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Best Movies to Watch on New Years Eve

Updated on June 5, 2016
Best Movies to Watch on New Years Eve
Best Movies to Watch on New Years Eve

Staying home on New Year's Eve

The coming of a new year means different things to different people. For many, New Year's Eve is a chance to let loose and go to a local bar, travel to Las Vegas or New York and bring in the new year is style. For many others, however, New Year's Eve is a chance to stay at home with family and bring in the new year with loved ones. And if staying home watching great old movies is a great way to bring in the New Year. The following is a list of great movies to watch on New Year's Eve.

When Harry Met Sally
When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally

Released in 1989, When Harry Met Sally became an instant classic and one of the quintessential New Year's Eve movies. Starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, When Harry Met Sally follows the evolving friendship of a man and a woman and asks the question of whether those of the opposite sex can really be friends. The film is filled with comedy and with heart and in the end, on New Year's Eve, the title characters finally decide that they are more than friends. This is a great movie to watch with a significant other as it is both romantic and funny at the same time.

The Godfather Part II
The Godfather Part II

The Godfather Part II

There is always reason to enjoy either the Godfather Part I or Part II. But New Year's Eve plays a significant role in the The Godfather Part II. The movie is both a sequel and prequel to the original and many believe that it is the superior movie of the trilogy. Released in 1974 and starring Al Pacino and Robert De Niro among others the Godfather tells two stories. The first takes up from where the first movie left off with Michael Corleone taking over the family business and moving the family to Nevada. The second story shows the rise of Vito Corleone. The Godfather Part II was nominated for 11 Oscars, winning six. This movie is truly a classic with its most classic scene coming at a New Year's Eve party.



Released in 2001, Serendipity is a story about love and fate which makes it a perfect movie to enjoy on the dawn of a new year. Starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale, Serendipity follows the couple from their chance meeting, through their fate filled separation and ends with fate finally bringing them back together. While another movie to watch with a loved one, Serendipity celebrates hope and destiny which makes it a fitting New Year's Eve movie.

Just Friends
Just Friends

Just Friends

Released in 2005, Just Friends follows Ryan Reynolds and his childhood best friend of the opposite sex played by Amy Smart. Reynolds come back to his hometown and reunites with his friend and even though he has grown up takes on his high school persona.

Just Friends shows flashbacks and after the two grow up and grow apart. Reynolds is very funny and charming as is Amy Smart. Anna Faris nearly steals the show as Reynolds current diva girlfriend. Just friends is a romantic comedy that is great for any age and a great and funny way to bring in the New Year.


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