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Best Jackson guitars for playing Metal

Updated on July 13, 2014
Hey there Jackson!
Hey there Jackson!

Jackson Guitars

Jackson is premium guitar brand which was founded early in 1980. They have emerged as a big name after famous artists have adopted the guitars as their axe. Randy Rhoads, Marty Friedman. Chris Broderick are few notable names who use Jackson guitars.

There are lot of guitars under the brand name which are used for various genres, here in this hub I have listed out few Jackson guitars for metal enthusiasts.

You get a detailed overview of the Best Jackson guitars for metal with a general review of them.

Do you find Jackson guitars good for metal?

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JS32 Dinky

JS32 DINKY is an affordable guitar customized by Jackson which is a very good strategy made by Jackson to increase the sales of their brand to a whole new level. This cheap guitar is equipped with an arched top of body made of basswood. The guitar has a thin neck which enables fast movement up and down the neck, gives a rosewood fretboard with beautifully carved inlays. Jackson provides good quality ceramic stock pick ups which promises high output at low input levels. The pickups are sound good. It also gives away a licensed Floyd rose bridge manufactured by Jackson a locking nut and locking tuners.

All these features at an exceptional low price, a perfect metal axe for your shredding needs. If you want something more out of the guitar, you can install EMGs, Seymour Duncan or DiMarzio or Rail-Hammer pickups to enhance the tone of the guitar.

The JS32-7Q
The JS32-7Q

Jackson JS32-7Q

Also available for the ones looking for seven string models, the JS32-7Q one of the latest products released by the brand. The guitar has a quilted maple top with a basswood body, the inlays and headstock differ a little and the pickups are same, just customized for seven strings. The guitar, unlike the first one has a fixed bridge and locking tuners. So this is a guitar not good if you are a whammy person.

Jackson PDX-2
Jackson PDX-2

Jackson PDX-2

The Jackson PDX-2 is an upgraded model by the brand an falls under artist series. The guitar is made with the same specifications as guided by Phil Demmel. This guitar has a through body neck, and three piece maple neck. Fretboard is made of rosewood. Well you get something cool here, you get a Floyd Rose Special Bridge manufactured by the Floyd Rose company and passive pickups from EMG. What else can you want? EMG Hz pickups are provides crunching sound. This is amazing thing, there was only one brand in the market who provided EMG pickups in a $500 guitar, that was Schecter. Although the guitar is priced a little higher, it is good enough to meet a metal guitarists’ requirements.

Jackson King V KVXMG
Jackson King V KVXMG

Jackson King V KVXMG

The Jackson King V KVXMG is a guitar designed just for playing metal music. If you are looking to play any other genre with it, it will not suit. The guitar is in shape of traditional King V shape. The guitar has a quick neck made out of Canadian maple wood. The neck passes through body. The guitar is made out of basswood body, just enough to control you sustains. It comes with locking nut, locking tuners and a Floyd Rose special bridge to handle all your whammy abuse and still stay in tune. EMG active pickups are the input readers of the axe. The pickups provide world class tones just suited for metal. EMG 81 for the bridge and EMG 85 for the neck. Once again, I would say this is a perfect guitar for metal. This is again a high end guitar and priced a little higher. Well you have to pay more if you want high quality and tone.

Jackson Soloist Range

Coming to the Soloist range of guitars, most artists who own signature Jacksons prefer the Soloist. This category of Jackson guitars are made with very good hardware which are long lasting. Floyd Rose bridges can handle a lot of whammy use and not go out of tune. The bodies of the soloist are specially made too.

I will list a few of the Soloists (Not artist signature series models which are made for metal music and shredding)

  1. Jackson Soloist SLX
  2. Jackson Soloist SLXT
  3. Jackson Soloist SLXQ

Guitars in the soloist range

Jackson Soloist SLX is neck through body guitar, which had basswood body and Duncan Designed pickups. These pickups provide clarity and sweet tones. When connected to distortion, these can produce tones equivalent to EMGs. To handle your whammy usage the guitar comes with a licensed Floyd Rose Special bridge and locking tuners.

Jackson Soloist SLXT is a guitar for you if you are a fixed bridged metal guitarist, this is a guitar perfect for you. This guitar has a “Tone Pros” bridge providing immense sustain and control. Basswood body with neck through body configuration provides more sustain. You get EMG passive pickups with this guitar and your tone becomes balanced and redefined. H4A is provided at neck and H4B pickup at the bridge, a perfect H-H configuration.

And if you are looking for the same guitar(The Soloist SLXT) with a whammy instead of the fixed bridge, the Jackson Soloist SLXQ is the choice for you.

Jackson Soloist SLXT
Jackson Soloist SLXT
Jackson Soloist SLXQ
Jackson Soloist SLXQ

Which Jackson guitar would you choose?

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A final verdict

Once again, I would advice all the readers to first try the guitar, see if it suits you, then only choose the instrument. You are the one who will play the instrument, you need it to suit you.

Nevertheless, its upon you to chose the instrument, you budget is also a major factor.

If you want to check Metal guitars by Ibanez, click here.


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