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The Greatest Latin Ballad Singers

Updated on January 3, 2014

In the latin music world, there are many singers that have made a most memorable impact in people that they must be mentioned in this article. If you have lived in the 80's to now, you can see what I mean. Although, there are many to choose from I will share with you today the latin ballad artists that have sculpted me and inspired me to show more love and romanticism to the women of my life. One of the most notable latin ballad singers is Chayanne. Born in Puerto Rico, Chayanne has made quite an impact in to the lives of many with is soft casual voice and romantic vibe that he gives off.

Since the 90's I have been listening to Chayanne and I have all of his cds. I always anticipate him bringing out a new cd each year because that 's how I feel how good his music is. Chayanne has also starred in the move "Dance with me" with actress Vanessa Williams in 1998.

In 2008 he played in the television series "Gabriel" as a Vampire from the historic times. Trying to reclaim his lost l ove. It is actually quite a romantic television series. His most recent role in 2010 was playing the spanish voice of Flynn Rider in the movie "Tangled".

His music style, consisting of ballads and some pop have revolutionized the music industry and the world. Some of his notable albums include, "Volver a Nacer" and "Atado a tu Amor" among many. Out of any latin ballad singer Chayane has inspired me the most. Other notable latin ballad singers include, Cristian Castro, Luis Miguel, Obie Bermudez, Emmanuel and Ricard Montaner.

In the female category, I definetely don't want to exclude Ednita Nazario and Laura Pausini. Their music is quite memorable and its no wonder why so many people love to hear them whenever they can. Latin ballads usually sing about love and the loss of such an experience. If you can put your feelings into words and sing about them, you always come out with a great song and a story to tell.

Chayanne - Atado a tu Amor - Music Video

Chayanne's Music Albums

  • 2012: A Solas Con Chayanne
  • 2010: No Hay Imposibles
  • 2008: Chayanne: Vivo (live)
  • 2007: Mi Tiempo
  • 2005: Cautivo
  • 2005: Desde Siempre
  • 2003: Sincero
  • 2002: Grandes Éxitos (hits new and remix)
  • 2000: Simplemente
  • 1998: Atado a Tu Amor
  • 1996: Volver a Nacer
  • 1994: Influencias
  • 1992: Provócame
  • 1990: Tiempo de Vals
  • 1988: Chayanne (II)
  • 1987: Chayanne (I)
  • 1986: Sangre Latina
  • 1984: Es Mi Nombre

This video is so inspiring and romantic at the same time. In the video, Chayanne portrays a love for a woman that he wants to attain and does so in the end. Many women feel like they want to be hard to get but in the end, it all works of the chemistry is right, don't you think? The video has all the element of love passion and the intrigue of life and all that it has to offer us.

Laura Pausini - Viveme

Laura Pausini - Viveme Song

I have always loved this song by Laura Pausini, If you listen to the track you can feel her passion and how she is really feeling deep within her. It's nice and soothing. Although Laura makes songs in Spanish and Italian, I mostly just hear her songs in Spanish. I would really love to see Laura Pausini and Chayanne singing together in a duet. Now that would be most interesting to hear.

Laura Pausini's Albums

  • 1993: Laura Pausini
  • 1994: Laura
  • 1994: Laura Pausini (Spanish)
  • 1996: Le cose che vivi / Las cosas que vives
  • 1998: La mia risposta / Mi respuesta
  • 2000: Tra te e il mare / Entre tú y mil mares
  • 2002: From the Inside
  • 2004: Resta in ascolto / Escucha
  • 2006: Io canto / Yo canto
  • 2008: Primavera in anticipo / Primavera anticipada
  • 2011: Inedito / Inédito

Algo de Mi Video - Ricardo Montaner

Algo de Mi - Ricardo Montaner Video

This song is such a powerful one. Full of passion and feeling from Ricardo Montaner. Singer and songwriter, he has made countless albums and if you are looking for another one of the best latin ballad singers, look no further. When you listen to "Algo de mi", you can feel what he is feeling when it comes to something deep within himself that is dying. What is dying is his lost love that he once experienced. Who doesn't want to re-experience that kind of love that is felt when two people unite and then part ways. This one is a most powerful video to look at and the song can stick in your mind all day long if you let it.

Antes - Obie Bermudez

Obie Bermudez

Obie Bermudez has one of those voices with the tunes that are to die for. Below you will find some of his music history. One of my favorite albums was "Confesiones". The track Antes is one of my favorite songs in the whole album. I added the video so you can see what I mean. I hope you enjoy.

1998 - Locales

2003 - Confesiones

2004 - Todo El Año

2006 - Lo Que Trajo El Barco

2008 - Sólo Éxitos

2012 - Quien Me Lo Va a Creer

Which is your favorite Latin Ballad artist?

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    • yoginijoy profile image

      yoginijoy 5 years ago from Mid-Atlantic, USA

      Great hub! I love all these singers! Viva Puerto Rico! Thanks for writing and sharing your favorites.