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The Best Lesbian Movies EVER

Updated on September 27, 2014

My Summer Of Love (2004)

This is a BBC film about two girls who live in the English Yorkshire countryside and meet over summer vacation. Mona (Natalie Press), whose mother has died of cancer and has never met her father, lives with her brother Phil (Paddy Considine) above a pub he owns. Phil is a recent born-again Christian and uses the pub as his church headquarters, much to Mona's dismay.

While out riding her motor-less Honda bike one day, she meets Tamsin (Emily Blunt), a rich girl with parents who don't understand her. The two become instant friends and it doesn't take long before they are lovers. They get very close and share a lot of personal things with each other, including Mona getting dumped by a married man, and Tamsin's sister dying of anorexia. Early in their relationship, Mona and Tamsin take a cab out to a house where they find a nice Jaguar parked in the driveway. Tamsin tells Mona this is her father's car and that he is cheating on her mother with his secretary. Mona runs into the lawn, grabs a gnome, and smashes the driver window. The car alarm goes off and the girls run for it. They also go to the home of the married man who dumped Mona and wait for him to leave. Then they go to his door and confront his wife. Mona is silent while Tamsin explains to her that the husband date-raped Mona and that she got pregnant and had to have an aborton. The wife becomes furious as Tamsin suggests the wife have her husband castrated. The girls run away laughing.

Phil decides he must erect a giant cross over the valley they live in to reclaim it in the name of the Lord. Mona does not want to go but Tamsin makes her. Tamsin talks to Phil like she is interested in learning more about Christianity. Later, Tamsin and Mona have a séance with a Ouija board. The game piece appears to move by itself and reveals that it is Tamsin's dead sister contacting them. Tamsin asks her sister Sadie if she blames dad and the piece moves to yes. Mona swears she's not moving it. Later, they decide to go into Sadie's room, which Tamsin says has been left untouched, and they find some mushrooms in a dollhouse. They eat the mushrooms and go out to a club, where the married man who dumped Mona is singing. The girls get on stage and cause a scene and make out with each other extensively, getting them thrown out. Later by a fire pit outdoors, they make a promise that they will kill the other one if she ever tries to leave. Both horribly unsatisfied with their lives, they make plans to run away together.

Phil does not trust Tamsin after she tricks him into thinking she wants spiritual guidance and then makes a fool out of him. After Mona tells Phil that her and Tamsin plan to leave together, he locks her in her room. In a desperate attempt to escape, Mona ties a bed sheet around her neck and thumps loudly on the floor. When Phil runs up to help her, she fakes a demonic voice and he beats and kicks her but does not lock her door again. He goes back downstairs and renounces his Christian ways and tells all the members of his "church" to leave. Mona packs her things, leaves, and goes to Tamsin's house.

When she gets there she discovers Tamsin's mother packing Tamsin's things so she can go back to boarding school. As Mona is rushing out, she meets Tamsin's sister who is not dead after all. She asks Mona for her shirt back, a shirt Tamsin gave Mona earlier. Mona gives her the shirt, revealing a tank top underneath, and runs out. Tamsin meets her at the river where they first kissed, and explains that she never intended to run away with Mona. Tamsin says she is a fantasist and that's why she lied about her sister and everything else. Mona tries to drown Tamsin in the river but lets her go at the last minute. As Tamsin is screaming obsecinites at her, Mona just walks away.

Mona and Tamsin

Mona (Natalie Press) left, Tamsin (Emily Blunt) right.
Mona (Natalie Press) left, Tamsin (Emily Blunt) right.

Mona and Tamsin

Mona (Natalie Press) left, Tamsin (Emily Blunt) right.
Mona (Natalie Press) left, Tamsin (Emily Blunt) right.

Mona and Tamsin on the Honda bike

Mona (Natalie Press) front, Tamsin (Emily Blunt) back.
Mona (Natalie Press) front, Tamsin (Emily Blunt) back.


Phil (Paddy Considine)
Phil (Paddy Considine)

Tamsin and Mona at the river

Tamsin (Emily Blunt) left, Mona (Natalie Press) right.
Tamsin (Emily Blunt) left, Mona (Natalie Press) right.

