousands of AM and FM radio stations from all over the world, and all done with clarity and distinction.

This portable sized radio not only sounds good, but is nice to look at with features that are easy to navigate and use. A clock is displayed, although it maybe a little small for some.

It has a WI-FI set up facility which appears to be straightforward. Control and access from your iPhone or iPod makes it even more appealing. It comes with clear, concise instructions although if you are a real geek, then these are probably not necessary.

As soon as registration is complete you can access the many radio stations and Pandora directly from your radio. Pandora allows you to add any particular artist or song of your choice and gives you several options with each one.

All in all an extremely versatile radio suitable for most.

I hope you found the right internet radio in best internet radio player. You might also enjoy reading wireless outdoor speaker review and two way radio comparison.


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