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Yes, She Can Sing: Top 10 Best Live Katy Perry Songs

Updated on September 14, 2012

When I heard Katy Perry songs on the radio I thought they were pretty good but didn't really pay much attention to her. When I came across an online comment that claimed she can't actually sing, I decided to check out some live performances. While Perry doesn't always sound great singing pop songs live, she actually has a beautiful voice. A lot of her commercial pop songs simply don't fit her voice. These are the commerical songs she has had to sing to be successful.

Perry's early songs really aren't very commercial, which may explain the many years she struggled to become successful. Many of these songs are on her first album "One of the Boys." She also has some very personal songs from her early years that haven't been released at this point that are available on Youtube. Katy writes or co-writes all of her songs. She is a very emotional performer when she sings songs that she really connects to. She is at her best on stage playing an acoustic guitar. The following is a top 10 of some of her best live performances.

I'm Still Breathing

Perry spent years doing live acoustic performances while trying to make it big. I love this version of I'm Still Breathing because it was recorded at the Hotel Cafe a couple of years before Katy became famous. While the audio and video are not the best, it is fascinating to get this glimpse of her before she became famous. I'm Still Breathing is on her "One of the Boys" album.

Brick by Brick

Brick by Brick is another beautiful ballad by Katy Perry. This song isn't on her "One of the Boys" album or "Teenage Dreams." You can buy a live version of it on her MTV Unplugged CD/DVD. There are many really good versions of this song, but this stripped performances is probably the best.

Playing House

Playing House was never recorded by Perry and there are only a couple of live versions. This particular performance is from the Hotel Cafe in 2009. She was sick during this performance but she still sounds amazing doing this song. It's about being too young to make a lifelong commitment to someone.


Mannequin appears on Perry's first album "One of the Boys." While the album version is really good, the music tends to drown out her voice at times. In this live version, Katy is alone on stage with just her acoustic guitar. So, her very emotional singing of this song really stands out. Perry usually co-writes her songs with others. This song was written solely by her.

I Kissed a Girl

I Kissed a Girl was Perry's first big hit. She did this beautiful jazzy version for MTV Unplugged, which I think is far better than the pop version. This live version of the song is available for purchase on her excellent MTV Unplugged CD/DVD, which was released in November 2009.

Thinking of You

There are many really good versions of Thinking of You live. It's hard to choose the best one. But I really like this Warped Tour version because it's just Katy with her guitar. This concert performance is from around the time her One of the Boys album was first released. She smiles at the beginning of the song because the audience knows the words. You can buy a live version of the song from the Unplugged CD/DVD. This is another song written solely by Perry.


Lost is a beautiful song from Katy's "One of the Boys" album. It's a bit harder to find quality live versions of this song on YouTube. This MTV Unplugged version is the best in terms of video quality that I have found.

Ur So Gay

This performance is from a 2010 performance in London. This is from one of her newer lavish concerts but she still shines when she does acoustic in these large venues. Ur So Gay is from her "One of the Boys" album.

Wish You the Worst

This is an amusing and angry song about being left for someone else. It is one of Katy Perry's early unreleased songs. This video is from her 2006 performance at Hotel Cafe. Be warned, there is some bad language at the beginning.

Not Like the Movies

Not Like the Movies is a ballad on Perry's Teenage Dream album. This song is perfectly suited to her voice, so she always sounds amazing when she sings it. This is a high quality video done for Walmart's Soundcheck.

Many people think Katy Perry can't sing because she sounds bad singing pop
Many people think Katy Perry can't sing because she sounds bad singing pop | Source


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    • dinkan53 profile image

      dinkan53 4 years ago from India

      I like Mannequin and enjoyed the other videos too except I Kissed a Girl as the video showing that the player is too small!! Thanks for sharing and rated trhis hub as interesting.

    • beingwell profile image

      beingwell 4 years ago from Bangkok

      I like her songs. Voted up!

    • profile image

      GC 4 years ago

      She has an amazing voice. Her MTV Unplugged Album is excellent. She's actually better live than on her records. But she does sing a lot of songs that don't suit her vocally. American Idol judges always emphasis choosing songs that suit a person's voice. Yes, Katy Perry can sing when she sings the right kind of songs.

    • Learn Things Web profile image

      Learn Things Web 4 years ago from California


      Katy Perry actually was a judge on the X Factor and I think American Idol as well. The judges do always say to choose songs that suit your voice. But Perry is being asked to do pop because it sells, even though it doesn't suit her vocally.

    • profile image

      Cece 4 years ago

      Brick by Brick is probably my favorite song ever.

    • profile image

      Zara 4 years ago

      I love this version of I kisses a girl. She needs to do more arrangement like this one.

    • Learn Things Web profile image

      Learn Things Web 4 years ago from California


      I agree that she should do more arrangements like the one she did for I Kissed a Girl on MTV Unplugged. Hopefully, she'll do MTV Unplugged again in the future or perhaps do an acoustic album.

    • profile image

      Jessica 4 years ago

      These are good examples of how good she can be live.

    • profile image

      Lybrah 4 years ago

      E.T. is one of my absolute favorite songs, but I'm not really much of a Katy Perry fan. She can sing well, and seems like an interesting person.

    • Learn Things Web profile image

      Learn Things Web 4 years ago from California

      E.T. was something really different from her. I hope she continues to experiment more on her next album and be a little more diverse. She has great potential.

    • Gil Silva profile image

      Gil Silva 4 years ago from Porto, Portugal

      I always thought she sang poorly! Thank you for showing me how she can sing live:)

    • Learn Things Web profile image

      Learn Things Web 3 years ago from California


      It's understandable since it's mainly acoustic music that works with her voice but she doesn't do a lot of it.

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