My Summer of Love Trailer

Lost and Delirious (2001)

Mary "Mouse" Bedford (Mischa Barton) is sent to boarding school by her father and step-mother. Her real mother died 3 years earlier from cancer, and she hates her step-mother. Mary is roomed with two other girls, Pauline "Paulie" Oster (Piper Perabo) and Victoria "Tori" Moller (Jessica Paré). They become quick friends, but Mary soon realizes that Paulie and Tori are more than just friends. She spies them kissing on the roof out her window and later sees them making love while they think she is asleep.

Paulie is an orphan who hopes to that her real mother will answer a letter she has written and sent to the adoption agency she came from. Mary meets the groundskeeper at the school, Joe Menzies (Graham Greene) and asks him if she can help him garden sometime, because her and her mother used to do it a lot. He tells her it is fine if she helps and the two start an unlikely friendship, Mary coming to him for guidance frequently.

While out jogging one morning, the three come across a hurt falcon and Paulie makes it her mission to help it fly again. She tells the other two to go ahead without her. While Mary and Tori are up the path jogging, they meet three boys from another school. One of the boys, Jake Hollander (Luke Kirby) flirts with Tori but she dismisses him. Paulie reads up on the bird and proceeds to feed and train it.

One morning after going out early to tend to the falcon, she gets back to the room and crawls into bed with Tori, and they make love. After the sun is up, Tori's little sister Allison (Emily VanCamp) and some other girls run in the room in an attempt to wake the girls up, and discover Paulie and Tori in bed together naked. Mary ushers the girls out of the room, assuring them it's not what they think. Tori freaks out and tells Paulie to get our of her bed, saying Allison will tell her very straight parents what she saw. Paulie tries to assure Tori that everything will be fine and that it's not a big deal but Tori is still worried.

Tori meets up with Allison later that day and convinces her that she is straight. Tori tells her that Paulie just crawled into her bed and that she thinks Paulie is in love with her. Tori swears that she is "boy-crazy" and also tells Allison that she has a crush on Jake, and that they are going to her brother's birthday party together. Allison seems to accept this and promises not to mention the incident to their parents and also to straighten things out with the other girls that saw. As Tori walks away, she starts bawling.

From then on Tori starts ignoring Paulie, not sitting with her at lunch or in their common classes. On the night of her brother's party, Tori is getting ready to go out with Jake and putting makeup on, and Paulie asks her why. Tori says she is going out with a friend. Paulie is not happy about it but Tori goes out anyway. Later that night after Mary is asleep, Paulie goes out to be with the falcon, which she calls "the raptor". She begins to identify more and more with the bird.

Mary wakes up to discover she is alone and goes out to look for her roommates. While outside, she sees Tori and Jake having sex up against a tree, then sees Paulie running from the woods into the school. Tori comes back to the room a little later and Paulie asks her if she had a good time. Tori tells her it is none of her business and Paulie tells her that Tori is her business, and that she knows Tori lied to her. Tori says that she said she was going out with a friend and that's what she did, and Paulie asks her if she screws all friends against trees. Tori gets mad at her for spying and tells her not to do it again. She then tells Paulie that they need to grow out of their intimate relationship. Tori says she loves Paulie like no other but that they can never ever forever be.

Paulie continues to try to get Tori to take her back many different ways, but to no avail. At one point she freaks out, breaks a mirror, and tries to get Mary to chop all her hair off. She recites romantic poetry to Tori atop a library table. At a father-daughter dance at the school, Paulie dons a suit and asks Tori's dad if she can cut in on a dance. He says no but she does it anyway and then threatens Tori she will stop the whole party if Tori doesn't say she loves Paulie. Tori says she doesn't care what Paulie does and goes back to her father. Paulie gets more disappointment when she receives a letter from the adoption agency saying her birth mother does not wish to be contacted by her at this time.

In a last desperate attempt, Paulie challenges Jake to a duel to the death for the heart of Victoria. Mary and Paulie break into a glass case in the school that holds fencing swords. Paulie has been practicing fencing all year. They take two swords and run to the ravine where the duel is set to occur. After a few minutes into the fight, Paulie bests Jake, knocking him on the ground and yelling at him to give Tori up. He says he won't, and Paulie stabs him the leg with her sword. Then she runs off into the woods screaming like the raptor.

Mary runs out of the woods and into a soccer game the girls at school are playing and everyone realizes instanly that something is wrong. Before she can speak, they all see the falcon flying overhead and watch it soar up to where Paulie is standing on the roof. Paulie sadly recites more poetry for Tori, then jumps off the roof while Tori screams her name. The falcon flies away as Mary narrates a letter to her dead mother.

