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Comedy Pranks : 20 Best Just For Laughs Gag Videos From Youtube

Updated on September 18, 2017
kannanwrites profile image

Kannan loves to create articles comprising Top 10's/20's. He has a knack for preparing listicles that help readers obtain information.

Just For Laughs or JFL is one of the few channels on, which is highly subscribed and is a favorite of millions. The format as we all know is to play pranks on people. Pranks are well thought-out and I consider it as one of the best comedy shows around the world.

JFL is the pioneer of prank shows that have emerged in different countries. Many shows have been created on the basis of the format of JFL; MTV's prank show is one of them, in India we also had Chuppa Rustam based on that.

If you search Youtube for Just For Laughs channel there are thousands of videos out there. Long back after accidentally clicking one of the JFL videos, this has become one of my favorite ways to bring back smiles. People get addicted to watching JFL videos. In our part of the world, India, JFL is not broadcasted. In my remembrance, there was an Asian version of the show just for a few months.

Of late, Just For Laughs has also received flak from various people that some of their pranks are pre-planned and performed by their actors. In my opinion, whatever it may be they make us laugh, so why not enjoy it instead of arguing.

Here are my favorite top 20 Just For Laughs videos. Hope you enjoy.

01| Head in the toilet

Prank: One of the most watched videos on Youtube. People visiting the loo are surprised by the head emerging from the loo. Before they start to answer the nature's call, the actor's head pops out and frightens people.

One of the best Just For Laughs gag ever.

02| Women Changing to Men

Prank: Imagine two young women changing into old men.

How confused may you be?

This is what happens to many people when two young tourist asks fellow passersby to click a photograph near a tourist attraction. Also, the photo which comes out of the camera is fixed to give a photo of old men.

Watch to video to find out how it is done.

03| Man Drowning

Prank: People are asked by a contractor to look after the control lever. Many people readily agree only to find out the man is drowning because they mishandled the lever.

They run, shout and ask for help but to no avail. At the last moment the contractor comes and blames them (people) for the accident.

Update: For some strange reason this video doesn't play. See for yourself if it's fixed.

04| Huge Red Flag Protest

Prank: Prankster urges people to walk with a huge red flag and walk along a straight line and make-believes them it is because of a normal road survey work. As the person marches in a straight line actors from the back emerge and start shouting slogans; cops emerge from the front side.

Top rated prank and excellently done.

05| Wrong Side

Prank: Men are fooled by changing the signboards outside the bathroom. Once they enter the bathroom, boards are changed and people are confused about themselves. Screaming ladies...ah ah.

A big-time prank. Lucky men!

06| Epic Old Man - Picking Up Young Ladies

Prank: Old man tries to woo young ladies at the park by giving them flowers and offering them a ride in his convertible.

The acting is fantastic and laugh out loud comedy till the last second. Some even agree. The old man will give many young men a run for their money.

Must watch prank.

07| X-Ray TV

Prank: Imagine a television showing undergarments of any person. This is what happens in this prank. Few men and women are pranked at a local TV store.

Precise and careful execution of the prank. But I wonder how many times this prank would have been gone wrong?

08| Kiss Me

Prank: Few people experience such situations; men are asked to hold a placard of "Kiss Me" which they apparently don't know. Within fraction of seconds beautiful looking girls come and kiss them. Only to find a gay in the end.

The person who acted as a gay is one the best performers and a known face for JFL fans.

09| Puzzling Puzzle

Prank: People out on the park are told to look after a boy for few minutes. They are fooled when the JFL team clicks their photographs and converts it to a puzzle.

The fun part comes from the reaction of the people and the boy's innocent behavior.

10| Real Life Superman

Prank: Have you ever seen a real life superman?

Watch this video to find out now.

11| Time Freeze

Prank: Out of the box thinking to prank people. I have seen many pranks using time freeze as a way to prank people, but this stands out from the rest because of its carefully thought place and amazing acting.

Look at the puzzled faces of people!

12| Naked Video

Prank: A camera which can see through people's clothes. Visitors are made to believe that the camera can see through their clothes and features an actor whose video is shot earlier and played to convince the shoppers.

The actor in this prank is one of best of all the JFL crew.

13| Surprise Dog Statue

Prank: The actors at the nearby park are roaming with a small cute little puppy. People sitting on the benches in the park are attracted by the little dog which barks very rigorously at them. The barks are all because of the speakers which have been set in the small bushes. In the meantime assistants plant a large dog statue frightening the hell out of them.

14| Instant SUV owner gets protested

Prank: Again this is one another where the people getting pranked would be very annoyed. Pedestrians are requested to man a car and the valuables whereby the actor will get the duplicate key from the house. To people's surprise, anti-car protesters come and protest the temporary car owner.

To add to the dismay the car owner also joins the protesters.

15| Open Concept Living

Prank: Delivery men are puzzled by the man's behavior and his way of living. Apparently, open living.

The sad part is around the world many people live in such conditions.

16| Policeman Calls Friends

Prank: Meet the 'friendliest' policeman.

This is annoyingly funny.

17| Instant Writer

Prank: How many of us want to write books and get published? This is the dream for many people. Publishing a book can take any between two to six years for first-time writers. But for few lucky ones get instant success and become writers at a local book exhibition.

18| Policeman's Prank

Prank: Policeman pranks innocent drivers by mounting fake number plates. Great laugh at the end.

19| Toilet Boardroom Surprise

Prank: This again is one of the big time pranks of JFL. People visiting public toilet get a rude surprise when they come out only to find themselves disturbing a full-fledged meeting with heated discussions among the attendees.

20| Blackmail Pictures

Prank: What a collection of photos of a gay man.

© 2011 Kannan Reddy


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    • profile image

      kriss 6 years ago

      best vidio thankash

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      Does anyone know who the actors are?

    • kannanwrites profile image

      Kannan Reddy 6 years ago from Mumbai

      Thanks Nidhi, I was just going through some of my favorites in my youtube account. 2 more to complete my post.

      JFL Rocks!

    • nidhi.singh profile image

      Nidhi Singh 6 years ago from Austin

      awesome find! u seems to be adding new videos! i started my morning with a great laugh :D


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