Paulie and Tori Kissing

Paulie (Piper Perabo) left, Tori (Jessica Par) right.
Paulie (Piper Perabo) left, Tori (Jessica Par) right.

Tori and Paulie caught in bed

Tori (Jessica Par) left, Paulie (Piper Perabo) right.
Tori (Jessica Par) left, Paulie (Piper Perabo) right.

Paulie and Tori Dancing

Paulie (Piper Perabo) left, Tori (Jessica Par) right.
Paulie (Piper Perabo) left, Tori (Jessica Par) right.

Paulie and Mary getting swords

Paulie (Piper Perabo) left, Mary (Mischa Barton) right.
Paulie (Piper Perabo) left, Mary (Mischa Barton) right.

Jake and Paulie Deuling

Jake (Luke Kirby) left, Paulie (Piper Perabo) right.
Jake (Luke Kirby) left, Paulie (Piper Perabo) right.

Paulie on the roof

Paulie (Piper Perabo)
Paulie (Piper Perabo)

Lost and Delirious Trailer

But I'm A Cheerleader (1999)

Megan (Natasha Lyonne) is a blond, bubbly cheerleader who doesn't realize she's a lesbian in this movie set in the 70's. Her parents and friends suspect it, so they send her to True Directions, a homosexuality rehabilitation camp run by Mary Brown (Cathy Moriarty) and Mike (RuPaul Charles).

At first Megan denies her homosexuality, but soon realizes she is a lesbian. She meets Graham (Clea Duvall), another lesbian at the camp who is very sarcastic, cynical, and unwilling to become straight. The two fight at first but soon fall in love with each other. One night they go out to a gay bar with some of the other campers and two men dedicated to showing the kids at True Directions that they have other options. Megan and Graham kiss for the first time outside the bar.

Mary finds matches from the bar under Graham's bed while she is cleaning and confronts the campers about it. They all deny it, so Mary singles out Graham. Graham lies and says she has a crush on one of the boys at the camp to distract Mary from punishing them. Mary does call everyone's parents in though and Megan's parents tell her that if she can't be straight, she is not welcome at her home. Megan assures them she had nothing to do with the trip to the gay bar.

Megan and Graham can't stay away from each other, and one night they sneak out of the girl's dorm to go make love. Another girl at the camp, Sinead (Katherine Towne), who has a crush on Graham, sees them go and rats them out to Mary in the morning. Megan is offered to stay if she agrees to do the ending sexual simulation for the course with Mary's son Rock (Eddie Cibrian), who is obviously gay. She refuses, and is kicked out. The offer then goes to Graham. Graham's dad and step-mother are very strict and have threatened to take away her trust fund if she doesn't become straight, so she agrees to do the simulation with Rock.

Megan goes to the house of the two men that took them to the gay bar, and they agree to take her in. There are other young gays living there as well, along with Dolph, a male camper who was kicked out earlier. She tells him about how Graham was supposed to come with her and they make a plan to try to get their loves back. Dolph is in love with Clayton (Kip Pardue), another camper still at True Directions.

The day of the graduating ceremony at True Directions, Megan and Dolph show up in camo gear. Clayton runs off Dolph immeadiately after seeing him, but Graham tells Megan she can't go anywhere. She runs back to the truck they came in and tells the boys she has to try again. She walks back over to the reception in her cheerleading uniform and says a sweet, romantic cheer for Graham in front of everyone, then runs off when Mary starts yelling at her. She jumps in the back truck and bangs on the window, telling the boys to go, but Graham runs up at the last minute, holding her heels, yelling for Megan to wait. She jumps in the back of the truck and they kiss as they are being driven away.

Some of the girls at True Directions

Sinead (Katherine Towne), Graham (Clea Duvall), Hilary (Melanie Lynskey), and Megan (Natasha Lyonne)
Sinead (Katherine Towne), Graham (Clea Duvall), Hilary (Melanie Lynskey), and Megan (Natasha Lyonne)

Graham and Megan working together

Graham (Clea Duvall) left, Megan (Natasha Lyonne) right.
Graham (Clea Duvall) left, Megan (Natasha Lyonne) right.

Rock and Graham in the sexual simulation

Mary Brown (Cathy Moriarty) left, Rock (Eddie Cibrian) right, Graham (Clea Duvall) laying
Mary Brown (Cathy Moriarty) left, Rock (Eddie Cibrian) right, Graham (Clea Duvall) laying

Graham and Megan kissing in the truck

Graham (Clea Duvall) left, Megan (Natasha Lyonne) right.
Graham (Clea Duvall) left, Megan (Natasha Lyonne) right.

But I'm a Cheerleader Trailer

Boys Don't Cry (1999)

Boys Don't Cry is based on the true story of Teena Brandon, aka Brandon Teena, a girl suffering a sexual identity crisis. It starts with Teena, who goes by Brandon, (Hilary Swank) getting ready to go out on the town with her cousin. She dresses like a man to the point of wrapping her breasts down and stuffing a rolled-up sock in her pants to create a bulge. She meets a girl while they are out and dances with her. The girl's brothers realize she is a girl and come after her where she stays at her cousin's house. They don't catch her, but her friend decides he's had enough and kicks her out. He tries to tell her she's not a boy but she doesn't want to hear it.

She moves to Falls City, Nebraska from Lincoln, Nebraska and becomes friends with two ex-convicts, John Lotter (Peter Sarsgaard) and Tom Nissen (Brendan Sexton III). He also becomes friends with their friend Candace (Alicia Goranson) and John's ex-girlfriend Lana (Chloe Sevigny). Brandon becomes romantically involved with Lana, who is unaware that he is really a she.

Brandon tells Lana he has to go back to Lincoln for a while to take care of some business, which was really a court appearance he had to be at for prior charges. He shows up to court but when his name is called he gets scared and decides not to appear. He is later detained and placed in the women's section of the jail.

Lana comes to bail him out but wants the truth about why he is in the women's section. Brandon lies and tells Lana he was born with male and female parts and that he plans on having a sexual reassignment surgery soon. She accepts this and they leave together.

John and Tom discover Brandon's name in the paper under people who were recently incarcerated, only it is listed as "Teena Brandon". They go over to Lana's house and show her mother the paper and begin to root through Brandon's things, discovering more evidence to support their theory that Brandon is a girl. They confront Brandon when he and Lana return and he tells them it must have been a mistake. They are not satisfied with this answer and force Brandon's pants off, showing Lana he has only female parts.

Later they come after Brandon and rape him, saying he brought this on himself. Afterwards they take him to Tom's house, where tell him to shower but he escapes out the bathroom window. Despite threats against him to keep quiet, Brandon files a police report after Lana's insistence. The sheriff is more interested in why Teena pretends to be Brandon.

After being interrogated by the sheriff, Tom and John get drunk and decide they have to kill Brandon. Lana tries to stop them but they go to Candace's house where Brandon is hiding. They ask Candace where Brandon is and she lies and tells them he is not there. They find him anyway and despite Lana's pleading, John shoots Brandon under the chin. Tom then shoots Candace while she is pleading for her 3 year old daughter's life, then nearly shoots Lana.

Lana screams and cries and lays over Brandon's body, and wakes up in the same spot the next morning. Her mother shows up and Lana falls into her arms. The movie ends with Lana on a bus out of Falls City and a letter written to her from Brandon is being read in his voice.

Lana and Brandon

Lana (Chloe Sevigny) left, Brandon (Hilary Swank) right.
Lana (Chloe Sevigny) left, Brandon (Hilary Swank) right.

Brandon in jail

Brandon (Hilary Swank)
Brandon (Hilary Swank)

Brandon and Lana kissing

Brandon (Hilary Swank) left, Lana (Chloe Sevigny) right.
Brandon (Hilary Swank) left, Lana (Chloe Sevigny) right.

Brandon and Lana

Brandon (Hilary Swank) left, Lana (Chloe Sevigny) right.
Brandon (Hilary Swank) left, Lana (Chloe Sevigny) right.

Boys Don't Cry Trailer


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I love "But I'm a Cheerleader". It is one of my most favorite movies!

    • Scarlett Black profile image

      Scarlett Black 

      8 years ago from New York

      I love Room in Rome it is new. Check it out!

    • Cheeky Girl profile image

      Cassandra Mantis 

      8 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

      These are great reviews of these films. I enjoyed reading your work, I am a fan. Well done. I loved Boys Don't Cry. It was touching and tragic, and the acting was stunning from Hilary Swank. She made it feel so authentic. Cheers.


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